6 June 2014

Taking The Healthier Option At Q Grill

I'd been wanting to visit Q Grill for a while. My husband works in Camden so when a new restaurant that catches my attention pops up in the area, I arrange lunch!

Q Grill was announced as "Memphis, Tennessee meets farm-to-grill meets Camden". The head chef is Phil Eagle from Hix and the mouth-watering menu offers a selection of meat and daily-changing fish dishes lovingly grilled or roasted with their own BBQ seasoning. There's also a raw bar and a few salad and seafood options on there too.

With bikini weather in Rhodes coming up, I was being a good girl and seeking out the healthier alternative. The fresh market fish options written on the board outside had already caught my beady eye (as had the spelling mistake).

Despite both Alex and I being on something of a detox at the moment (him for the past few months, me this week only!), we still went for the two courses. Always finding the beetroot/cheese combination hard to resist, I begun with the smoked beet, goat's curd and pickled walnut salad. 

I really am a sucker for a good salad like this as well as a new experience; the new experience here being the pickled walnuts. They were quite nice - very mild - but the luscious beets and the insanely creamy goat's curd that won it for me. 

Alex had the bag of barbecued Cornish hen wings.  Smoky and sticky, these wings were pleasingly tender and the sweet barbecue sauce was delicious. I know this because I stole one.

Whilst Alex went double-chicken with his starter and main (although Alex argued that one was a hen, one was a chicken)...

...I went for the mackerel. And to my delight, it was served with rhubarb! I really do love it when sweet and savoury come together in a dish. Which reminds me, I must visit Duck & Waffle again soon.

We also shared sides of the market salad (very average), green beans in a sweet chilli jam (really nice) and Alex had onion rings (I hate onion rings).

I got a delightful amount of soft, flaky meat from that perfectly roasted fish and the rhubarb complimented it so, so well. Just a wonderful plate of food.

Can you tell I enjoyed it?

Have a great weekend everyone! 

Q Grill
29-33 Chalk Farm Road
London NW1 8AJ

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  1. I would never have thought rhubarb would go with fish, must try it out! I LOVE your top, where is it from?

    1. It works so well! Definitely give it a go!

      The top is from Zara but I can't find it on there now unfortunately xx

  2. Beetroot and cheese is a favourite like mine to have fig too. But at the moment I am loving goats cheese with smoked onion chutney. But if your on a detox I should probably stop with the calorific cheese. Mackerel I am not a great fan but BBQ fish sea bass yes, I am with you on the sweet combination but wouldn't have considered rhubarb. Hope you have a lovely time in Rhodes Lucy x

  3. i would have chosen the same dish as you - love fish, love savoury and sweet, perfect! looks like an interesting place, i'll keep my eye out for it x

  4. Looks really tasty. Love your top/dress?! I always pick up on spelling mistakes/typos in signs and things. So annoying!

    The fish looks nice, although I would never think to put that combo together! I'm not a massive fan of Rhubarb, so I'm not sure if I would like it...!

    Katie <3

  5. You're very good for choosing the healthier option, especially with what they have on offer!

    This looks so good - definitely going on my 'to try' list.

    Hmm maybe...

  6. Great post! Nice pictures.

    - Keyta



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