26 February 2014

Holiday Giveaway

This has unintentionally ended up being something of a pink giveaway!

My holiday to St Lucia and the USA has drawn to a close. Although I'd planned not to do much shopping whilst I was there, I couldn't resist a little retail therapy in LA and Vegas...it would definitely have been rude not to. And with the blog on my mind, I decided to buy some things for one of you.  Because you're lovely.

First up is something gorgeous from my favourite place to get pretty knickers; Victoria's Secret - the Las Vegas branch. This is the Dream Angels 'Heavenly' gift set. Inside there's an eau de parfum spray, an eau de parfum rollerball and a scented candle. All presented in a very cute book-shaped box.

Next up is a little book I bought in Beverly Hills called How To Be Adored - A Girl's Guide To Hollywood Glamour. It's a pocket-sized style guide with a difference featuring secrets from a line-up of the world's most seductive and beautiful women such as Marilyn Monroe, Liz Taylor and Angelina Jolie. 

Lastly, a bit of Vegas bling: a Sugar Factory Couture Pop.

Five million of these designer pops have already sold and countless celebrities have been pictured with them. The special plastic case allows you to store the lollipop for later once you've started it but the best thing about it is the bedazzled stem that comes in an assortment of styles (I think I must be drawn to pink at the moment!). You can buy replacement heads too if you know anyone popping over to Sin City any time soon!

So a rather girlie group of gifts that I hope one of you will really enjoy!

This giveaway is open internationally to anyone whether you're a blogger or not and will run until 5th March.

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Good luck everyone!

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  1. Amazin cute giveaway! LOVE the pop, never seen anything like that before. Have I honestly been hiding under a rock?!

    Peach Pow XO

    1. Nah, I think if you haven't been to Vegas you might miss them! They're all over the place there though! I'm so glad you like the giveaway - good luck! xx

  2. lovely giveaway - gifts look amazing :)



  3. Thank you! Glad you like them! Good luck! xx

  4. Just been looking through your holiday posts - WOW! Looks like you had amazing time, St Lucia looks fantastic! Thanks for the lovely giveaway. x

  5. Thanks for the giveawy!
    Following you on Bloglovin' as Irina Dubinskaya-Gnatiuk
    Email: marfusha-76@mail.ru

  6. Awesome giveaway! Love VS stuff :) x

  7. Wohooo! Love a giveaway! This is so cute - how sweet of you to think of all of us on your travels :)

    Looking forward to some cocktails now you're back!

    Katie <3

  8. I love the lollipop pop, this completely escaped me when I was in Vegas but it's one of the list this year!



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