17 June 2014

Two Ladies In Lindos - Part II: The Food

In reaction to my last post and the various Instagram holiday pictures I shared whilst I was away, I've been contacted by a few of you who are going to Rhodes this summer and are wanting some recommendations on where to eat out. Well, you people are in luck! I'm going to share with you two wonderful restaurants that Laura and I visited in the gorgeous Lindos. Both come highly recommended by us.

Lindos Town is a little village on the east coast of Rhodes. The hilly, cobbled streets make high heels a no-no but the sensible footwear pays off as you can literally spend hours exploring all the pretty little nooks and crannies the town has to offer. It has a preservation order on it which means nothing can disturb its authentic old-school Greekness. It's car-free too.

There are many nice restaurants and bars scattered all over the town. In the majority of them you can sit right up on the rooftop and enjoy your evening with the view. There aren't many bad places to eat but there are definitely a handful of restaurants that the locals and regular visitors alike will recommend as the cream of the crop.

One of the names that came up again and again was Ambrosia. We were told by one friendly Lindos Blu guest who visited Ambrosia regularly to ask for the owner George, let George know that he had sent us and then we would be treated like princesses! It was worth a try!

Ambrosia - Greek for "Food of the Gods" - uses the best local ingredients to create not only the specialities of Greece but also options from neighbouring Mediterranean countries, in particular Italy. Inside it's rustic and charming with a real homely feel. George was so friendly and welcoming; we were made to feel special from start to finish, beginning with a complimentary glass of champagne, fresh bread and an assortment of home-made dips.

Laura and I have got into the habit of sharing plates when we eat out together. It's a great way to try a few more dishes than you otherwise would. Assisted by some suggestions from George, we decided upon the courgette puffs with pesto sauce and tzatziki, shrimp saganaki (one of my favourite Greek specialities), seafood risotto and sea bream in a lemon sauce. All accompanied by a wonderful bottle of Greek Sauvignon Blanc, recommended to us to compliment our meal.

Each dish was lovely and full of flavour. You could tell the ingredients - all chosen daily by George - were some of the finest and freshest on the island. The sea bream was brought to our table whole and filleted in front of us; always fascinating to watch!

Although all the dishes were gorgeous, I have to admit that it was the incredibly gooey chocolate and cherry dessert that stole the show for me! I'm a sucker for a cake, brownie or cookie that's a little undercooked (I'm a keen licker of the bowl when I bake!). Pure indulgence.

Ambrosia was an enchanting experience and you should pay it a visit if you're planning a break in Rhodes. The service was personal and the food classy. For Laura and I, appetites satisfied, it was time to head back into the village in search of a cocktail or two before returning to Lindos Blu.


Having been charmed by the delights of Ambrosia the night before, twenty-four hours later we were back walking the pebbled streets in search of our next restaurant destination, Caesars.

Having visited about ten years prior, I remembered that it was located close to the bottom of the Acropolis. It's not always easy getting your bearings in Lindos Town - there seem to be little streets heading off in every direction but we played the 'Follow the Acropolis' game and soon we had found it!

Caesar's boasts wonderful views over the town from its panoramic roof garden and terrace. There are landscaped gardens, Greek hand crafts dotted around and a tempting swimming pool lit up in the centre.

The menu is much more traditional Greek in comparison to Ambrosia's Mediterranean fayre. This was a big positive for me as I was already craving taramasalata and moussaka which at this point, already three days in, somehow eluded me!

So we ordered their taramasalata (tangy, fresh carp roe mixed with breadcrumbs and lemon), feta oksymeli (feta cheese wrapped in filo dough topped with sesame and a honey dressing), grilled calamari...

....and the moussaka! At last, my favourite!

We loved Caesars; it really endeared itself to us. The fantastic service, the friendly atmosphere and delicious food all came together to form something that's quite hard not to like. I especially loved the white taramasalata which was amazing. We sat on that rooftop for hours eating, sipping our wine, enjoying the view and soaking up every inch of the night. We never wanted to leave! Especially when, bill already paid, they brought us over a little complimentary bottle of their own home made limoncello!

It was made with fresh lemons from their own gardens. It smelt amazing and tasted rather moreish! But we had to get going.

We had both resisted ordering a dessert purposely. "Why?" I hear you ask. Was it because we were going to be wearing bikinis all day the next day and we didn't want to be tempted by such treats? Nope, of course not! We were on holiday! It was because the previous night we had noticed the incredible looking crepes the local people of Lindos were knocking up in the many little creperies dotted around the town. We couldn't resist.

We wandered off in search of the most tempting...

...and found a place on a lively corner not far from the main square (I wish I could remember the name but it's slipped my mind, sorry!). You can pretty much have whatever filling you want, sweet or savoury.

Introducing my choice: peanut butter, Nutella, banana and Oreo! A crepe of kings!

Sweet tooth? Moi?

The glorious thing about this holiday was that after such a great evening out of eating gorgeous food and enjoying the local brews, the next day we would be doing this:

And not much else! Someone please take me back!


Other places that we were recommended, wanted to visit but didn't have the time:

Melenos - Greek fine dining
Dionysis - Quality food, traditional fare, great cocktails
Amphitheatre - A great open air nightclub on the hill that I've visited before but was sadly closed until late-June

Next time: Bloggers on a boat and our last night!


  1. All the food looks so delicious!! Wishing I was back there with you too.xx

    1. I know, it was so good, Wish I was back there too! x

  2. It looks absolutely divine!! Love the label on that first wine bottle, and the presentation of that squid is so lovely. Hope the sun comes back here for you soon!

    Rosie xx

  3. I love when away what wonderful seafood you can get, fresh from the sea and at a good price, The pancake with Nutella, banana and Oreo looks so nice. I want one right now Lucy x

  4. It all looks so yummy! Greece is firmly on my list for next summer! I love the Med, we're so lucky to have it on our doorstep!

    Katie <3


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