8 March 2014

A Taste Of Dirty Bones

Last Wednesday night I attended my first ever blogger event. It took place at the recently opened Dirty Bones; a trendy Kensington dog bar. The concept: a classic hot dog kiosk by day and a buzzy restaurant by night. Primarily serving up exciting gourmet hot dogs, they also specialise in further American fast food staples such as fried chicken, ribs and bone-in meat.

The venue is much larger than I was expecting and the décor is stylish and rather retro cool. 

Having enjoyed a cocktail in the bar area, my fellow bloggers and I took our seats round a large table in the restaurant. I was in good company, sat next to Nancy of It's A Lifestyle Thing and, of course, my blogging partner in crime Laura.

I admit I'd made a bit of an error earlier in the day. As I'd been under the impression that the event was more of a 'cocktails & canapés' evening, I'd consumed a rather large lunch at Chriskitch with my Mum just a few hours before. Had I known what lay ahead was the four-course tasting meal the mouth-watering menu stated, I'd have eaten less. Or earlier. Or both! Still, I'm not going to make out it was some kind of hard struggle to eat the amazing food I was given...I just wish I'd been hungrier!

First up, the Asian Dog: your choice of pork, beef or vegetarian sausage (in our case, pork), kimchi puree, wasabi mayonnaise, crispy seaweed and sesame seeds served in a brioche bun. 

Because this was a taster menu, we were served a smaller portion (just as well considering my lunch fail). Here is what the complete dog looks like:

Looks pretty awesome, doesn't it?

An amazing fusion of flavours in a bun and I loved the concept. Dirty Bones' Ross Clarke was once the creative development chef at the Fat Duck Experimental Kitchen and you can tell his inventive talents are being put to good use here (their BBQ sauce contains marshmallows because, as we were informed by Ross himself, they have a higher gelatin content thus increasing the pleasing stickiness of the consistency).

Next up was the crispy spiced fried chicken with charred lemon. Served with a side of triple cooked fries for each of us, the brined meat was succulent and really rich in flavour.

I should mention at this point that, as well as the fries, we were presented with side dishes of (from left to right) charred padron peppers, glazed & charred sweetcorn, mac & cheese, grilled & smoked pickles and bourbon beans.

And as if that wasn't generous enough, each course was paired with a cocktail. My favourite was the fruity Top Dog - Finlandia vodka, fresh strawberry, Chambord and lemon and Jaio prosecco (below right).

Our second hot dog to taste was the Burger Dog; sausage-shaped aged bavette and beef fat mince, beer cheese, Frenchies mustard and tomato ketchup.

The meat was rich and flavoursome with the brioche bun adding a pleasing hint of sweetness. It's great how the menu gives you such creative alternatives to your standard pork hot dog.

Last but definitely not least, the dessert. Throwing me back head-long into my American state of mind, the glorious Milk & Cookies.

The cookie was chewy, chocolatey and luxurious; just the way I like them. And it's not really a glass of milk - it's a delightfully smooth and creamy milk gelato.

This was my kind of dessert! Goodness me, I love cookies...

Just before I dragged myself and my expanded belly home, along came a petit four - 101 Dalmations cocktails made with Baileys chocolate, Finlandia vodka, Disaronno, cream, chocolate chip ice cream and topped with an Oreo. 

Naughty and very delicious. How I managed to consume all I was given throughout the evening is actually beyond me. I suppose the lure of the fun and exciting food was too much to resist! It had been a wonderful event that I felt very lucky to have been invited to. Next time, however, I'll just make sure I reduce my lunch portions accordingly!

Dirty Bones
20 Kensington High Street
London W8 4EP

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  1. I'm quite partial to a cheeky hot dog :D It's not often you see them on a menu so it's quite a novelty when they do appear. This place looks gorgeous ... yet another one to add to the list! Hope you're enjoying your London sunshine ... tis freezing up North this weekend :( x

    1. Thanks! It wasn't as warm today as I'd hoped but maybe tomorrow will be better. I won't get the bikini out just yet though... x

  2. I was so surprised at how good it all tasted. Definitely proven wrong!
    I did love the desert so much, although seeing as you said you make just as good cookies, I think you should make me some, you know for research purposes ;) xx

    1. I promise I will make you some of my Cazza Cookies and you can judge for yourself :D x

  3. This place looks flipping delicious! Definitely need to find the time to go there!

    Peach Pow XO

  4. Everything looks so yummy. I'll definitely have to check it out.

    Lisa xo | lisaandfox.blogspot.co.uk

  5. Wow! No wonder you were full, but it looks absolutely amazing! I've heard good things about those grilled and smoked pickles; sound very unusual and I'd love to try them. I've not really bought into the current trend of burgers and hotdogs but this takes it to a different level!
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

  6. Oh wow ! All of this looks scrumptious xx

  7. Sounds amazing! Just my kind of meal. I genuinely think that there's nothing more homey and delicious than milk and cookies! That last cocktail looks incredible!

    Katie <3

  8. I like the look of this place! Thanks for sharing :)


  9. I love the concept of these new restaurants something that caters for those at work during the day and then a restaurant at night. The food and cocktails look yummy. Love ribs so will be checking this place out Lucy

  10. I love the concept of these new restaurants something that caters for those at work during the day and then a restaurant at night. The food and cocktails look yummy. Love ribs so will be checking this place out Lucy

  11. I love dirty bones! Top Dog and full pile chicken for me please :) xxx

  12. this looks outrageously good! i'm also in awe that you manage to look dignified while eating a hotdog. that's a skill. this place is going on my to-try list x

  13. this looks amazing - and i totally want to be in yours and laura's gang! i love hot dogs, definitely trying this place out.. http://thewanderlusthasgotme.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/columbia-road-flower-market.html


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