1 December 2013

A Three Birds Burger and a bit of Jude Law

I booked my tickets to see Jude Law take on the role of Shakespeare's Henry V ages ago, back in July 2012. I love an evening at the theatre but, yes, I admit that the lure of watching Jude acting his rather handsome socks off only a few yards ahead of me did have its own appeal.

Jen and I were booked in for a pre-theatre dinner at the gorgeous Bob Bob Ricard.

I've been to Bob Bob twice now, both times before seeing a show. I seriously need to go here again when I'm not in a rush to get in and out within an hour!

It's one of my favourite restaurants in London. Inside it's so stylish and you feel special as soon as you walk through the doors. The staff are incredibly courteous and friendly, the food is fantastic. Bob Bob has it all.

And another thing; it has a champagne button

I still really want one installed in my house!

So I need to tell you about this burger I had. 

It's called the Three Birds Burger. 

Inside the glazed bun is crispy quail, guinea fowl and magret duck layered with an incredible game stuffing completed with a tangy orange and cranberry chutney. 

Never before have I been so excited by a burger.

It was pretty damn awesome. All three layers of meat were moist and tender and the nutty stuffing fantastic. Every mouthful I savoured and it was still gone too soon. I've never experienced the 'Bird In A Bird' Christmas dinner but now I really want to! 

At £23.25, it ain't cheap. But it is a little bit special isn't it?

Our bellies satisfied in a mere one hour and ten minutes, we headed over to the Noel Coward theatre.

Jen and I had great seats - just a few rows from the front. Not too surprising considering I booked it 16 months ago...

Having not read the book or seen the play, I was a little concerned that the poetic form of Shakespeare may leave me lost but I needn't have worried. The impressive, passionate performances by Jude and the rest of the cast made it easy to follow and I so enjoyed it. I was surprised at how witty it was too; the scene where Henry woos the French princess was hilarious!

We saw Jude at the stage door afterwards. He was very friendly and signed programmes for us all.

Sadly I didn't get the photograph with him that I'd hoped for but such is life.

Instead, here I am tweaking his nose.

 Henry V is showing at the Noel Coward Theatre until 15 February and you can get yourself some tickets here.

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  1. What a fab evening! Bob Bob is just round the corner from where I work, but I've never been. May have to visit for the champagne button alone!

    1. You should definitely try it out! And invite me along for the ride! I love it there. x

  2. Ok, so I kinda understood the burger hype, but never went fully into it, BUT THIS SOUNDS FRICKING AMAZING!
    Seriously Caroline, it looks and sounds like you've found a real gem!!!
    Lottie xxx

    1. Amazing isn't it? And it tasted as good as it looks, I can assure you! x

  3. I'm so glad I came across your blog through Scarlett's (The Trendy Chick's) link up, I love your blog and omggg I'm so jealous I can't believe you met Jude Law!xx


    1. Brilliant, thank you for stopping by! Clicking over to your blog now ... :) x

  4. OMG, that burger looks amazing, it's 7am and I could eat it right now for breakfast, that's how good it looks!

    1. 3 birds for breakfast? Why not! :) x

  5. Looks amazing, Caroline!!! How beautiful is Jude Law. Love him so much. What a fun evening...

    Hannah x

    1. Is he beautiful? I hadn't noticed ;)

  6. That's such a great idea for a burger - what a delight! The boys in my house always love the bird-in a bird- in a bird for our christmas dinner! You burger sounds from a whole different league of birdyness!
    x x x

  7. Love that you met him - he's quite short isn't he?!! That burger is divine but I have to admit the Champagne button is my favourite part of the whole post! Did you press it? What happened, did a bottle of Moet appear in puff of smoke?!

    Katie <3

  8. Holy wow, that bird in a bird burger looks amaaaazing! I'm actually drooling!

    Christy x
    Another Weekend Without Make-up

  9. That burger certainly is special! Oh my it looks incredible.

    I really want to see Henry V, but so far no one else I know is interested - I might have to show them this review... and burger to tempt them :)

    Hmm maybe...

  10. That burger looks incredible!
    Never thought to have duck or quail in a burger, so interesting.
    Plus.. a place with a champagne button is destined to be amazing!

    { Teffys Perks Blog } X


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