12 July 2014

Coldplay & Pork

Last week was unusual in that it included two separate and very exciting visits to the Royal Albert Hall. Whilst West Side Story had been planned months in advance, the opportunity to see Coldplay perform live in such a remarkable venue had only arisen the night before thanks to one of Alex's buddies.

I was beyond excited. I'd seen the band play twice before at the O2 but this was going to be something so much more intimate.

For some pre-show fuel, Alex had decided he fancied something all-American. Basically meat, sauce and more meat. Having had a couple of delicious experiences in Bodean's at Tower Hill, I suggested we get our fill of pulled pork and barbecue ribs over at the Soho branch. 

Excited? Moi?

Back in 2002, a man called Andre Blais had a dream to bring the taste, style and soul of his beloved Kansas City barbecue to London town. A few years later, Bodean's was created. There's a deli on ground level and the main restaurant is downstairs; dimly lit and showing any ongoing sporting event on the big screens.

The food here is really good - finger-licking, juicy meats and tangy home-made sauces. We shared the Bodean's Platter: a selection of spare ribs and baby back ribs, burnt ends, pulled pork and chicken thighs with side dishes of corn bread muffins (yum!) and crispy sweet potato fries. It's not done up fancy; just presented before you on a wooden board in all its carnivorous glory. 

Bodean's didn't let us down. With our taste buds satisfied, we headed for a quick drink at The Queen's Arms pub in Kensington...

...and were up in our box at the Royal Albert Hall ready for the show by 8pm.

The setting was really beautiful with rainbow coloured lasers and silver stars suspended above the stage. 

A band as huge as Coldplay are used to selling out stadiums but the Royal Albert Hall just felt perfect for them. They seemed so happy to be there interacting with the audience and the genuine friendship and chemistry between the band members was evident. Each track they sung was accompanied rousingly by the thrilled audience. It's incredible how many wonderful songs they've written.

When 'Sky Full Of Stars' was played, confetti cannons of white paper stars went off all around the room. 

The band closed the show with 'Fix You' before uniting to bow to different areas around the stage. Chris Martin had earlier announced that this would be their last show for a while which made us feel all the more lucky to have experienced such a magical night.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend everyone!

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  1. Great pictures. Its so early in the day and I am now craving a portion of chips, chips chips!

    Visual Diary | Discover Hong Kong

    1. I've been craving the corn muffins since 8am! Cx

  2. Coldplay was utterly fantastic last week - I loved every second of it! x


    1. You went too? Fab! Weren't they amazing! x

  3. Looks like you had a fantastic night out!! Great pics too & love the video :-)



  4. Awwww, used to go to Bodeans in my lunch hour sometimes .. so good, but a little too much food to sit in your stomach when you're sat in the office :s

  5. Ah you can't beat bodeans for some good grub. Coldplay looked awesome!

  6. Sounds as though you had a wonderful night! Amazing photos of the concert and that food looks so delicious! Have just found your lovely blog, and I must say I love your pretty cover photo at the top :)

  7. Wow Caroline! The whole evening looks incredible. I would absolutely love to see Coldplay play live and I love your outfit. Especially the shoes!! Amazing. xx

  8. Coldplay...ah, I'm officially jealous. What an awesome night. :)

  9. I am SUPER jealous- looks amazing- they have to be one of the best bands of all time! Also, love your outfit! xx

  10. Can't beat pulled pork and sweet potato fries *dribbles on keyboard*

  11. I always hear such good things about Bodeans as it's round the corner from my office but I've yet to eat there myself - which quite frankly is a tradegy I need to rectify immediately!



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