15 June 2014

Two Ladies in Lindos - Part I: The Hotel

Lindos is a pretty little village on the east coast of Rhodes, Greece. Think whitewashed rooftop restaurants on cobbled streets, sun, crystal clear seas and then throw in some amazing ancient Greek history for good measure. Although I had visited twice before, it was still one of the first places that sprung to mind when Laura and I decided we fancied a break in the sun.

Having read some incredible reviews about Lindos Blu on Trip Advisor - most people waxing lyrical about the service - we decided to get booking. The hotel were really interactive with us on social media in the lead up to our holiday, 'liking' and 'retweeting' the excited mentions of our impending girlie break. We had a feeling this was going to be something good.

And then, with two days to go, I received a phone call offering us a complimentary room upgrade. A villa, you say? With our own private pool? Yes please!

We arrived Tuesday afternoon, full of anticipation. We were greeted as warmly as we could ever have hoped and presented with a glass of champagne to enjoy as we took in the views from the hotel's bar.

The villa took our breath away. Perched high up on the hillside, the infinity pool and comfortable sun loungers overlook the deep blue Aegean sea. It was so peaceful; all that could be heard was the waves of the sea below and the odd "baa" of a goat, wandering round the cliff-top! It was the perfect place to unwind and we were feeling very, very lucky.

Being bloggers abroad, we knew we had a couple of jobs to do.

Firstly we braved the pool drop for those all important photographs...

Then it was down to the pool bar to test out the cocktails (my watermelon martini was fab) as well as grab ourselves our first Greek salad of the holiday.

Their take on the Greek salad was a bit different to what I was used to - peppers, radish and some amazing balsamic-soaked croutons were added to the mix - but it was an absolute winner and a dish Laura and I were to share daily for lunch. 

The hotel mixologists put a lot of love and care into their cocktails; this isn't your standard Pina Colada with paper umbrella fare. This was class. Before we headed out of the hotel for the evening, we loved to order one or two to either enjoy poolside in our villa or at the hotel bar overlooking the resort. 

Lindos Blu is very much a couples hotel. Therefore, as friends on a girl's break, one could feel a little out of place next to all the long-married twosomes but we knew it was going to be that way when we booked it and it wasn't a problem for us. However, when you're surrounded by couples who don't really speak to each other, perhaps the excited chatter of two ladies on their holidays might sound a little on the loud side.

That said, we were still a little surprised to find this note outside our door within an hour of arriving:

Some people can be right grumps, can't they? 

To avoid causing further drama - and because I love the place - we spent our evenings in Lindos town. The gorgeous winding paths lead you to lots of lovely restaurants and bars all overlooked by the amazing acropolis on the hill. But more about that in my next post!

It's impossible to be disappointed with the breakfast options at Lindos Blu. Eggs, meat, yoghurt, cakes, cereal, bread and pastries; everything you could want.

We really got into our Greek coffees too and the hotel staff seemed very pleased whenever we ordered it! It's a very strong brew, served with foam on top and the grounds in the bottom of the cup. Going with two shots each time, it certainly set us up for the day!

And that day I speak of was basically lazing. Sunbathing by the pool, chatting, slurping milkshakes, eating salad and ordering the odd cocktail. 

They even made us up the most incredible cheese board! Although there wasn't one listed on the food menu, I thought it was worth asking if they might be able to bring us over a little bit of cheese and a few olives to nibble on. As you may know, I do like my cheese.

This is what we ended up with!

How nice is that? I can't remember what each cheese was but the one that does stick in the mind was their fantastic Roquefort! Absolutely delicious!

So there is a little overview about where Laura and I have just enjoyed the past four days. It was pretty special. And I haven't even told you about the wonderful beach and clear waters just a five minute walk away.

I'll tell you more about it all on Tuesday in Part II.

I hope you're all having a great weekend, despite the England result!


  1. i've been loving your instagrams during your holiday, and have looked forward to you blogging about it! it looks and sounds like a blissful place - too bad some people like to be party poopers (and can't spell down?!) - you both looked gorgeous and i can't wait for more about the trip! x

    Miho @ Wander to Wonder

    1. Thank you so much! We had such a fantastic time, such a lovely place with lovely people and we had a lot of fun!

  2. Really beautiful pictures! Wouldnt mind spending a few days in such beautiful surroundings.

    Middle-Eastern Weekend |Tales From Tel Aviv

    1. Thank you although I'm not sure the pictures do it justice! :) x

  3. Oh gosh, this is amazing! I'm going in a month, staying in Lindos Gardens, and can't wait!
    Can you recommend any good bars/restaurants/trips?

    1. Fantastic! Yes I can definitely recommend the restaurants Caesars and Ambrosia in Lindos town and the Amphitheatre on the hill for late night drinks (although sadly it was shut when I went this time). We went on a boat trip too which was good fun - all coming on the blog this week! I hope they will give you some good ideas x

  4. This sounds like a wonderful break (except that note, why are people so miserable??

  5. Aww lucky you!!! I've been to Rhodes twice, it was amazing! Being a greek, I always spend the summer in Greece, where else to go! :D
    Lovely pictures, you seem so happy!


  6. It looks absolutely stunning! The note thing made me chuckle, some people are so miserable you just have to laugh it off hehe. Your pictures are gorgeous! May I ask what camera do you use? xxx
    Sarah Speaks

    1. Hi Sarah! I know, some people eh! I think they had it in for us as soon as we arrived :) The main camera I use is a Panasonic Lumix GF5 with a 25mm lens x

    2. Thank you lovely :D Your pics are amazing and I'm trying to find a new camera xxx

  7. Ahh, sounds like the perfect vacation! But wow, such grumps! I know that when I'm with my girlfriends we can get quite loud ;)

    Looking forward to reading more about your trip!

  8. OMG that note is BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!! Love that your first instinct was clearly to just screw it up :P

    Simon and I went to Rhodes last year, we stayed in Pefkos but enjoyed a few trips to Lindos, including a lovely meal on one of the roof top restaurants watching all the napkins fly about in the wind, they don't call it the windy island for nothing!

    Such beautiful photos, you're making me want to go on holiday and I'm firmly on a staycation this year :(


    1. Love that you noticed that about the note! ;)

      I've stayed in Pefkos before too, it's a nice resort too. I was at the Pefki Islands Resorts (back in 2003, oof!)


  9. Ooh such gorgeous pictures and that private pool looks like a dream!


  10. Oooh it looks amazing! That POOL! Absolutely stunning, looks like you had a fab time!

    C x
    Lux Life Blog

  11. Who the heck posts a note under the door to say keep the noise down, firstly holidays are for fun, if you want to be boring farts stay at home and lastly sure that is not what holiday letterhead is meant for. You look like you both had an amazing holiday, glad that you got in some cocktails and the infinity pool looks amazing. Looking forward to more posts Lucy x

  12. That view. Just.... *no words*.
    I'm utterly swamped with jealously! The food... The bikinis... The blueness of the sea. Perfect!
    Screw those grumpy sods who wrote the note...(They need to learn to spell!) You are on holiday after all!
    Enjoy :)
    Emily x
    My GingerBread Journey

  13. This is making me FAR to excited for my holiday in a couple of weeks! PS beautiful bikini, really suits you!

    Carrie x

  14. Very jealous, but can't help thinking that this will be me on Saturday. Which reminds me, I should really book somewhere to stay!

    Katie <3

  15. What a lovely time... since being with Mr S I haven't been on a girls holiday (apart from UK hen dos!!) I love spending time just drinking with the girls :) Love your white dress, how amazing is it to flounce around in white while on hols!
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

    1. Well we're thinking about a little break in Barcelona in late August...you should come? The dress is Michael Kors and I just love it. It's so comfy! x

  16. Looks like an amazing trip and love the note complaining about the noise - I consider it an unsuccessful trip if I don't receive one! ;o)


  17. You're killing me girls! I haven't been to Greece since being a teenager, but this look so picturesque. Can't beat a sour, handwritten note - standard.

    Sophie x



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