4 July 2014

My London Map!

Finally, I've got round to doing it!

I'm working on my Google London Map on which I am adding every London restaurant, bar and cafe I've visited since day one of Cocktails & Caroline. Each pin in the map details the venue name, address, a personal opinion from me and the link to the corresponding blog post. This should make it nice and easy for anyone on the lookout for a decent place to go out in a particular area of the city.

It's still a work in progress - lots and lots more to add - but give me a couple more days and it should be all up-to-date and ready to use.

The link is here!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

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  1. I've never seen this before (I've lived a sheltered life!) sounds like a bloody brilliant idea though.
    M x

    1. Thanks Michelle! I can't take the credit for the idea but I'm personalising it for my blog (as much as Google will let me anyway!) and I really hope it will be helpful for people once it's up-to-date :)

  2. i agree with michelle- brilliant idea!

  3. Ooh I'm looking forward to this! Will be very handy for sure!

    Josie xoxo | Fashion Mumblr

  4. What a great idea I have been using a different tool and gutted because Google would have been much better. The map looks great now we can have a guided cocktail tour from Caroline around London Lucy x

  5. Very cool idea!!



  6. MAPS! Always a great idea, look forward to seeing it take shape!

    Here's my rather silly one - https://mapsengine.google.com/map/edit?mid=zfGwl_-pI63g.k6cruiRvCZH4

    1. Wowee, that's a lot of venues! Very cool! Not sure I can compete with that many just yet! :P xx

  7. That is an epic gift... Incredible! I once sang the duet and got bitch slapped, in character obvs. So dramatic! And jimmy chew to greet you :)

    Sophie x



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