2 April 2014

The Rumble: Part Deux

Last week I was involved in a very serious rumble.

But before you panic and worry for my well-being, you can relax. It wasn't that kind of rumble. This was a gastronomical fisticuff between two chefs, both competing to win over the hungry crowd with their three-course menu.

This was The Rumble: Part Deux.

The event follows on from last year's sell-out success Rumble At The Deli. Held at a 'secret location' (which was revealed as Moniker's in Hoxton), the evening is an off-the-wall night of food, drink and comedy fake French accents.

Putting their reputations on the line were young chefs Ollie Templeton and Jake Simpson.

On arrival, we were presented with a champagne cocktail and a score card. Throughout the evening ahead of us we were going to be served six dishes in all - a starter, a main and a dessert from each chef - and had to decide which one we favoured. This was going to be fun!

Ollie: Octopus with rouille and potato
Jake: Fried octopus with pickled samphire and wild garlic aioli

It was an inspired and yummy start. The seasoning in the salad was spot on but the crispiness of the batter with that wonderful aioli was a delight. It was also Jen's first experience of octopus.

We had important judgements to make and we weren't making them lightly.

After much deliberation, Jake won that round for both of us.

Main Course
Ollie: Veal Pojarski, pomme purèe, girolles and madeira sauce
Jake: Ox cheek with peas, broad beans and sauce vierge

One vote for Ollie from Jen and one for Jake from me. Although I loved the softness and flavour of the veal (a meat I very rarely eat) and the smooth potato, the contrast of the minted vegetables and the succulent ox cheek won it for me.

Our visit to The Rumble was part of my old school buddy Jen's birthday celebrations. We had a fantastic night catching up, enjoying the inventive food and red wine. For her special day, I bought her a necklace from my favourite designer Annie Haak and it looked so pretty.

Back to the matter at hand: dessert.

Ollie: Vanilla and tonka crème brûlée 
Jake: Madelines au rhum with vanilla and roasted pineapple

Due to the alcohol in the madeline dish that we weren't too keen on, Ollie's dessert won it for both of us. His crème brûlée was creamy and delicious...I just wish there had been more of it! Therefore, Jake was my overall winner and Ollie was Jen's. 

It was a really impressive performance from both of them and a great night overall. I'll no doubt be buying my ticket to The Rumble: Part Trois if it ever takes place!

Our score cards were collected and the score was totted up. The overall winner was.....Ollie!

Congratulations lad!

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  1. I'm loving your serious judging face :p

    This is such a brilliant idea ... and a great excuse to eat loads of food!

    1. Oh yes, we took it extremely seriously :p

      I actually love the judging idea, makes eating food even more exciting! xx

  2. What a brilliant idea for birthday celebrations a foodoff. The food looks absolutely lovely Lucy x

  3. Ha sounds like such a fun evening!
    This would make me feel like a judge from the Taste or Top Chef. Would definitely take it very very seriously! Especially with such incredible food!
    Sounds like a great birthday for you friend =)

    {Teffy's Perks} X

  4. wow that food looks amazing! how do you manage to find all these cool events?!


    1. I got an email about this one from a PR company but most of the time it's just through Twitter! So many cool little events going on in London all the time :) xx

  5. I love the idea of turning a foodie night out into a game or competition! Looks like such fun. It must have been hard to choose though, all the food looks amazing!
    Lots of love
    SilverSpoon London

  6. This looks like so much fun!!! I need to get myself to some sort of supper club. That necklace is so gorgeous. xx

  7. I love these kind of things and I really want to go to more! That necklace is so pretty, I bet your friend had a great time


  8. Looks like you had so much fun! I would love to go to something like this so do please keep us posted on these events :p


  9. This looks like such a great idea for an evening out :) And the food looks delicious!


  10. A rumble just sounds so naughty! Agreed with Tamsyn-Elizabeth. Send out a tweet if you hear of anything like this for us less engaged people to stay updated please!!! :D

    Looks like you both had a fab time. What a lovely idea for a birthday treat!



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