12 April 2014

Kaspar's at The Savoy

Fridays for me can often be a little manic. With many of my cupcake-loving clients wanting their goodies in time for a weekend event, it's often the day of the week I most often have cook up a storm in my kitchen. Yesterday, however, was not one of those Fridays. I had a ladies lunch date planned inside the fabulously grand Savoy Hotel.

If you walk straight through the beautiful Thames Foyer, past all the elegant ladies enjoying afternoon tea, you will find yourself at Kaspar's Seafood Bar & Grill - a stunning fish restaurant.

I was here to meet for a chin-wag with Angie of luxury lifestyle blog SilverSpoon London. We've been chatting technologically via Twitter, email and our blogs for months so it was great to finally meet in person. Unfortunately for Angie, my means of getting to the restaurant on time were thwarted and I ended up arriving thirty minutes late, stressed and windswept having run for ten minutes down the Strand in four inch high heels. She was wonderfully understanding about it but not a good start from me!

Fortunately, a glass of champagne was at hand to remedy the situation!

And remedy it did.

Feeling like we had so much to talk about, we ended up sending the waiter away five or six times before we even got round to glancing at the menu. Finally, we made our decisions.

I started with the caramelised goat's cheese, seasonal leaves and walnut dressing. Although it didn't look particularly breathtaking when it arrived at the table, the cheese covered in a crunchy walnut coating was insanely good.

Angie is on her pre-wedding diet so was being very well-behaved with her choices - much more so than I! She had the cured fish which looked very appealing served on a black glass platter.

My main course was a gorgeous fillet of Dover sole with brown butter caper sauce (the sauce was served on the side which I liked) and garlic chilli fried sprouting broccoli. 

Angie had the Kaspar's chopped salad with added grilled prawns. Sadly, the chef had been a little frugal with the prawns of which there were only three hidden in a sea of greenery. She wanted healthy but not that healthy! Understandably, she ordered a few more!

Now I'm not one to resist a dessert; it's not in my DNA (and I'd already allocated Friday as a 'treat day'). It was time for sticky toffee pudding served with blackberries and whisky ice cream!

It wasn't the best sticky toffee pudding I'd ever tasted - the sponge wasn't as moist as I'd have liked - but it was still very nice and satisfied my sweet tooth.

Then along came a  little surprise for Angie! Having overheard our excited wedding talk, the waitress had organised a little chocolate treat for the gorgeous bride-to-be.

And guess who ended up eating the entire thing?  I really need to get myself in the gym this weekend...

It was such a lovely champagne lunch and the time absolutely flew by! I'm looking forward to seeing Angie again in a week or so for a very exciting restaurant launch...

...but now it was 5pm and I had to jump in a cab and head to the city.

That was until I became distracted by some very cute little chicks staring at me in the hotel foyer.

I was tempted into the shop. It was a chocolate lover's dream and the little chick eggs were everywhere! The Savoy make their chocolate in-house and I watched, dribbling, as the chef created the adorable Easter eggs.

This little fella was coming home with me!

Then it was off to the city I went to enjoy a bottle of wine with this reprobate! 

Two and a half weeks 'til Vegas!!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone x

Kaspar's Seafood Bar & Grill
The Savoy Hotel
London, WC2R 0EU

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  1. It looks so beautiful!! Great pictures!! The food looked amazing!!
    Little Beauty Blog
    Elizabeth x

    1. Thanks lovely! It was a beautiful restaurant, that's for sure x

  2. Such a beautiful restaurant! You're like me ... never one to say no to a good meal ;)

    ahh, Vegas ... i'm so jealous!

  3. Not too into fish but this looks lovely! :)


  4. Thank you so much for a lovely day! The photos are gorgeous and definitely do justice to the beautiful place. My salad really does look lame! But everything else made up for it! Looking forward to the next time.
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

    1. I'm so glad you two finally got to meet!

      Caroline, this food looks incredible! Those chicks are just too cute for words too. I need to test out more of the Hotel restaurants in London I think!

      Katie <3

  5. This looks good - and who really needs a reason to drink champers at the Savoy?

  6. well you took one for the team with those chocolates - i'm proud of you! i would have done the same ;) sounds like a lovely dining experience, and with smoked salmon and champagne you really can't go wrong! x

  7. Awww two of my favourite bloggers in one post :)


  8. Oh Caroline you blog about so many places in London I've never been to, especially now that I've left!!
    Seems like you ladies has an amazing time (despite the unfortunate beginning). I've been up the shard - definitely not something I am keen to run down on, especially not in heels!

    {Teffy's Perks} X

  9. Looks like such a fun day! I love the chocolate shop in the Savoy, mouthwatering!! :) xx

  10. How interesting that you got to meet Angie. I saw her at a wedding in Luxembourg a few months ago but unfortunately we didn't get introduced. A good friend of mine will be attending her wedding in London. It's a small world!

    1. Hi Anouka, What a small world it is!! It was such a lovely wedding! And looking forward to seeing said couple soon! Here's a little blog I did when we were in Luxembourg for the wedding if you're interested!! http://www.silverspoonlondon.co.uk/2014/01/luxembourg-luxe-dining-experience.html
      Lots of love,

  11. Can't wait to hear about your Vegas plans, I think I told you I booked up for mum and I to return in September (for now I'll make do with Hawaii!). Shame about the sticky toffee pudding as that's a favourite of mine.


  12. This looks delicious! And hey - when you're out having dinner, I'm pretty sure it's the law that you have to order dessert right?

    Hmm maybe...

  13. Awww....a ladies lunch seems like the perfect way to end the work week! As does caramelized goats cheese! :)

    Meghan xo


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