9 July 2014

My Spa Afternoon At The Corinthia Hotel

I don't do spas often.  Occasionally I'll pop into one when I'm on holiday for a mani or pedi but very rarely will I indulge when I'm at home. Firstly, most of them are ridiculously expensive. Secondly, I have the world's most sensitive back and thus don't enjoy massages. Thirdly, I find it difficult to completely relax and switch off like you're supposed to in that environment. It was for the latter of those reasons that Alex suggested I book a spa afternoon while he was away with work - get me a bit more used to clearing my head! I didn't take much convincing. I sent out a tweet asking for spa recommendations and it was the ESPA Life At Corinthia that got name-checked the most.

I booked myself the Summer Radiance package; a skin radiance facial, body exfoliation with body polish, personalised massage, a one-course lunch with a glass of champagne or juice and access to all the facilities. I was excited!

I was greeted warmly on arrival and taken through to the spa lounge where I had my lunch. I ordered a coconut and cherry revitalising juice along with a gorgeous fillet of lemon sole with samphire and grapefruit. Healthy and delicious; the perfect start.

Downstairs in the changing room, I transformed into my spa-wear. I was ready to relax!

The spa is stunningly beautiful - I can see why so many people recommended it. Having already been hugely impressed by the d├ęcor in the changing rooms, I was open-mouthed when I was shown the 'thermal floor'. Amongst the atmospheric lighting and burning fires there's a stunning swimming pool, smaller vitality pool, huge amphitheatre sauna, marble heated loungers and a lounging area with big comfy white chairs and cushions.

I kicked off the proceedings with ten minutes in the sauna (all I could manage) then moved onto the swimming pool to do forty-five minutes of laps. Like I said, I find it difficult doing nothing and without my usual gym visit scheduled, I felt a workout was needed! I perfected my backstroke too!

When I got out the pool I had thirty minutes until my first appointment. During this time I found my new favourite place - the Sleep Pods! Through the door, connected to the changing rooms, you find yourself in a quiet, dark room lit only by a fire in the centre of the floor. Around the outside were several little pods housing a comfy bed with cushions, pillows, soft blanket and a curtain for your privacy. I dipped into the healthy snacks and lemon water on the side. Surely I could totally relax here!

I ended up spending my time checking my phone, looking at my camera pictures and doing some tummy toning bridge exercises on the bed. What is wrong with me?!

But I was still enjoying every minute of it.

15:30 had arrived and it was time for my treatments. Although I came away two hours later with still absolutely no idea how anyone could possibly relax enough to fall asleep during a back massage (my therapist recommended acupuncture because my back is so sensitive to pressure) the body scrub, facial and foot massage were amazing. I almost drifted off at one point.

I left The Corinthia that day with glowing skin, feeling happy and revitalised. If I could only learn to switch off as well as sort my back out then I could really start getting into these spa thingies!

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  1. Looks heavenly!! I went to a spa day in April and will be booking one again for my mum's birthday in August! It's such a nice way to relax! xx

    Jessie ♥

    1. Oooh where are you going to book for your mum's birthday? x

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed The Corinthia, it's such a gorgeous spa and I love the hotel too. I'm the same as you, I find it difficult to switch off and usually just have spa treatments for 'maintenance' purposes rather than relaxation. Great that you took a day for yourself though, I'd be getting my phone out too!
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

    1. I did! Thank you for the recommendation; I knew if you liked it I couldn't go wrong! Also glad I'm not the only one who can't turn off!! x

  3. It's funny, I am usually exactly the same but was so shattered when I visited the spa at the weekend that I fell asleep almost straight away. The girl doing my back massage said it was a sign I'm run down - so maybe you're just very healthy! :) xxx
    This place looks absolutely stunning!

    The perks of being a hipster

    1. I guess they have a different reason for everything! She thought I was stressed because my back was so tight but I'm really not. Not sure she believed me! Cx

  4. It looks amazing!! Saw the photos on instagram while I was waiting in the rain for someone who was very late, and was not feeling relaxed at all! Your photos made me want to call up and book straight away... If you ever want a weekend away/out of town spa - the one at Babington House is so serene and lovely.

    Rosie xx

  5. When I saw this on Instagram, I cried a little inside. Soooo jealous of your spa getaway! Love the bright red bikini & the pool looks so serene, I never really thought black decor could have that effect... Nicely surprising!
    Emily xx
    My GingerBread Journey

  6. I've never been to a spa, I guess I am petrified of being touched. I don't even like manicures! But this looks so relaxing and peaceful. I think I'd definitely consider a spa day!

    Peach Pow XO

  7. Need to book an appointment there - it looks amazing!!



  8. This looks and sounds like heaven. I've been meaning to book a spa break thingy. I could do with the rest!

  9. Sounds heavenly! I've never been to a spa, although I'd really love to! May have to put it on my bucket list for this year!

    Katie <3


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