28 February 2014

Back To Reality

And when reality includes that adorable face, how could it ever be bad?

Alex and I returned from our holiday on Monday afternoon. To be honest, by the end of the two and a half weeks I was ready to come home; too much eating naughty food and drinking cocktails was getting to me (and my waistline). Plus I was so excited to see my gorgeous Jimmy Chew again! And boy, was he excited to see us too! He had been an incredibly good boy for his Grandad while we were away and we couldn't wish for a more wonderful little fluffball in our lives. Just love him.

One undeniable downside of travelling long haul is jet lag. It's something I never used to suffer from but I seem to get it more often these days and on this occasion it's lasted most of the week. I've been feeling utterly exhausted and have had no energy during my gym sessions. The only thing that could give me any enthusiasm for removing myself from my bed yesterday morning was the breakfast date I had booked in with Laura at the ultra-sleek Sanderson Hotel.

Suka in The Sanderson is a Malaysian inspired restaurant in the evenings but they serve wonderful breakfasts and brunches until 11.30 before kicking off the ever popular Mad Hatter's Afternoon Tea at 12.30. We were seated in the courtyard garden which in the colder months is enclosed by a marquee so the pretty decking area isn't put to waste.

The breakfast and brunch menu has a good variety of choices and our friendly waiter was more than happy to change the standard 'three egg white omelette' to a 'one whole egg and two egg whites omelette' just for me (I'm not a diva, honest!).

But before that arrives, it was over to the buffet.

Here there is an abundance of colourful fresh fruit, natural yoghurt, pastries and juices for the taking. 

I know we're just taking photos of fruit and granola but it all looked so appealing!

Quite appropriately, there was a smoothie on the menu called The Jet Lag. Obviously, I ordered it.

Here it is, alongside my jet lagged face

I can't remember what was in it and I'm not sure I even looked. I just hoped it was some kind of miracle cure in a glass.

Our breakfasts turned up shortly afterwards - the omelette for me, the Full English for Laura and blueberry pancakes to share.

Laura's looked so fresh and non-greasy you could almost forget it was a fry up!

It all hit the spot.  I think it must have been a glorious combination of the food, smoothie, enormous mug of black coffee and being reunited with my lovely blogger buddy that helped make me feel a little more like myself again.

Seeing this silly face when I got home was the cherry on the cake.

Suka at The Sanderson Hotel
50 Berner's Street
London W1T 3NG

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  1. Welcome back!! To sunny ol' England!! Aw gosh I don't know if I could ever go away if I had a little fluff ball like Jimmy! Bet you're sooo happy to see him, and him to see you! The breakfast looks fantastic, and you don't look jet lagged at all :)

    Rosie xx

    1. Thanks hun! I know, it's hard to leave Jimmy but Alex's Dad moves into our house and JImmy loves him so it's ok. I'd be heartbroken if we had to use a kennel! Hope you're well! xx

  2. Lovely post! You look gorgeous and don't look jet-lagged in the slightest! Love The Sanderson. It was so long ago that we were all there in the blazing heat of summer. The food looks incredible too. Let me know when you're next free for me to repay you that bottle of wine :)

    Katie <3

    1. Thank you! I don't believe you but thank you! ;) I know, seems so long ago that we went now. What happened to Lottie? She seemed to disappear. A drinks sounds great, let me know if you're free next Friday xx

  3. That breakfast was clearly just what you needed! I hate jet lag too. I was jet-lagged for a week when I arrived in Australia, it was so difficult being tired all the time yet not being able to sleep but being so keen to enjoy being there. The Sanderson is gorge, as is the lovely Jimmy Chew!!
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

  4. Welcome home! Has to be said I'm glad you won't be teasing us all with your holiday photos anymore :p

    The breakfast looks amazing, the perfect jetlag cure ... hope you're feeling better now and have a lovely weekend of sleep planned x

  5. The food looks great! I would love to have this for breakfast tomorrow. And Jimmy Chew is a real cutie.

  6. Jimmy Chew is just gorgeous!!! and that hotel is just so lovely- its seems ages ago since we were all there! xxx

  7. Your dog is so so cute!
    I absolutely love your photography - it's brilliant!

    nailsandteapots xx

  8. Your dog is gorgeous!!
    The food looks amazing!
    Hope you had a lovely time!! :) xx


  9. That full English looks incredible! Hope you start to feel human again soon! x

  10. I think I'd happily take the full english, pancakes or omelette and be very happy!


  11. Ermagherd all that food looks amazing- not that I'm surprised at all after how wonderful our tea there was :)
    So happy to have you and fluff back with us, stunning as ever
    x x x
    {The Lobster & Me}

  12. Oh, this looks amazing! Time to get out of bed and have breakfast I think! http://thetinylittlekitchen.blogspot.co.uk/?m=1

  13. Could I be cheeky and ask if they do a set price for breakfast? The fruit looks lovely - thinking of maybe taking my daughter there when we come up to London for her birthday in May. Thank you.

    1. No problem! :) It's £20 for a full breakfast and £30 for champagne breakfast (including buffet) x

    2. Thank you Caroline, I booked it yesterday. I have to say the staff at the hotel and restaurant are delightful! He told me that there's loads of fresh fruit in the normal breakfast buffet so will be perfect for my daughter. Thank you again!

    3. Brilliant, I'm so pleased and I really hope you both enjoy it!

  14. Yay! Welcome back to the UK! Glad that you had a great time on holiday (and probably have come back very brown!)
    Love the visit to the Sanderson hotel, we definitely need another bloggers' catch up. That lips sofa needs to be in my house!!
    Emily xx
    My Ginger Bread Journey

  15. Oh my, that's your dog? I would have had trouble leaving him!

    Welcome home. I'm sure the jet lag won't last, especially with your remedy beverage :)

    Sophie x


  16. You don't look jet-lagged to me, but I understand the feeling. It never used to affect me either, but I noticed it for the first time when we came back to London after being in the States for a week and a half.

    Those blueberry pancakes look delicious! What kind of syrup were they served with? The color looks a little more orange than what I'm used to seeing!


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