23 January 2014


Not the beautiful Golden Globe winning actress, no. Today, I'm going to tell you about a new French bistro that's opened its doors in the heart of Soho. But first, here's what I wore - another purchase from my favourite little online shop, Sugarhill Boutique. I love the colour and I thought the camera print suited me pretty well considering my Lumix is usually attached to my hip!

I smile a lot in photos, that is noted. It just comes naturally to be honest - you aim a camera at me, I smile! But just to prove I have more strings to my bow, here's a serious pouty picture which also shows off my necklace from New Look.

Perhaps I'll stick to smiling!

Run by three brothers Maxime, Yannis and Malik, Blanchette serves simple yet inventive French food, the concept based upon the idea of tapas-style sharing dishes. There are also charcuterie plates, homemade terrines, oysters and lots of cheese (yay!).

 As I waited for Nichola to arrive, I decided to order some bread and Baked St Marcelin - a Camembert-style soft cheese made from cows milk (I couldn't resist it).

The bread arrived at the table in a brown paper bag and the cheese was served on a board with a fruity chutney, jalapenos and more crusty bread. All that delicious gooey-ness was a cheese lover's delight. And this was just to start!

We were advised to order three dishes each from the main menu which were split into Fish, Meat and Vegetable sections. This is what we chose:

Fish: Smoked Haddock a la Arnold Bennett

Meat: Chicken with white beans, savoy cabbage and smoked aioli
Grilled beef onglet with snails, salsify chips and red wine sauce
Black pudding, chargrilled pork belly and spiced quince and parsnip puree
Ox Cheeks Bourguignon with Ventreche (French bacon)

Vegetables: Frites and bearnaise (lol)

I'll start with the negative because there was only one - the chicken dish was rather disappointing and bland. The meat was well cooked but didn't have much taste to speak of and the white beans didn't add much in that respect. However, the other dishes were fabulous. The cheesy haddock was creamy and gorgeous. The perfectly cooked beef was succulent with the parsley coated snails adding to the excitement of the dish. The Ox cheek was so tender that it fell apart in the mouth and the sauce it was in was deep and flavoursome.

But my favourite dish by far was the black pudding with pork belly. The combination of the flavours on that board was just fantastic and I could have eaten a whole main course of it. I didn't even know I liked black pudding!

We sipped on mint tea as we chatted life, food and babies (Nichola is due to give birth in April...very exciting!). There is a lovely relaxed atmosphere here. I'll have to return one evening to just while away the hours sipping Bordeaux and eating soft cheese....and five plates of black pudding and chargrilled pork belly!

You are given a choice of five or six desserts on the menu. We decided to share a chocolate daqouise with homemade vanilla ice cream along with the rice pudding accompanied by ginger syrup and gingerbread crumbs.

I loved the contrasting textures of both the desserts; the crispy hazelnut topping with the nougat centre, the creamy rice pudding with those lovely crumbs and sweet sauce. 

A delicious ending to une belle déjeurner! Très bien indeed!

9 D'Arblay Street
London W1F 8DR

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  1. Dayum girl! How hot do you look in the pouty picture?! I always smile too. I used to be a seriously good pouter, now I've forgotten how! I love how they serve all the food on individual wooden trays or in the stew pots! So lovely!

    It looks like such a nice, unpretentious place too (note the guy in the background of the photo of Nichola!)

    Katie <3

    1. I've never really been a pouter, I don't think it suits me and I love smiling more! Your pictures are always gooorgeous.

      Haha re the ridiculousy laid back man in the background! Practically horizontal! x

  2. So glad you liked it - I've heard mixed reviews but this has convinced me I definitely need to go, especially for all that melty cheese mmmm!!

    Rosie xx

  3. Amazing outfit! I love those necklaces lately, and that shirt is awesome.
    I had to skim through the food part, as I'm hungry! It looks delicious. XD


  4. Looks delicious! Particularly all that cheese. Love your camera top too, how fun!

    B xx

  5. Looks SO delicious! That top is seriously amazing, the color is flawless on you! And by the way, your hair looks INCREDIBLE! I love it short! So cute!


    1. Thanks so much Jody! I still love your blog :) x

  6. Caroline :) you are lovely with this outfit!!!<3
    xoxo Martina

  7. Gorgeous top - the color is so lovely on you! And I swear, I'm always drooling over the food on your site! :)

  8. First of all, you're gorgeous and your makeup in the pouty photo is perfect!

    The food looks great. Cheese and bread, oh no, I'm craving some now! :)

    What setting did you put your camera on for these photos? They looks great X

    1. Thank you!!

      Well funny you should ask that - I tried it on RAW format for the first time. I actually thought they came out better than usual but I did have a faff afterwards turning them back to JPEG.


  9. Oh, this looks simply fantastic. I've had to add this to my list of places to try.

  10. Love this post! Your blouse is super cute and Blanchette will certainly be going on my list of places to visit. Gorgeous photos too :)


  11. I'm the same as you; if there's a camera around, my best cheesy smile is out...I can't do pouty or serious photos at all!

    The food looks gorgeous, especially that cheese - can't go wrong with a good wine and cheese combo :D

    Hannah's Haven

  12. This is on my list of places to definitely hit up. So glad it's amazing, can't wait to go!

    Becks xo


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