18 March 2014

A Sunny Sunday

Who wouldn't be pleased about how summer has paid us a surprise visit in March? I've been feeling rather spoilt by the blue skies and warm afternoons, not to mention the break from the wet, muddy paws running round my house each day (yes, Jimmy Chew, I'm looking at you).

Sunday was another glorious one. Mary and I headed into town to visit a lovely little sun-trap on the back streets of Kensington; a neighbourhood pub called The Builder's Arms.

It's a charming little place. Newly refurbished with friendly service and a garden for Mary and I to drink champagne in.

What more could you want of a sunny Sunday afternoon?

(I'm not actually wearing purple lipstick by the way. The photo went a bit weird).

I've missed my roast lunches recently. What with Alex's training and me trying to balance out my healthy/naughty days, the good old roast has been one of our sacrifices. But happily for me, today was a treat day and I was going to indulge. And as it turned out, The Builder's Arms was a great place to do it. I find it difficult locating a pub or restaurant that does a Sunday roast to a high standard (in particular, a decent Yorkshire pudding) so it's nice to have a new place to add to my list. This pub prides itself on them.

My mouth waters when I look back at these pictures...

The desserts were pretty good too! We chose the raspberry crumble and the sticky toffee pudding.

The barman recommended I pair the sticky toffee pudding up with a bottle of the Innis & Gunn oak-aged ale. The vanilla-creaminess of the drink complimented the dessert really well! Perhaps I should try a bit of beer and food matching some time!

By 5pm the sunshine had retired and it was feeling a little more chilly. We jumped in a cab and headed to a favourite bar/restaurant of mine, Gordon Ramsay's York & Albany in Camden.

I did work experience in the kitchens here once. That was a slightly scary experience.

It was a chilled out evening involving Vegas planning (yep, I'm going again!), margaritas done exactly as they should be and about ten tonnes of wasabi peas.

Big thanks to our cocktail connoisseur who put together some delightful concoctions, just to our taste.

A decent way to close the week. 

I hope you all had lovely weekends and enjoyed the sun - fingers crossed it hangs around for a bit longer!

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  1. Oh London I miss your sunshine! There's even a guy wearing shorts in one of your photos! It's been nice up here too but I've been keeping half an eye on the London weather (can't help myself) and you definitely have the best of it .. I miss those beautiful warm London afternoons in the sun!

    Your roast pictures have made me hungry too, and I've only just had my dinner!

  2. Ahh I loved this Sunday's glorious weather! I'd just returned from Geneva, so brunch and lounging in the park were definitely the order of the day.
    That roast looks delicious! I'm not big on Sunday roasts, but I do enjoy them on occasions!

    {Teffy's Perks} X

  3. your life looks delightful!!! http://thewanderlusthasgotme.blogspot.co.uk

  4. You wore the perfect white outfit for a sunny day!! I love having the weekend as my treat day and looks like you chose the perfect way to treat yourself. I love Perrier Jouet!!
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

  5. Sunday was incredible... I think I fell over my feet trying to get out the door.

    Can't beat a good local - happy to hear they can deliver on a Yorkshire!

    Sophie x


  6. Your mouth's watering… my mouths watering! I haven't had a decent roast in ages and yes you're so right about a decent yorkshire pudding.

    Roll on Vegas planning, I'm booking up for mum and I again to go in September can't wait.


  7. London is so perfect in the sun. The Builders Arms looks incred. Champagne and a roast dinner is a great idea!


  8. This looks like a perfect, relaxing day! (I actually had sticky toffee pudding for the first time last week. Still not sure whether I like it or not...)

    I'm crossing my fingers that these sunny days keep on coming!

  9. That looks like a GOOD roast. I'm like you, find it so hard to find a pub that lives up to my (very fussy) roast standards!! But this looks great. And it's not far from me.... Thanks for the info!

    Rosie xx

    1. Wow you live in a nice area then! :) Definitely a pub worth popping by, I was really impressed x

  10. Caroline, I need Vegas tips from you as I'm going in October! xx

    1. Sure! Email me at cocktailsandcaroline@yahoo.co.uk and ask me anything :) x

  11. The weather was glorious in London last weekend! It really looks like you made the most of it...I'll have to make a note of that pub for future trips into the city. And you're a brave, brave woman for setting foot in one of Gordon's kitchens!!

  12. The warm weather certainly brightens everyone up. This gastro pub and the Sunday lunches looks yummy. I need to hunt this place out Lucy

  13. Looks amazing! As an American, I've always wanted to try sticky toffee pudding. Unfortunately, we don't just have adorable little pubs lying around! *Sigh*

    That Curious Cat

  14. I remember scrolling through my instagram feed when the sun had landed down south, it was torture as it was absolutely freezing up here in Manchester, I need to move down south, pronto!

    Loved the pictures of the food! *stomach rumbles*

    Fashionicide // Fashion, with a difference

  15. you look absolutely stunning in the third from last pic! :)



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