29 December 2013

A Glamorous Night At DSTRKT

Yes it is spelt like that, I'm not sure why. I think someone got lazy.

Having finished our lovely meal at Mango Tree, Laura and I jumped in a cab and headed to Dstrkt, a Piccadilly haunt I've been meaning to visit since it opened a couple of years ago. In fact, this particular night it was Dstrkt's 2nd Birthday. The £25 million venue was named Best London Restaurant and Club at the London Club and Bar Awards 2012.

There's no denying the glamour element. Decked out with Christmas decorations (a nice touch that most nightclubs don't bother themselves with) the club is decadent and chic. All around the outside and on the centre stage there were gorgeous dancers - some wearing clothes, some not so much - doing their thing to the DJ's who commanded the decks. A large amount of the club space is taken up with VIP seating; tables covered in ice buckets and sparkling bottles of champage. 

When you come here, you're quite likely to brush shoulders with a famous face or two. There was no-one too exciting this Wednesday evening; just a few of the TOWIE bunch who we bumped into after slipping into the VIP area at the back (thank you Candy Reign!).

Dstrkt was surprisingly unpretentious, the music was great and the dancers were fascinating to watch. The only real negative was the lack of a proper dancefloor but the areas around the many tables had to do! It's an ultra-glam night out and we had a lot of fun. 

9 Rupert Street,

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  1. Wow this does look like a lot of fun! I'm seriously so behind on any bars or clubs to go to in London that it's a bit of a joke!

    Hmm maybe...

  2. This looks incredible! A great way to spend an evening in the festive season.

    B xx


  3. Looks like so much fun and decadence for one night!
    I've never been but all the dancers seem so cool.
    Where is your outfit from? You look amazing!

    {Teffy's Perks} X

    1. Thank you! The top is from Wheels & Dollbaby - my favourite boutique shop that you can't get over here any more :( They do such lovely stuff x

  4. What a fantastic, glam girls night out!

  5. You both look gorgeous! Caroline, I adore your top! How amazing is that burlesque dancer's outfit with all the pearls? Wow. I would love to get dressed up like that one day (maybe after I've lost a couple of pounds!)

    Gotta love a bit of DSTRKT <3


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