7 January 2014

Last Friday - A No-Diet Day

So Christmas and New Year are over and all has started to get back to normal. I had a great time this year but was pleased to return to my little routine. That's not to say that the fun has to stop though; au contraire, lovely readers! It was Friday a day I had allotted myself off from the diet. Having finished three batches of cupcakes for a client in the morning, I rushed to get showered and changed for a ladies lunch date. I wore my gorgeous new leather All Saints skirt that Alex bought me for Christmas - a very well received present!

I headed to one of my favourite little North London restaurants to meet Edita. Our other halves work together and we've often ended up chatting away at their company events. It was lovely to catch up properly.

The restaurant was St James, a place I've been to so many times that I've lost count. It's cosy in the winter, open and airy in the summer. The seasonal menu is mouth-watering and another little bonus for me is that it's good for the odd celebrity-spot! 

I rarely post about my more local food spots as I'm aware that the majority of the people who read this blog for restaurant recommendations tend to be interested in places based centrally. But the food here is so delicious and well-presented that I couldn't resist sharing the pictures...

This was the second time I'd ordered the crispy endive, pear and roquefort with grilled tiger prawns. I think I could eat it every day and never get bored, it's just fantastic. As was my oriental seabass!

The desserts are divine too.

So if you ever find yourself in the Crouch End/Highgate area, I couldn't suggest paying St James a visit any more. It's just the perfect little lunch spot serving lovingly prepared dishes. The cocktails aren't bad either!

In the evening, I was meeting Laura for a comedy show and a club. I'd managed to get tickets to see Jack Whitehall at a tiny theatre south of the river. It was a 'work in progress' gig which is when comedians test out their new material to see what to keep and what to emit from their forthcoming tour. The tickets were only £8 and as the theatre only seats one hundred, we had a good view! Not bad considering he'll be performing at Wembley Arena later this year!

I like Jack Whitehall, I find him aimiable and very funny. Apart from a couple of stops here and there to read his notes, he's such a natural storyteller (mainly of embarrassing and awkward situations he's found himself in) that you wouldn't have known he was testing out his new stuff. The audience reaction was great and it was definitely worth the entire £8!

The day prior, lucky Laura had won a Twitter competition to enjoy a VIP table courtesy of Cafe De Paris so we headed up to Piccadilly to see out our evening in glamorous style. Big thanks to Cafe de Paris' Liam for looking after us!

It was a fun-filled Friday to set me up for a very laid-back weekend. 

I hope you all had a good one and aren't getting too battered in this wet weather!

St James Restaurant & Bar
4 Topsfield Parade
N8 8PR

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  1. Looks like you had a great time, and your outfit is so adorable! My favorite part is your skirt :)
    Sierra Calah ♡ Berry Stylish  

    Giveaway going on now!(: 

  2. Looking fab in your pics - but when are you going to wear the green dress! ;o)


    1. Ha! Really not sure...I might just pluck up the courage at some point :D

  3. Oooh what a lovely lunch spot to have right on your doorstop! The fish looks right up my street :)
    Looking good ma'dear
    x x x
    {The Lobster & Me}

    1. Thanks Ibbs! Hope to see you again soon!

  4. I am having some very serious food envy right now - wowee, my cheese on toast is NOT cutting it as I drool over those photos :)

    Also, where oh where are those tights from in the first picture? Both outfits look stunning! :)

    Hannah's Haven

    1. Here you go hun - 20% off in the sale! x http://www.tightsplease.co.uk/brands/jonathan-aston/wild-tights/

  5. that looks seriously delicious - i actually appreciate recommendations of areas i don't tend to find myself in too often, because the few times that i do i don't know where to go! sounds like a very fun night too x

  6. you are so beautiful with this skirt <3!!!lovely!!!

  7. You are gorgeous!

    Looks like a great place to dine. The food looks to die for!

  8. the food looks absolutely amazing! I should definitely arrange to eat there next time I'm in London! x and your look was just lovely! well done!

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  10. What an awesome day - I might have to drag The Gentleman to St James and have a bit of a tasting session! I've said it once, and I'll say it again - you both look gorgeous in that picture!!

    Katie <3

  11. Looks like such a great time!
    You look stunning by the way. Love your long skirt, and also your shirt one with the tights at the beginning.

    Also, Jack Whitehall is so hilarious. So posh and so funny.

    {Teffy's Perks} X

    1. Thanks Teff! Hope to see you again soon :D x

  12. You are seriously such a stunner! And that food looks immense!


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