9 January 2014

Drunch & Purl

As you may have gathered by now, I'm not one for being particularly health conscious when I dine out. I prefer to leave the small portions and carbohydrate-dodging at home. But as society becomes much more aware of the importance of eating well, restaurants offering low calorie and nutritious food choices are becoming more and more popular. It's certainly nice to have the choice. A new kid on the block is Drunch Eatery & Lounge in Mayfair who kindly invited me along to see what was on offer.

Located just off New Bond Street, the decor at Drunch is gorgeous. There's a large outside seating area which will be amazing come summer (if we get one). Inside it's bright and homely with a downstairs 'living room' where you can sip on their homemade bottled smoothies whilst watching television or playing on the Playstation. A great place to completely relax and recharge.

Drunch serve an eclectic mix of fresh, good quality, healthy food contrasted with a choice or two of comfort food. I can't argue with that! For our appetisers, we ordered the garlic prawns with sweet chilli dip and the crispy duck and bok choi salad.

My salad was beautifully presented and so colourful! Although parts of the duck were a little too crispy, it tasted delightful and the bok choi was fresh and crisp.

Whilst Mary stayed ultra-healthy for her main course by choosing the salmon in chive sauce, I decided to be a little more naughty and order the Drunch steak burger, cooked medium-rare. 

It was a burger done the classic way; no frills. A juicy patty with cheese, onion and lettuce. The chips, of which I'd planned to eat about three, all ended up being devoured. Very nice indeed. 

Drunch is a really pleasant little eatery - the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the busy streets outside. Okay, so I would have liked to have had the option of a glass of wine after a busy day of baking but at least they are standing firm on their more healthy approach!

In view of this, what did Mary and I do next? We went for a cocktail, of course!

Purl is a hidden-away underground bar serving cocktails designed with quite some imagination - aromas, fogs, airs, foams, food and even balloons are all included in their drinks menu. Walking into this little speakeasy bar was a little like walking through the wardrobe and into Narnia! We were welcomed, seated around a candlelit corner and served two little cucumber sandwiches.

(Factoid: The word purl refers to an old English drink consisting of warm ale, gin, wormwood and spices).

Here are the cocktails we ordered. I can't remember exactly what Mary's was in the Blue Mountain coffee barrel but mine was called A Nice Cup of Char - vodka, white port, rhubarb and vanilla bitter brought to my table in a basket and served with a scone and a thermos flask!

Certainly cutting-edge cocktail making and worth a visit! Purl is such a cool little place. The layout is such that if you're looking for a bit of seclusion or somewhere quiet to chat (apart from the jazz music that plays softly in the background) then this is a great choice. The service was incredibly friendly too - no pretention whatsoever.

'Pretention' actually leads me nicely onto Mahiki where we decided to end our night. I've been to Mahiki many times and have usually had good nights out. Tonight however, the staff were rude and brash seeming to want to drink multiple shots with a group of guys at one of the tables rather than do their job. I enjoy seeing bartenders and waitresses having a good time - it's usually a fun atmosphere to be around - but when one of the hostesses started slamming repeatedly into my stool, shouting over me to the miserable-looking barmen then proceeding to toast a shot with her colleagues over our heads and dripping me with sambucca...well, that isn't cool. The barman serving us was pretty rude plus we had to pay a tenner to get in despite it being half empty. You can't put a price on good service and I don't think we'll be heading back any time soon.

But I don't want to end the post on a downer! We had a ruddy good night out with good food and exciting drinks - Mahiki being rubbish was but a blip! 

Open for breakfast, lunch & dinner
On a corner between
6 Blenheim Street and 
1 Woodstock Street

50-54 Blandford St

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  1. I love the downstairs lounge at Drunch (that burger looks gorgeous and very naughty), and the cocktails at Purl. Oh my.

    1. That downstairs area is such a cool little place to hang out! I only discovered it when I went to the ladies just before leaving! xx

  2. The food looks amazing!

    I am a big sucker for good customer service too. I hate it more than anything to spend money at a place and be treated poorly.

    1. Good customer service makes all the difference. It's so much better in the states! xx

  3. The decor in both places is gorgeous, not to mention how good the food looks!


  4. I should not read food related posts before midday!! That burger looks so good!

    Shame about Mahiki, but totally agree with you - there's a line that shouldn't really be crossed!!

    Rosie xx

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  6. What a gorgeous place! xox

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  7. That sucks that they were so rude in Mahiki - I have to admit it's one of the London clubs I've never actually been to! I'm going on the 29th though for that event I emailed you about! The cocktails at Purl look amazing.

    Question - Is Drunch a synonym of Lupper?!

    Katie <3

  8. Purl looks brilliant, I'll have to try and get there soon.

    I've had my own personal boycott with Mahiki for a while now, their bar staff were so rude to me on my 30th birthday last year, I swore never to go back!

    1. Funnily enough, we went there a couple of years ago for my friend's birthday and we had the same thing despite having booked a table in the club. I think I'll give Mahiki a wide berth from here on.. x

  9. Any restaurant which takes into account healthy eaters is a big plus from me, but if it produces burgers like that too then it really is a keeper!!
    Shame about the customer service, I would have said something! Perks of having parents that spent their whole lives in retail, I've picked up on the value of good customer service. It's priceless but says a thousand words!!
    Emily xx
    My Ginger Bread Journey

  10. I've never heard if Drunch, but it sounds great! Must add it to my list.
    I've been in the same position.. chips just disappear and get devoured without me even realising it!

    {Teffy's Perks} X


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