31 May 2014

A Nostalgic Wednesday - New Kids On The Block

The late 80's/early 90's. Thatcher was in power, the internet didn't exist, the world's biggest boy band looked like this

and I wore shell suits and headbands

Clearly a very special era, I'm sure you'll agree!

Last Wednesday night was exciting for me as I had tickets to see my first ever boy band love New Kids On The Block (yep, those guys with the incredible hair above).

Having successfully reformed a few years back, they'd brought themselves to London to perform two intimate shows at the Eventim Apollo (previously the Hammersmith Apollo). Their tour with the Backstreet Boys a couple of years back was entertainment gold and this evening promised to be another fantastic night!

First thing first though: dinner. We headed to the elegant Browns Bar & Brasserie in Mayfair. 

The building was once Wells & Co, a high-end gentlemen's outfitters where it's said Winston Churchill used to get his suits tailored. Inside it's grand and classy but with a relaxed air. The menu offers a bit of everything from burgers and steaks to pasta and salads.

While Mary went for the Browns steak, mushroom & Guinness pie, I decided to leave my low-carb rules at the door and plumped for the lobster tagliatelle in a parmesan, cream and white wine sauce. 

The pasta was rich, creamy and really tasty. The flaked lobster was throughout the pasta in addition to the half lobster on the top so I didn't come away feeling hard done by! 

For dessert, I had a dish I've not had in absolutely ages: Eton Mess.

Served with cherries, white chocolate, hazelnuts and clotted cream, it was a delicious indulgence. You can't really go wrong with those ingredients can you?

Appetites satisfied, it was on to Hammersmith for the show. Nostalgic fans hung banners, waved flags and wore their retro New Kids On The Block clothing. There was such a great atmosphere!

Deafening screams raised the roof when the five guys - now in their early to mid 40's - took to the stage. They kicked off the show with an up-tempo song from their latest album and had the crowd of predominantly 30-something women (like me!) whipped into a frenzy within seconds. From then on it was one hit after another, each accompanied by some impressive choreographed dance routines. They definitely still have it!

By the end of the show, Mary and I may have had sore throats from singing and aching feet from dancing but we certainly felt uplifted. It had been such a fun night!

I do love a good boy band reunion!

In fact it was such a great night, I felt that I just had to get the t-shirt! (or hoodie...)

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  1. The next time you go to Browns, and fancy being wickedly indulgent, try their chocolate ginger brownie. I dream about it sometimes, that's all I'm going to say...

    1. Oooh I'm intrigued! Will give it a try! x

  2. The lobster pasta a browns looks yummy I am reading this a little peckish. Loving the nostalgic Wednesday the shell suit pictures are supperb I used to have one in purple that you had to be cautious not to go near any backed flames or you would most certainly go up. Did you ever have wallabies? The backstreet boys concert looks like good fun. Hope your having a nice weekend Lucy x

    1. Never had wallabies, no! What are they? Well, apart from the mini kangaroo type thing ;) x

  3. Awww the pictures of little Caroline are too cute!

    1. Shame we have to get old eh! :) x

  4. Mmm the food looks amazing! And who doesn't love a good reunion gig. What a lovely night!

    B xx

  5. I bet this was such a fun night… I was never a NKOTB fan, it was Bros for me!


  6. I used to love NKOTB and Take That! Wish I had got tickets, looks like so much fun and that food looks yum


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