15 April 2014

Fasta - The Fresh & Fast Pasta Bar

I like to do the occasional 'local' post. I know the blog entries with venues located centrally will end up appealing to more people but I think it's nice to support my local area and do my tiny bit to help get the word out. Also, this new little restaurant in Muswell Hill has so got it going on that I reckon it'll be a successful chain before you can say "linguine" at which point I'll be able to say I blogged about the very first one! And, of course, I shall be smug...

The place I speak of is Fasta - a newly opened fresh pasta bar which is located on Muswell Hill Broadway, a fifteen minute walk from Highgate tube. They specialise in authentic, fast, made to order pasta.

Inside it's half homely Italian tavern with its brick wall and knick-knacks dotted around and then half colourful, family-orientated diner. It works though - Fasta already has a very appealing identity.

The service couldn't be more friendly and welcoming. We were seated and the menu was explained: you pick your pasta, you pick your sauce, you pick a topping or any sides if required and then you will be presented with a bowl of Italy's finest before you know it.

There are pasta alternatives on the menu too such as hot sandwiches, salads and shakshuka as well as takeaway options.

I ordered the lunette quattro formaggi pasta with crema funghi sauce. Creamy, tender and absolutely delicious - definitely worth dumping that low-carb diet for! I had it with side dishes of golden gnocchi and tomato & mozzarella salad. 

The freshness of it all leaps from the page, doesn't it?

So if you ever find yourself up the north side of London - perhaps you're going to an event at Alexandra Palace or fancy a Sunday walk in Highgate Woods - Fasta is worth a little visit. 

82 Fortis Green Road
London N10 3HN

In other news, I've finally got round to re-arranging my wardrobe; a job I've been meaning to do for so long. I've ended up with a black sack full of old clothes for the charity shop and a wardrobe organised by colour.

I'm a little bit miffed about how many white, grey and black clothes I have though - I thought I was brighter than that!

A new reason to go shopping perhaps...? 

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  1. Never apologise for sending people to Highgate, it's such a great area of Lonson and if people haven't been before they need to go!

    So impressed with your wardrobe clear out. I really need to do mine,I keep meaning to but then I just buy more clothes instead!

    Chloe x

    1. Very true! I love the area :)

      Thank you but don't feel bad - it took me literally months to finally get round to doing it! Feels good once it's done though!


  2. yum sounds delish - bit like vapiano's which is one of my faves

  3. I agree, it's important to support your local haunts - I'd happily go North for something worthwhile. I'm planning on blogging about a few Putney places too :) Kudos on the wardrobe - every girl loves a re-organise!

    Sophie x


    1. Yes I think it's a nice thing to do, especially when you can see how much love the owners and staff are putting into making it a success. Every little helps!

      I hardly ever go to Putney but when I do I love it - so beautiful round there.


  4. I've been a massive fan of Fasta since they opened. The two guys that run it are lovely and nothing is ever too much of a problem. Also, they have the BEST music! x

    1. Great! I agree with all of that! They were all so friendly when we visited on Saturday x

  5. Your pictures of those dishes are gorgeous, beautiful composition!


  6. I used to have rails in my bedroom rather than a wardrobe so had to be really strict with keeping my clothes looking neat and tidy. Then I could just buy another rail when one got too heavy. At one point my bedroom looked like a clothes shop - I ended up with five shoe racks, three clothes rails, a magazine stand and a rail just for bags and belts!

    This sounds like an awesome place. I'm not a fan of pasta, but love stuffed pasta and the one you had looks super tasty! What a clever little name for it 'Fasta'

    Katie <3

  7. The pasta looks incredibly delicious!

  8. Oh wow Caroline that looks incredible - and you're so right, so fresh it just screams at you!
    I'm not the biggest pasta person, but for this, I'd definitely make an exception.

    {Teffy's Perks} X

  9. I can't believe there's so many pasta haters out there! I love the stuff (second favourite carb after bread...). Fasta just looks delicious and great value for money. I'll definitely be giving that a try. Good work on the wardrobe mine is definitely due an organise soon....
    Lots of love,

  10. Wow this pasta looks so fresh, I'll definitely be making the trip up from Highbury. I came across your blog a few weeks a go and think it's brilliant. You have been to so many lovely places and your pictures really capture the experience. Little London Girl x

  11. I did a wardrobe clear out earlier this year and was equally shocked to find half of my rails were leopard or orange once I had rearranged it all!! Oops!

    Also, that pasta looks perfect!

    Rosie xx

  12. Wow your photos sure made me hungry! Life must be great in London-- it's always been a dream for me to go there! Someday, hopefully :)


  13. It's not healthy to be craving pasta before 10 a.m. - so thanks for that!! Looks scrummy.
    And I love(d) that part of London.
    M x Life Outside London

  14. That place looks absurdly delicious. I might have to make a trek northward!


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