4 April 2014

Frogs, Snails & Puppy Dog Tails

According to the nursery rhyme, that's what little boys are made of. In the case of Laura and I, that's what a visit to St Moritz is made of. Well, apart from the puppy dog tails bit. Replace those words with 'cheese'.

Established in 1974, St Moritz is London's oldest Swiss restaurant. They serve all sorts of traditional Swiss cuisine such as Veau, Zurichoise, Bratwurst and the self-proclaimed 'best rosti outside of Switzerland'. But today our priority was fondue.

I decided to rediscover my Anna Sui flared trousers. I bought them over a year ago, wore them once and duly fell over whilst walking up some steps when my heel got caught in the lace. Since then I've been scared to wear them for fear of a repeat performance but I'm now reintroducing them into my life. We need to be risk-takers sometimes!

You can find St Moritz on Wardour Street a short walk from Oxford Circus tube station. It's a dinky little place, decked out traditionally down to the Swiss flag hanging above the entrance.  

We hadn't visited with the intention of ordering frog's legs and snails; it just happened. Laura hadn't tried either before and I already knew I liked both. It was an evening of new experiences! Obviously they're not going to appeal to all and the idea of them will make many a skin crawl but honestly, once you're over the fact it's an amphibian and a slimy snail, they really do taste good!

Frog's legs are a mild meat and the taste and texture are similar to chicken. They are rich in protein and omega-3 fats. You won't get too much meat off the bone but what you do manage to gather is really tasty. The tomato and garlic sauce they came in was good too. The snails were oven-roasted in a crunchy garlic and herb butter - delicious.

To sum up, Laura and I were going to stink of garlic for the rest of the evening.

Somehow, I'd never had fondue before. I'm a huge cheese fan but the pan of melted fromage had just passed me by. We ordered the Fondue Moitie-Moitie: melted Gruyere and Vacherin cheese from Switzerland, made with wine and served with bread and new potatoes.

Using our long stemmed forks, we dipped our bread pieces and potatoes into that smooth, bubbling cheese. 

 The idea of dipping things into cheese as a meal makes me a very happy person. The fresh bread and new potatoes were lovely but we ended up asking for some other vegetables to dip; more variety was needed.

Although I enjoyed my first fondue experience, I was a little bit disappointed with the taste of the cheese. It was very nice but I wasn't blown away and I actually much prefer my own home-made cheese sauce I make for my lasagne and pasta dishes. For this reason, I have decided I need to get myself a fondue set asap and hold my own fondue event with my own sauce and array of different dippers.

Move over Afternoon Tea - this will be Afternoon Fondue à la Caz! Watch this space!

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  1. Oh Caroline. I swear I put on a stone just reading your posts :P

    Jenny | sunny sweet pea xx

  2. A really beautiful trouser suit very pretty. Like you I love cheese but have never tried a fondu this is something I will need to remedy. What a shame that they didn't have more things to dip potatoes and bread is a bit insipid rather the first few. Let us know how your own fondu night goes as I would be keen to try. Have nice weekend Caroline Lucy x

    1. Thank Lucy - definitely worth giving it a try I reckon! x

  3. a friend just told me about this place - have to check it out http://thewanderlusthasgotme.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/gorgeous-men.html

  4. I just have one thing to say .. CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE! OMG I love cheese and I'm so jealous of all that gooey gorgeous cheese you got to dip stuff in.. I think I probably would have just picked up the whole dish and guzzled it down in one go :D

  5. I love cheese more than anything else in the world! So jealous!

  6. You look absolutely stunning! Great place to be - your cheese dip look so yummy! <3

    All the best from Munich,


  7. Soo many lovely pics! Thank you for sharing. Your blog is very interesting, mabe you would like to follow each other?

  8. Oh god how I love fondue!! Every time I visit my dad and brothers in Switzerland we always have a fondue and raclette night - double cheese trouble!

    {Teffy's Perks} X

  9. I have walked past the place a million times! That cheese makes me very happy!

  10. Oh I love snails, and these look particularly good. Shame about the lack of variety with the fondue.

    B xx

  11. It's a shame that you didn't love the fondue but I'm looking forward to a fondue recipe post! The idea of frogs legs is a little weird but it was actually one of the best starters I've ever had (at the Grove Hotel in Watford), great to keep an open mind about these things.
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

  12. Fondue is one of my absolute favourite things, we always have it as a New Year's Eve tradition and it's just magical...dipping things into cheese can only make them better!

    Hannah's Haven

  13. I've loved catching up your posts since being back from holidays! I can't believe you'd never tried fondue though!! Shocked as a cheese lover, I would've thought you'd had many - such a shame the one you did try didn't quite hit the spot, cos done well, there's nothing better, although I'm with you on the need for a non-carb dipping option!! Mmmm, those snails look fantastic though, gotta love a garlicky snail :)

    Rosie xx


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