17 December 2013

Brussels Pt 2 of 2 - Belgian Nights

I mentioned in Brussels Pt 1 how the nightlife in Europe's capital isn't quite as lively and diverse as London. If you walk the bustling narrow lanes at night, you'll probably find most people heading home around eleven having had a few beers in their local.

Before I go on, here's a Christmassy shot...

It was our first night and we left our hotel without much of a plan.

On recommendation from my friend Paul, we headed to a pub called A La Mort Subite. 

It's a proper old-fashioned and traditional establishment, a favourite with both locals and visitors like us. The room is long and narrow, furnished with benches and tables that look like they've come straight from a Victorian school.

As with many of the pubs in Brussels, they serve an unbelievable selection of beers.  A whole menu, completely dedicated! I don't really know my stuff when it comes to beer so my choices were pretty  much a lottery throughout the visit. I enjoy a beer; any one will do!

The long tables here makes it easy to start conversations with complete strangers, if you so wish. Such is the friendly atmosphere here that you just feel compelled! The locals next to us were having a lovely time!

Although we were still a little full up from our cheese feast on the Eurostar, we decided to order a snack to accompany our beers. Mary had an omelette served with bread and butter, I had the pate.

Why doesn't London have it's own ketchup?

We enjoyed our stop at La Mort Subite. A very good start.

We took to the pretty cobbled streets (in our high heels, no less) and headed on to see what we could find.

We arrived at Delirium Village. I'd heard about this place on Trip Advisor - it had been really well reviewed and apparently did a very good cocktail. Through the doors we went!

Despite being a Friday night, it wasn't particularly busy. All the tables were taken but it just wasn't as bustling as you'd think it would be of a weekend. But this wasn't all bad - at least we got the cocktail man to ourselves! 

We both went for a margarita.

And wow, did they have a punch! We both felt a little delirious afterwards - I think we figured out what inspired the name!

We didn't find anywhere else very exciting after Delirium Cafe. The barman suggested we visit a nightclub called Mr Wong but the music there was a bit techno for our liking and it wasn't very busy. We ended up having a beer in an Irish pub called O'Reilly's and that's where our first night in Brussels met its end.

On our second and final night, we had a bit more of a plan. I'd booked us into a restaurant called ABrussel. It wasn't my first choice but I found that a lot of the restaurants in Brussels are closed on weekends - odd! Still, it's ranked 15 of 2,089 on Trip Advisor so it should be good.

The restaurant is cosy inside and it has a nice, unpretentious atmosphere. We were greeted warmly and taken to our little table upstairs.

We ordered a bottle of Belgian wine and made our menu decisions. I went for the lobster flan with tarragon sauce to start and the deer stew for main.

We had quite a wait for our main course due to the young waiter giving our dishes to two of the people on the large table next to us (predictably, the man on that table got Mary's medium-rare steak and Mary got his, cooked well-done). But after that debacle was all sorted out, we had a very pleasant meal there. The deer meat in my stew was amazingly tender and the potato croquettes that accompanied it were delicious when dipped in the sauce.

Our dessert was an interesting concept: two chocolate brownies - one undercooked and the other well-baked.

As you would imagine, the undercooked one was squidgy and delicious...the overcooked one, not so much! Not completely convinced the idea worked but half of it was very nice!

So tonight we were going clubbing. I was going McQueen.

I love these Starburst Jonathan Aston tights (which you can get here).

I was recommended Spirito Brussels, a nightclub inside a grand converted church just a short taxi ride away from the centre of town.

There are two floors - the ground floor where the dancefloor is and the first floor which is a restaurant. As the music pounded and people danced, we put all our negotiation skills into practice to secure us a little table next to the dancefloor for a very good price! Well at our age, we like to sit down!

A few of the reviews online talked of stuck-up and pretentious staff on the door but we were lucky enough not to experience any of this. The service we received was great and it wasn't exactly spoilt by the fact that most of them were clearly male models!

We had a fabulous night in this unique nightclub. Brussels can do night life!

On the way back to the hotel, we made a quick visit to the huge Christmas tree in the Grand-Place. It looked so beautiful at night.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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  1. Seems like you had an amazing time and the food food looks delicious! <3
    -B ♡ MsBerryStylish 

  2. It looks like you enjoyed Brussels! That's interesting that a lot of restaurant are closed on the weekends. I think of the weekends as the busiest times for eating out and grabbing a drink.

  3. Looks like you had a fun trip. I love seeing your pictures. Definitely a glimpse of the kind of life I aspire to live. And I love your Starburst Jonathan Aston tights too. Haven't seen that kind before!

  4. OMG, look at your tights!! They are so jazzy! Looks like you're having a great time :) xxx

  5. Wow! This looks like SUCH a fun night!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  6. Love the picture of you with all the Christmas trees! So so festive (as are your tights!)
    Seem like such a lovely time.. I've never been to Brussels and this makes me really want to go.

    { Teffys Perks Blog } X

  7. That's so strange that the restaurants don't open on the weekend! That really does not make sense. Looks like you more than made up for it though! Slightly jealous of your McQueen!!

    Hmm maybe...

  8. Brussels looks like a blast! Fun for a little weekend trip I'd say. And your Starburst tights are completely fabulous!! I'll be looking to get my hands on a pair as soon as I'm done writing this!


    1. I've just added the link where you can get them :) x

  9. Wow this looks really fabulous! Love your outfit in the first picture, and the pics are making me very hungry!
    Great trip for this time of year.

    Have a fab Christmas!!

    Josie xoxo

    Fashion Mumblr


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