24 July 2014

Latitude Festival

Having tickets booked for Latitude Festival made me feel a bit less bad about not going to Glastonbury this year. My brother Andrew and sister-in-law Sarah told me how great it was; they met at the festival six years ago and have been going ever since. It takes place in Henham Park in Southwold, Suffolk. It's much smaller than Glastonbury and is a lot more focused on elements like comedy, theatre, art, poetry, dance and literature rather than just the music (although music remains key). Also, you don't have to walk for forty-five minutes to get from one stage to another and the toilets don't stink. Winning!

Alex and I made our way to Southwold on the Friday morning. The sun was shining, the temperature was mid-twenties and I was in the festival mood!

Oh, Mr Whippy ice-cream. How I love thee.

I've been to Glastonbury three times before and I camped in a tent twice. The first time it was fun, the second time it was a pain in the ass. The third time we stayed in a yurt which was as far away from the Pyramid Stage as it could possibly be though it had been a relief to not have the hassle of a tent. So this time, on recommendation from Andrew and Sarah, we booked ourselves a Podpad - or a Luxpad to be exact - and I couldn't recommend one any higher. They're basically a colourful shed with a bed but it has electricity, lights, security and a surprisingly comfy mattress.

I was very happy to live at number 22.

You can wander to your heart's content at Latitude. There are lots of open grassy areas, a wood, a lake and the main Obelisk stage. Around these you'll come across all sorts of goings on. I don't just mean the things I listed about - music, theatre, etc - but also yoga, knitting, dance classes, wine tasting, meditation or a booth in which to confess your sins.

You'll probably bump into the raindow sheep too.

Latitude is children friendly. Part of me thought this might be a negative thing but it wasn't in the slightest - in fact it added to the fantastic, friendly atmosphere. It also gave me cute kids to coo over (yes, I'm getting broody...).

We spent a fair amount of time over at the main stage. It doesn't get ridiculously packed like it does at Glastonbury so you can find a good spot, throw down your blanket and just enjoy the sun, the music and the cider. 

Lily Allen - who stepped in as Friday's headliner after Two Door Cinema Club pulled out - was great. She was my musical highlight of the festival (along with Hall & Oates!)

The festival looks amazing at night, especially the lake and the woods which are lit up with an abundance of colourful lights. There is still tons going on in most of the twenty-three stages into the early hours. 

Somehow, I only needed my rain mac to save me once over the entire weekend. It happened on the Saturday night as Damon Albarn was being his usual pretentious self on the main stage. The cracks of thunder had been threatening us with a downpour for over an hour and finally, the skies opened and we were given a good soaking.

The rain didn't last long - maybe a couple of hours - but we weren't too fussed either way. We took sanctuary in the BBC Radio 6 Music Tent and then danced the night away with Buttoned Down Disco.

Onto the food and drink. Like Glastonbury, you're completely spoilt for choice. There's a stall for most cuisines you can think of. If you want to attempt to be healthy there are a number of  decent organic and vegetarian options.  Alex and I even queued up for a good twenty minutes for a man to open up a coconut with a knife and put a straw in it (but, my, it tasted good on a baking hot day). 

I started off with the weekend with the best of intentions.

Then there was a slow decline as everything with carbs, pastry and sugar became more and more appealing. Cider, wine, pies, Thai curries, churros, cupcakes, brownies and my favourite dish of the weekend that I had more than once: curly fries with chilli and cheese! 

I am one classy lady!

And let us not forget the cocktails. I had to see what was going on over at the cocktail van at least a few times for the sake of the blog; it wouldn't be right otherwise!

I had such an amazing weekend and I have to say - I'm going to be controversial here - I actually preferred Latitude to Glastonbury! There, I said it! 

So consider booking your tickets for next year. Bring your whole family! It's a festival that welcomes all. I'm pretty sure I'll be there again so do come and say hi. 

I think you know where to find me...

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  1. OMG this looks so so good! A little gutted I don't live in Norfolk anymore, Newcastle is a bit far away from Southwold :(

    I've never fancied a festival ... too much mud and discomfort but this looks so up my street, and your little sleeping shed is gorgeous!

    Please tell me you did some knitting :D

    Chloe x

  2. I missed festival season this year as I'm traveling about, but that is definitely one of my favourite things about the UK in the summer.

    I've never been to Latitude, but heard great things about it! Will add it to my list for when I come back =)

    {Teffy's Perks} X

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  4. The Marlon t shirt is amazing. Where from?!


  5. You ladies should definitely give Latitude a go! It's perfect for someone who isn't sure if they like the whole festival thing.

    Meryl - It's actually Dolce & Gabbana but from a few seasons back...I got it on Ebay :) Love a bit of Marlon


  6. It's so awesome and looks great on you. Amazing review - super jealous of you! xx

  7. I have a lot of friends who go to this festival and always speak so highly of it. It looks like you had a great time.


  8. I've also worried about over night festivals due to mud, rain, cold, portaloos etc! I've only ever been to day time ones....ahh...Party in the Park when I was 15 was my first ever! However, this looks awesome! Especially the pod, like an adult wendy house! Love it! And you look stunning of course :)
    Lots of love,

    1. I totally reckon you'd be fine at this festival, especially if you got a luxpad. The toilets don't smell and the toilet paper was fab too (you get none of that at most of the other festivals!). Give it a go next year :) xx

  9. Love your outfits and these photos - well done girlie, amazing stuff!!



  10. Looks like you had a great time. Love your pics.

  11. Haha this looks brilliant. I think even I could manage a festival in one of those awesome huts! Love your festival fashion too and the food choices.

    Your Marlon Brando obsession continues I see - lol poor Alex!

    Katie <3

  12. I've always wanted to go to Latitude! It looks so laidback and fun - and Southwold is such a gorgeous place anyway!


  13. Aw it looks brilliant. In fact, very similar style to WOMAD that I've just got back from and had the most wonderful time. Sadly I only took about 2 photos I could use on the blog so probably won't write about it, but you must check it out. Really, really great festi :)

    Rosie xx


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