27 January 2014

Check On's Sunday Dinners at The Dead Doll's Club

I've missed my roast lunches. On deciding to do all this extra healthy eating business, mine and Alex's Sunday roast was sadly one of the first casualties. How I long for my Yorkshire pud! For this reason, it was with great gusto that I booked my ticket to one of catering duo Check On's latest run of pop-up Sunday lunches (remember, the calories don't count when you're eating out..).

Pigsaw is a 4 course meal all based around the main meat - pork. On their website you'll see that there's also a choice of chicken (see my past experience here) and beef so take a look at the menus online and see which one floats your boat. George and Terry's food is creative and exciting so I couldn't wait to see what slightly mad concepts they would come up with this time! I was also pleased that it was being held at Hoxton venue The Dead Dolls Club; a place I'd heard a lot about and was very keen to visit.

It may have been a rainy Sunday afternoon but mine and Laura's choice of footwear told a different story!

The Dead Dolls Club was a derelict textile factory that was picked up and transformed by owners Adam and Katy. The understated entrance is easily missed but inside it's a different story. Each of the 3 floors has been hand illustrated using a marker pen to depict ornate rooms in a grand manor house. There are disco balls hanging from the ceiling and a sun terrace at the top. It's a member's bar but in order to join, you don't need to pay ridiculous amounts of money or work in a particular industry, oh no. All the owners ask is that you bring them a small gift for the house; a bottle of spirit, a china dog for the parlour (Adam loves dogs) or a bunch of white flowers. How sweet is that?

Adam asked if it was okay to seat us by the window. Today, Check On was completely sold out and he explained how he'd unexpectedly run out of table space. As an apology, he offered us free cocktails all afternoon. How could we be even slightly annoyed with that deal??

Proceedings got underway. The event runs over the period of about 3 hours so don't come if you're in any kind of a rush. 

The first course was the Pork Balls - Tamworth pork, ginger, garlic, spring onion with sweet and sour apple dip. Served up in a cardboard takeaway box.

They were yummy little balls. Disappointingly, with only 3 piggy balls to speak of, it was a very small portion....I could have eaten a dozen of them! But the classic combination of pork and the sour apple was undeniably delicious.

Next up was the Pig & Peas; black pudding (I'm loving black pudding at the moment), pea puree, roasted onion, pea shoots and English mustard. Intriguing! And rather arty...

The black pudding didn't disappoint and went well with the freshness of the peas and shoots. The softness of the dish didn't really compliment my cocktails particularly well but that's hardly chef's fault!

Then there was the main course - Rolled Roasted Pork. Loin and belly, fennel stuffing, pine nuts, toffee apple and gravy served with a bowl of roast potatoes and cabbage.

This was what I'd been missing! Both cuts of the pork were succulent matching up perfectly with the tangy apple and stuffing. The gravy was delicious and the roast potatoes were gloriously crispy (smooth roast spuds are a bugbear of mine).

Finally, there was the Black Rice Pudding - vanilla black rice, spiced poached rhubarb, a ball of fudge, mini marshmallows and caramelised milk. And why not.

It may have looked unusual but it tasted just great - very sweet and creamy - and we loved the addition of the fudge ball sitting in the middle of the plate. A real sugar hit!

By the way, the Dead Doll's club do a mean cocktail. You should visit just to try them out. Our favourite was the expresso martini, presented to us in cute teacups.

We had a fantastic afternoon. My second Check On experience was even better and more unique than the first and we were made so welcome by everyone at The Dead Doll's Club. I'm pretty sure we'll be back soon, armed with our china dogs and flowers!

You can buy tickets for Check On's Sunday Lunches here!

The Dead Doll's Club
35 Hoxton Square
N1 6NN

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  1. That food looks delicious! The rice pudding looks so unusual but sounds yummy, particularly the fudge ball. Nom nom nom!
    Rachel x

  2. Wow! Amazing fun, it reminds of Bourne and Hollingsworth, have you been there? Prohibition-type bar where all the drinks are in tea cups! Great shoes too!



    1. No I've not been to Bourne & Hollingsworth yet! I was booked to go months back but had to cancel at the last minute. Will have to check it out finally I think x

  3. this sounds like such a fun and unique experience! the good looking food doesn't hurt either ;) x

  4. That looks great! I really need to go to more pop ups and see how other people do theirs! We went to a great seafood one on Saturday but this looks 10x better :)

    Rosie xx

  5. I love the decor- it looks like such a unique venue! and that main course looks divine! xxx

  6. I love how you become a member - such a sweet idea!


  7. this looks diviiiine, love the joining rules too- much nicer than daddy most own 4 rolls royces and earn over 7.6 billion a year! xo

  8. LOVE your shoes. I really enjoyed Check On's hen party so will have to check out their new series! x

    1. Thank you! They are a special pair of mine :) Definitely worth keeping an eye on the Check On website, they do some great stuff.

  9. Ha looks like such a great place! Adding it to my list as of now.
    Loving your pictures by the way (and your shoes).

    {Teffy's Perks} X

  10. I absolutely love how you’ve edited these photos, so vintagey and gorgeous! This place looks amazing too, I’ve added it on my list of places to go as I’m moving to London in a month!x


  11. YES I absolutely love Dead Dolls Club, they are always so friendly and accommodating!
    You ladies both look gorgeous and such stunning shoes for a sunday lunch, well why not dress up eh?!
    This is literally my meal from heaven....SO SO SO wish I lived in London so I could do more foodie things
    x x x
    {The Lobster & Me}


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