18 July 2014

Sunshine & Fruit Loops @ CORE Bar

When I was in my twenties and worked as an insurance broker in the city, Apt Bar by Mansion House was a regular haunt of mine. It was bustling, cool and 80's cheese-fest Reflex was just a few yards down the road. It was only when I arrived at new venue called CORE that I realised Apt was its predecessor! Same building but with a whole new, funky vibe.

I visited on a gorgeous Friday evening. The outside seating area was already packed with city workers enjoying drinks in the warm sunshine. Live music was playing and the atmosphere was fantastic; vibrant and lively with everyone relishing that Friday feeling. CORE is set over two floors and the redesign has given the venue a real edgy Shoreditch vibe. The walls are decorated in colourful street art apparently inspired by New York's meatpacking district. Downstairs it's more dimly lit with another long bar and numerous private booths for those who want something a little more private. The d├ęcor in the toilets is worth seeing too - check out the large Jessica Rabbit-eque characters painted on the cubicle doors!

Although we didn't sample the food on our visit, the cocktails were great. With the bar inviting you to grab a pen to comment on the pages of the menu, the choice is exciting - I felt like a kid in a sweet shop!  There was the Jelly Beanz, the Garden Jam, the Chocolate Orange Martini or Bubblegum Mojito. My recommendation is the Morning Glory - Smirnoff apple vodka and yoghurt liqueur shaken with a squeeze of honey, crushed fresh blackberries, a dollop of strawberry jam and a splash of cranberry juice. Finally, topped with fruit loops! Amazing! Later on in the evening we found ourselves smothering our cocktails in the popping candy left with a mix of other retro sweets on each of the tables. Who'd have thought this exploding candy could be such a great ingredient?

CORE has all the ingredients for a fun night out. It has much more of a laid-back vibe than some of the night life up there, the service is friendly and it has what many of the other city bars manages to lack - character.

Here are a few photos from my night out at CORE!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone! What are you up to?

I'm off to Latitude festival - very excited! Fingers crossed the rain is kept to a minimum...

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  1. That first picture of you is nothing short of stunning! Meryl x


  2. I remember Apt! My first job in London I worked on Queen Victoria Street :D Those sweetie inspired cocktails look amazing, I don't usually go to the City when I visit London but maybe I'll have to make an exception and swing by, looks like a good way to feel nostalgic!

  3. Yeah!! What a fun night! Can't wait to see you for cocktails again soon.
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

  4. I said to Laura that I remember Core when it was Apt, just round the corner from my office I need to make an appearance!


  5. Popping candy in cocktails!? That's rather exciting. I'll be sure to give this place a go!

    Katie <3


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