23 May 2014

Bloody Mary Heaven @ The Jam Tree

        Bloody Mary
                                                      : an alcoholic drink made with vodka, tomato                
                                                                juice, and usually spices


probably from Bloody Mary, appellation of Mary I of England
First Known Use: 1939

I visited The Jam Tree pub in Chelsea for the first time last Easter. You may remember this amazing cocktail

That Sunday, I couldn't help but notice their huge list of Bloody Mary's - nine different variations on one of my very favourite drinks. So I wrote about it on my blog and The Jam Tree peeps were awesome enough to invite me along to try them! Appropriately, I took my own Mary along with me.

The Jam Tree is a very homely, relaxed pub during the day but rather trendy and bustling one in the evenings. If you're an avid watcher of Made In Chelsea, you've probably seen Spencer Matthews causing all sorts of trouble in this very drinking spot. 

I loved that silly dog.

Before we jumped head first into the world of Bloody Mary's, we thought it was a good idea to line our stomachs. Seeing as we were later going on for dinner at Hutong in The Shard (post to come), we decided to keep it light. Introducing The Jam Tree's 'super salads' - super healthy, super tasty and apparently less than 350 calories! 

Mary had the herb marinated chicken breast with quinoa, broccoli, flax seeds, piquilo pepper dressing and alfalfa...

And I had the pan fried sea bass with dandelion, spinach, sugar snaps, pomelo (a citrus fruit) and a citrus dressing.

They tasted as fresh and delicious as they look and the sea bass was gorgeous! I do love a good salad.

Then, to our delight, we were presented with our Bloody Marys.

We tried six of the nine on the menu. 

The Classic Bloody Mary - the usual
The Italian Mary - with basil, oregano, onion & garlic salt
Red Snapper - with gin instead of vodka & Jamaican spice
Fiery Caesar - with hot pepper sauce & Jamaican seasoning
Bloody Maria - with tequila & lime juice
Bloody Bull - with beef stock

This pub clearly know how to make a bloody good Bloody Mary, that went without saying from the off-set. 

The Italian Mary was a little too mild for me. The herbs and spices added a nice, Mediterranean edge but I didn't think it had quite enough kick. But preferring hers a little less spicy, Mary loved it.

I'd never had a Bloody Mary made with gin before. The Red Snapper certainly works really well and it tasted great although it wasn't dramatically different from the classic. 

The Fiery Caesar is the perfect choice for those who like it hot - like me!

But the two that most won me over were the Bloody Maria and the Bloody Bull. The use of tequila and lime in the Bloody Maria is a genius stroke and it tasted fantastic. I'll be trying this concoction myself next time I'm rustling up a cocktail in the kitchen! 

The Bloody Bull uses The Jam Tree's home-made beef stock which they say is made in their kitchen over a three day period. Mary may not have been a fan but I absolutely loved the earthy depth it added. Delicious!

What a fun way to spend an afternoon! The staff were so friendly and although we came away a little giddy on vitamin C (or was it the vodka?), we were feeling great and almost ready to set off for our Chinese dinner in the city.

That wasn't before we sampled a couple more cocktails (the sweet shop-esque menu here is just too tempting!). 

If you visit, do try the Wham Bam Thank You Jam. It's amazing.

Now I have a few days of being a good girl and staying in until we go to see New Kids On The Block at the Eventim Apollo next Wednesday. So excited to see my childhood boy band crushes again!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone x

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  1. I've also caused all sorts of trouble at that bar! Love it there, perfect for summer with the garden and the barbecue. Love that you detoxed on the salads and retoxed on the Bloody Marys!!
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

    1. I've not been out to the garden area yet, sure I'll be back in the summer months! x

  2. I still can't believe I haven't made it here yet. Those bloody mary's might mean I change that sooner rather than later. Tequila blood mary - sold!

    M x

  3. I love a good bloody mary! I need to get myself over here - always looking for new places to review. xx

  4. I really want to try this place! Bloody Marys are my favorite cocktail :) Looks like you had a lot of fun xx

  5. The Wham Bam Thank You Jam is my ultimate favourite - sampled a few times from when we used to live in Clapham. It's such a tasty cocktail! I've never actually had a Bloody Mary and I'm not sure what it is that's making me hesitant about them!

    The food looks gorgeous though. I love a colourful plate!

    Katie <3

    1. Also, check out those legs... hashtag jealous. You look amazing! <3


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