16 August 2014

A Road Trip To Italy - Camogli

Around the time we were initially planning this holiday, Alex and I watched an episode of the brilliant The Trip To Italy in which Steve Coogan (my obscure crush) and Rob Brydon visited a pretty fishing village tucked into the hillside of the Italian Riviera. It was called Camogli. Sold by the beautiful views and good food in the programme, we booked three nights at the Hotel Cenobio Dei Dogi.

We arrived on the third day of our six day holiday, weaving and dodging our hire car along the winding Italian streets. Camogli is known as one of Italy's 'best kept secrets' but taking into account how busy it was when we visited, I'm wondering if this is still the case! The name - shortened from case delle mogli ("house of wives") - apparently got its name from the women who watched over the town while their fishermen husbands were away at sea. Multi-coloured houses lined the coast and the green hills in the background framed the village perfectly.

I went for quite a few dips in that beautiful clear water. In the evening, it was lovely to sit on the hotel's panoramic terrace with an Aperol spritz and watch the sun set as the waves crashed against the rocks.

However, aside from the view which was exquisite, we weren't overly keen on the hotel itself. Our room was over-priced for what we got and everything seemed a tad old and unloved. Also, the chef at Osteria Francescana wasn't lying when he said there weren't many very good places to eat in Camogli. We couldn't find gelato that came anywhere near Zampolli in Trieste! It was all just a little bit...touristy, I suppose.

That said, we were here for three days to completely relax and enjoy the sunshine. And that is what we did.

We even managed to track down a half-decent pizza along the way!

I bought myself a huge rock cake in a local patisserie for no apparent reason other than the 'I am on holiday and thus will eat lots of cake' reason. I had it with jam back at the hotel - yum!

For me, the highlight of our visit to Camogli was the Stella Maris Festival on the last night. The annual event had been postponed from the previous week due to adverse weather so we were very lucky to see it. After sunset, the village's lights were dimmed and colourful lanterns were sent out to sea - either paddled out by canoe in a gorgeous choreographed display or placed onto the water by the local children. Each light represented the soul of a sailor who lost their life at sea.

We sat on the veranda with a glass of champagne and watched from high above. My photographs don't do it justice. It was breathtaking and the perfect way to spend the last night of my birthday week away 

I hope you're all having a fantastic weekend x


  1. It does look gorgeous (and that soppy Boxer...!!) Sometimes it's nice just to get away somewhere random, where you just have to chill and not rush about doing/seeing/eating things! I'm off to a tiny French town in a couple of weeks to do exactly that, can't wait :)

    Rosie xx

    1. Aw that Boxer was so cute! I think he was very hot that day. Your break sounds wonderful! I hope you're going to blog about it x

  2. Your photos certainly do do it justice , it looked beautiful !!!

    A shame about the hotel and lack of good food , but at least you had the experience of Zampoli!! And that water looks utterly dazzling , I want to almost jump into my computer screen in the hope I may land there !!

    India xx

  3. Oh Carolina, that festival in the end must have been so stunning!

    Shame about the hotel and the food. Hate it when a place becomes so touristy like that. At least there was a lot of time in the sun, and that water looks delicious to swim in!

    {Teffy's Perks} X

    1. I wouldn't quite say that Camogli is "so touristy..." I love it for its setting and the warmth radiating from the buildings and pathway on a cool September evening. And for its plate of fried fish with potatoes and beans, and the fact that there is no trace of the rat race there . And the harbour at night; well! I could go on, so will. The back streets are in no way touristy, and nearby, with easy walking access to it, is the large, wooded Portofino National Park. Meanwhile, a rather nice stream/rivulet tinkles its way over rocks, among trees, with an Alpine-type backdrop, just minutes walk from the hotel where A London Girl stayed. That same walk leads directly to the national park. If you visit Camogli - enjoy! Three weeks ago was my 2nd visit. Last year, the first, we visited for the day. This time we rented a place next to that rivulet, a few minutes walk up the path that runs by it.

  4. Absolutely stunning pictures - what a fabulous trip but now I'm really craving Italian food! It is a shame when places become full of tourists - it's often the best places that do :(

    Josie xoxo | Fashion Mumblr

  5. It looks like a fabulous trip and that pizza looks so good! :-)

  6. Love the sunset photos and the multi-coloured houses!

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

  7. The pictures are beautiful. Shame that it was touristy and the food wasn't that great, but the sea and views are stunning. Lucy x

  8. i'm sorry the hotel wasn't up to scratch, and the town might not have been exactly what you were looking for but honestly - that festival looks like it was worth the trip alone! how breathtaking. x

  9. It's awful when places aren't what you expected them to be, but looks like you made the most of it very well!

  10. Isn't Italy JUST stunning!! I'm itching to go back. Next on the list is the Amalfi Coast, thinking Capri. Have you been??


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