28 February 2014

Back To Reality

And when reality includes that adorable face, how could it ever be bad?

Alex and I returned from our holiday on Monday afternoon. To be honest, by the end of the two and a half weeks I was ready to come home; too much eating naughty food and drinking cocktails was getting to me (and my waistline). Plus I was so excited to see my gorgeous Jimmy Chew again! And boy, was he excited to see us too! He had been an incredibly good boy for his Grandad while we were away and we couldn't wish for a more wonderful little fluffball in our lives. Just love him.

One undeniable downside of travelling long haul is jet lag. It's something I never used to suffer from but I seem to get it more often these days and on this occasion it's lasted most of the week. I've been feeling utterly exhausted and have had no energy during my gym sessions. The only thing that could give me any enthusiasm for removing myself from my bed yesterday morning was the breakfast date I had booked in with Laura at the ultra-sleek Sanderson Hotel.

Suka in The Sanderson is a Malaysian inspired restaurant in the evenings but they serve wonderful breakfasts and brunches until 11.30 before kicking off the ever popular Mad Hatter's Afternoon Tea at 12.30. We were seated in the courtyard garden which in the colder months is enclosed by a marquee so the pretty decking area isn't put to waste.

The breakfast and brunch menu has a good variety of choices and our friendly waiter was more than happy to change the standard 'three egg white omelette' to a 'one whole egg and two egg whites omelette' just for me (I'm not a diva, honest!).

But before that arrives, it was over to the buffet.

Here there is an abundance of colourful fresh fruit, natural yoghurt, pastries and juices for the taking. 

I know we're just taking photos of fruit and granola but it all looked so appealing!

Quite appropriately, there was a smoothie on the menu called The Jet Lag. Obviously, I ordered it.

Here it is, alongside my jet lagged face

I can't remember what was in it and I'm not sure I even looked. I just hoped it was some kind of miracle cure in a glass.

Our breakfasts turned up shortly afterwards - the omelette for me, the Full English for Laura and blueberry pancakes to share.

Laura's looked so fresh and non-greasy you could almost forget it was a fry up!

It all hit the spot.  I think it must have been a glorious combination of the food, smoothie, enormous mug of black coffee and being reunited with my lovely blogger buddy that helped make me feel a little more like myself again.

Seeing this silly face when I got home was the cherry on the cake.

Suka at The Sanderson Hotel
50 Berner's Street
London W1T 3NG

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26 February 2014

Holiday Giveaway

This has unintentionally ended up being something of a pink giveaway!

My holiday to St Lucia and the USA has drawn to a close. Although I'd planned not to do much shopping whilst I was there, I couldn't resist a little retail therapy in LA and Vegas...it would definitely have been rude not to. And with the blog on my mind, I decided to buy some things for one of you.  Because you're lovely.

First up is something gorgeous from my favourite place to get pretty knickers; Victoria's Secret - the Las Vegas branch. This is the Dream Angels 'Heavenly' gift set. Inside there's an eau de parfum spray, an eau de parfum rollerball and a scented candle. All presented in a very cute book-shaped box.

Next up is a little book I bought in Beverly Hills called How To Be Adored - A Girl's Guide To Hollywood Glamour. It's a pocket-sized style guide with a difference featuring secrets from a line-up of the world's most seductive and beautiful women such as Marilyn Monroe, Liz Taylor and Angelina Jolie. 

Lastly, a bit of Vegas bling: a Sugar Factory Couture Pop.

Five million of these designer pops have already sold and countless celebrities have been pictured with them. The special plastic case allows you to store the lollipop for later once you've started it but the best thing about it is the bedazzled stem that comes in an assortment of styles (I think I must be drawn to pink at the moment!). You can buy replacement heads too if you know anyone popping over to Sin City any time soon!

So a rather girlie group of gifts that I hope one of you will really enjoy!

This giveaway is open internationally to anyone whether you're a blogger or not and will run until 5th March.

All you have to do to enter is log into the Rafflecopter below using Facebook or your email address.

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Good luck everyone!

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25 February 2014

February in Vegas - Part II

Oh, Las Vegas. How do I love thee?

To be honest, I suspect I don't need to go on too much more about how much I love it. I know it's not particularly cultured and the natural beauty is lacking but I can get my fill of those some place else. Vegas provides pure enjoyment and this latest visit delivered nothing less.

How cute are the little duck family living in the Bellagio fountains?

Entertainment in Vegas is always there for the taking and we made sure that we took our fair share.

This included a very special visit to see Le Reve - The Dream at the Wynn. As a surprise, Alex had booked the VIP Indulgence Package giving us big soft premium seats, champagne, truffles and chocolate covered strawberries!

An luxurious way to experience a show!

I'm not much of a gambler but I do like a flutter on the slot machines whilst I'm there. I have fun doing it but I'm realistic and expect to walk away a little lighter in the purse. However, my luck changed on Friday night when I put in a $20 bill and came away with $444! My biggest win ever! I had to share my excitement with my Instagram buddies!

A restaurant that I have a real soft spot for and recommend to anyone travelling to Vegas is Diablo's Cantina. It serves up excellent and affordable Mexican food but with an American twist. In huge portions too! There's a real laid back atmosphere during the day but I hear it's a party spot in the evenings which I've yet to experience. I didn't even need to look at the menu this lunchtime; I'd already decided I was having the ridiculously moreish chicken nachos with Diablo's home-made guacamole and the juicy barbecue pulled pork sandwich - still my favourite pulled pork experience to date!

Quality food is available 24 hours a day in Vegas. The Sugar Factory has been my favourite spot for late night/early morning grub but a place Alex introduced me to that's definitely worth a mention is the Earl of Sandwich in Planet Hollywood. They provide outstanding hand-made hot sandwiches with all sorts of fillings loaded into their own Artisan baked loaves.

And that yummy sandwich wraps up my holiday posts. I really hope that you've enjoyed following me on my St Lucia/USA travels - I've loved reading all your comments! Thank you!

A normal London service will resume from here on....

And Vegas - I'll see you again in two months time!


22 February 2014

February in Vegas - Part I

 People tell me I'm a bit obsessed with Vegas but I've got no idea what they're talking about. I mean I've only been here six times in five years and I'm visiting just the two times this year!

Well, perhaps they have a point.

Las Vegas might not be everyone's cup of tea but for me, it's a place that never gets boring. It's an adult's playground full of spectacular shows, fantastic restaurants, stunning decor, shopping, exciting night-life and warm weather all year round. This is the final stop for Alex and I and the perfect place to end our holiday. We're staying in the beautiful Cosmopolitan Hotel and our room is fabulous!

To me, Vegas is glamour. The interior design of many of the hotels and bars is breathtaking.

The diamond encrusted car above used to belong to Liberace. Imagine driving down to Sainsbury's in that baby!

The dining options are endless in Vegas. We'd heard good things about a restaurant in our hotel called Jaleo so that was our first port of call. As you flick through the drink and tapas menu on the iPad, you realise it's going to be no easy job deciding which sharer dishes to order. We ended up ordering about eight or nine plates between us including some wonderful Spanish mini burgers and traditional chicken fritters...unusually, served in a shoe!

There's a great choice of shows to see in Vegas. Having visited as many times as I have, I've ticked quite a few off the list already but a show I hadn't yet seen was Cirque Du Soleil's 'One'. 

I've always loved Michael Jackson's music and although the acrobatics weren't the best I've seen from Cirque Du Soleil, the incredible soundtrack made it a show worth seeing for any Jackson fan.

We woke up the next morning to a gorgeous blue sky. 

It's not as boiling hot as it often is in Nevada; about 18 degrees. We headed off to see the sights that still thrill me as much as they did on my first visit back in 2009 - the year Alex proposed to me here 

I petted some pooches...

...then we headed to the Forum at Caesar's Palace to do a spot of shopping. 

I didn't buy much but I did treat myself to a few nice little purchases from Victoria's Secrets having won a few extra dollars from a $20 bill on the slots the night before! 

Good old Vegas!

Part II coming soon!

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