31 January 2014

Vivat Bacchus

I may have mentioned before that I love cheese. In fact, I adore cheese. Soft cheese, hard cheese, blue cheese, goat's cheese - I eat it all. Even Stinking Bishop. Yesterday I headed to the city to meet Paul for a much needed catch up. Cheese with red wine was the order of the day so I'd booked us a table at Vivat Bacchus - a bustling South African-owned restaurant in Farringdon.

Although it serves a great selection of main meals (apparently the pies are amazing) it's the cheese boards, platters and huge range of wines and champagnes that creates the real winning formula.

We decided upon the French cheese board consisting of Fourme d'Ambert, honey-drizzled Comte, Coulommiers and Reblochon served with biscuits, delicious chutneys, fruit and nuts. To accompany, we ordered the French and South African platters which provided us with Bayonne ham, saucisson sec, pork rillettes, cornichons, sourdough, biltong, droewors, corn bites and fruit roll. Oh, and we had the artisan bread and an ice cream sundae, just to stick a further two fingers up at the low-carb low-sugar diet!

It was the perfect 'picking' meal to sip our red wine with. We only realised there was a fantastic walk-in cheese room when we'd already finished which was a shame but I'll just have to create my own board next time. We couldn't fault the efficient service we received on this incredibly busy Thursday evening and we were even treated to a glass of port on the house!

A winner of a venue for my fellow cheese and wine lovers.

So is your mouth watering yet?

Vivat Bacchus - Farringdon
47 Farringdon Street

Vivat Bacchus - London Bridge
4 Hays Lane
London Bridge SE1 2HB

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  1. Your photos are beautiful!
    And that cheese! I'm so jealous!


  2. I love your blog, your photography is beautiful and this restaurant looks amazing!

    1. I'm so glad you enjoy it, I aim to please :) x

  3. So, here I am trying to catch up with all these blog posts on my Bloglovin feed, and you go and post another one!!

    Beautiful photos though - I never used to like cheese. These days I'm obsessed. Especially with Goats cheese mmmm

    Katie <3

  4. Oh my gosh my mouth most certainly is watering. Looks delicious! B xx

  5. Completely mouth watering!
    I really enjoy your blog .... Food is my favorite so whenever I come here I get happy, lol.

  6. Beautiful photos. I need to eat some cheese now I think :-)
    Becky - The Shutterbug Blog

  7. That looks amazing, I love a good cheese board so much more than something sweet nowadays. I think I've walked past the London Bridge restaurant before, I might have too check it out next time I'm down there. Thanks.

  8. Yep. My mouth is watering and I'm now craving meats and cheese at only 10am. Worrying I know!
    I just have to say too... The first photo stunning. You are unbelievably photogenic Caroline!
    Emily xx
    My Ginger Bread Journey

    1. Thanks lovely! I'm not really, I just delete the bad ones! Haha ;) x

  9. I must have said this before, but I absolutely LOVE your haircut - it suits your face so well and you're always so smiley
    x x x
    {The Lobster & Me}

    1. Thank you so much Ibbs! I have to admit I prefer it like this than when I had it long (although I do miss my long ponytail when I tie it back!). I do smile a lot in photos...I look silly if I try and look mean and moody ;) xx

  10. What an incredible looking spread! And that dessert ... I can't even get started on that. Was it as mind-blowingly delicious as it looks?



  11. My mouth's been watering since you mentioned cheese in the first sentence! Looks great :)



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