16 March 2014

Burger Fest

Yesterday afternoon, following a strenuous few hours in the hair salon, my rumbling tummy and I headed down to an event I'd been very much looking forward to: Burger Fest 2014. 

Burger Fest is five of London's top burger traders - all listed in Twenty Something London's Ten Best Burgers - pitched up in one Hackney warehouse (or the Hackney Studios, as it's otherwise known) serving the hungry masses with a staple item from their meaty menus. 

Taking part in the bun-based event was Street KitchenHonest BurgerMother FlipperThe Wild Game Co and Burger Craft.

Our £30 ticket entitled us to entry, one beer (if you arrived early enough) and a booklet containing information about each vendor along with their 'Feed Me' vouchers which were to be exchanged for a half burger - a sample of their best creation, if you will.

We hadn't had lunch, we were hungry and we were on the hunt for something great.

The venue smelt amazing; like the ultimate barbecue. Before Alex and I decided upon a queue we did a circuit to check out what was going down on each stall. Everything there was truly mouth-watering. 

We decided to hop in the queue for the Street Kitchen van. The line seemed to be moving at a reasonable rate which considering our hunger levels at this point, gave them huge bonus points.

Street Kitchen have vans based in Liverpool Street, Battersea and London Bridge. The Buffalo Bull Burger that they were presenting today is a well hung beef patty, baby gem, pickled onion, red leicester cheese on a toasted brioche bun with ketchup and mustard.

It was a fantastic one to start us off. The patty was soft and juicy inside and texture was amazing. The well hung beef gives the meat a strong roast beef flavour. The lightly toasted brioche bun (brioche pretty much being an industry standard now) was firm but soft, soaking up all the meat juices wonderfully and the salad was crisp.

But of course we weren't full up after just one half burger. Time to get more.

Unfortunately, it wasn't the best organised event I've ever attended. Perhaps they didn't expect so many ticket holders to turn up before 6pm but the queues to get to each van were around 40 to 50 minutes strong. And anyone who knows me reasonably well knows that I hate queuing.

At least I had my free beer.

Alex and I decided upon some extremely clever tactics; I stayed in the queue for Mother Flippers and Alex headed over to Burger Craft. Two hits in one go - we're the man!

Mother Flipper is the creator of the burger I wanted to try the most: The Double Candy Bacon Flipper. 

I'm a sucker for sweetness with meat and this burger consists of a double beef patty (chuck from Scottish black Angus beef cows), lettuce, red onion, dill pickle, American cheese, ketchup, mustard and the key ingredient...

...the sweet candied maple bacon.

The queue may have been moving at a snail's pace but the Mother Flipper guys were working their butts off to assemble these fine little specimens.

I headed over to the seating area to enjoy.

This is exactly the kind of burger I love. The patty was delicious and juicy, the sweetness and salt worked like a wonder together and there was a generous amount of the cheese. 

Somehow Alex and I had timed it so perfectly that just as I'd started tucking into my Double Candy Bacon burger, he turned up with the offering from Burger Craft.

Presenting The Juicy Bastard.

Two beef burgers (their free range meat comes fresh from a farm in Wiltshire), double American cheese, lamb's lettuce, tomato and smoky BBQ sauce. This burger is a beast with thick, flavoursome patties, fresh fillings and that tangy sauce that set it apart. 


We just weren't up for standing in line again so we didn't get our final two samples. I've already been won over by Honest Burgers back when I paid them a visit in Camden so I know they're awesome. Wild Game Co - I'll have to pay you a visit in Whitecross Market sometimes soon! Alex and I both agreed that we'd sampled some outstanding burgers. There was lively music and a happy atmosphere so with slightly better organisation next year with regards to sheer numbers of people, this event will surely be a 'must-do'.

But it wasn't quite over - we still had dessert to collect!

The Salted Caramel Cupcake Burger & Apple Crumble Cookie Fries from Cupcakes and Shhht

How cute are they?!

It was great to have had a little sweetness hit before we headed home, leaving the queues of burger lovers behind us.

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  2. So I'm sat here, in the library, and I am now... STARVING.
    I saw tickets for Burger Feast a while ago and was dying to go. So jealous that you did!
    The Mother Flipper burger sounds out of this world (and don't even get me started on the cute cupcake burgers!)
    Shame about the ruddy queue but sounds like it was worth it!

    (P.S. Hair is looking beautiful my friend. Cracking hair cut!)
    Emily xx
    My Ginger Bread Journey

    1. Thanks lovely! Perhaps we should make a blogger's day of it next year :) x

  3. This sounds like such a great idea, it's a shame that it wasn't slightly better organised, especially when you've paid upfront and don't get to try everything.

    I tried the Double Candy Bacon Flipper a few weeks ago at KERB though and it was good.

  4. This looks absolutely amazing!!!!!!

    I love how you did a circuit first, very sensible :D

    Not sure I could have coped with a 50 minute wait for my burger, I would have been majorly whingeing about how hungry I was.

    I am now SO hungry, I read this at the completely wrong time of day :s

  5. The burgers look delicious!


  6. This looks BEYOND AMAZING!! I'm drooling over those photos! and I love the cupcakes ones- so cute! you're looking gorgeous as always xx

  7. Gutted we couldnt attend! Looking forward to taco wars which is a very similar concept - hope the queues arent as long! X

  8. Mmmm sounds like heaven.. well the burgers not the queuing! I may well be hunting down Street Kitchen during my lunch tomorrow!


  9. this all looks mouthwateringly delicious - just a shame that the ticket you paid for didn't get you all the samples you should have! nevertheless sounds like a great event x

  10. How did I not know about this delicious fest! I would have been all over this :p
    Scrumptious photos as always! Not sure about a 50 minute wait though, I can't stand waiting for 5 minutes!
    I'm sure we will cross paths in a foodie location in the city soon!

    Peach Pow XO

  11. Wow reading this before breakfast was a huge mistake, my stomach is really growling right now. I find that a lot of these types of events aren't well organized and it's just not much fun to have to wait in massive lines for anything you want to try. It's a shame you didn't get all of yours but I don't blame you.

  12. Great photos, but really not sure I would've been a happy bunny having to queue that much for pre paid food! One queue of 50 mins is one thing, but every time.... not so sure!! I think I would've lost my hunger by the time it got to eating! Well done for sticking it out :)

    Rosie xx

  13. I've been eating vegetarian during the week and then meat on the weekend. I WOULD HAVE GONE CRAZY. Everything looks so tasty. Thanks for sharing all these great pictures. Also, I love the outfit.

  14. Caroline!! That all looks so so yummy - and so much fun!
    The queues would've definitely put me of a bit, especially having to wait for a delicious burger. At least you had a drink for solace =)

    {Teffy's Perks} X

  15. It's 10:15 a.m. and now I NEED a burger!
    Queues would have got on my wick too but at least you got to swish your fancy new 'do about a bit!
    M x Life Outside London

  16. The hair looks gorgeous lovely, impeccably dressed as usual and me oh my those burgers. I'm craving now. I literally have salad EVERY single day for lunch and I'm really getting bored of it :( Just need one of these burgers to fly through the window and land at my desk now *stares hard at window expecting to see flying burger* Yeah, it's not gonna happen... The Double Candy Bacon looks like my idea of food heaven.

    Katie <3

  17. I don't think I've ever been as hungry as I am right now, having looked at all those burgers. Craving a burger now like you would not believe! Fabulous post as ever, lovely lady!


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