26 August 2014

Bloggers In Barcelona - Part Uno of Dos


I've been trying to decide how to present my visit to Barcelona in just two blog posts. Spending three days in one of the most dynamic and stylish capitals in the world - not to mention one of the most foodie friendly - results in a blogger like me taking many, many photographs. Barcelona is a city that has architecture, art, history, sea, breath-taking views and a huge array of mouth-watering dining and drinking options. What a place! I'm already wondering when would be a good time to return.

So I've set out part one a little bit on the random side; the chosen ones from the plethora of photos I took have been split into categories that begin with each letter that spells 'Barcelona'. You'll see what I mean...


Last Thursday was Laura's twenty-third birthday and what better way to celebrate than with another little blogger break abroad. We somehow managed to book British Airways business class flights for no extra cost and thus flew to Barcelona in proper birthday style! We were staying at the very modern Ohla Hotel - a base so central that many of the city's most popular attractions were walking distance away. 

The hotel has a fantastic rooftop bar. I'd booked a table in one of their glamorous, white booths and spent a good few hours up there with the birthday girl overlooking the city and enjoying our first night.


In Barcelona you will stumble across buildings spanning all eras of the city's 2,000 year old history. The oldest date back to the Roman times and there are constructions from the Gothic period along with the Catalan art nouveau. Many of the beautiful, more modern buildings came about because of the Olympic Games in 1992. Then of course there's Gaudi's work whose distinctive style is all around the city centre.

Laura and I spent hours wandering, a lot of it around the winding, cobbled streets of the Gothic Quarter. There are some wonderful places to eat and drink round there (but more on that in part two!).

R is for ROOFTOP

We had to revisit the Ohla Hotel rooftop during the daytime to get some more aerial views of Barcelona. The sunbeds and seats up there were all taken and you can see why; I don't think there are too many places in the city where you can sunbath, drink good quality drinks and enjoy views as stunning as this.

C is for CHEESE

Laura and I are both huge appreciators of anything cheese. We were flying home late Sunday afternoon and decided to find something wonderfully fromage in the short time we had left. Without enough time to visit our intended destination, Cheese Me, we luckily stumbled across Els Sortidors del Parlament - a rustic and charismatic little tapas bar. We were welcomed, propped up on stools against a barrel and asked "do you want vermouth? Wine? Beer?"  Not a question one often hears just before midday!

Naturally, we ordered two glasses of vermouth (my new favourite drink) and a cheese platter served with fig jam. I experienced probably the best goat's cheese I have ever tasted. Creamy, rich and delicious. So much so that we ordered seconds! Well, we could detox when we got home!

E for Escape

And by this, I mean escape from the torrential rain we experienced on Friday! We had just left the market, the skies opened and down it fell. We took cover in the first restaurant we could find and ended up there for a good couple of hours. Later on that evening the same thing happened again, just that time the rain was even heavier. And there we were thinking we were escaping the wet London weather!

Once inside the restaurant, we thought we'd enjoy a jug of sangria. We placed our order - thinking we were getting a jug to share with two glasses - and were a little surprised when we ended up with one each!

L is for La Boqueria Market

I do love a good market and La Boqueria fits the bill for a fascinating experience of colour, activity and a hell of a lot of food. Located just off La Rambla, the market is a mix of smells, sounds and flavours. You'll find yourself eyeball-to-eyeball with an abundance of fresh fish and seafood, poultry, giant hanging jamรณn, herbs, oils and sweets. The most fascinating (and rather scary) thing I saw was the enormous swordfish head just sat there, gazing up at the ceiling.

Whilst here, we had one of the most memorable food experiences whilst in Barcelona and the best patatas bravas ever. More on that in my next post!

O for Opium Mar

If you've ever been to one of the chill out beach bars in Ibiza then you can probably picture just what Opium Mar is like. By now the rain had subsided and the warm sun was shining. Opium Mar is a lively club at night but during the day it's a relaxed beachside spot to escape the crowds. We draped ourselves over one of the huge beds, popped on the sunnies and people-watched with a glass of champagne for a good couple of hours. Bliss!

N for Nightlife

Nightlife in Barcelona starts with dinner at around 10pm and drinks from midnight onwards. You will never find a club open before midnight. There's actually a bar that opens its doors at 4am. 4am! Our tapas tour guide found it totally hilarious to think that us Brits could start our night at 6pm or 7pm and be in a nightclub by 10pm! That's just not how it's done here.

On our first and last night we ate great food and visited a few lively bars in the El Born area until the early hours. On the rainy second night we were still on our tapas tour at 2am (which for us English is regarded as a rather late night!). There are lots of options for the party lovers out there.

A for Art

There are a couple of cobbled streets in the Gothic Quarter with lots of wonderful little art galleries and shops. You can spend ages popping in and out of each one, observing the work and reading about each of the artists. There was one shop in particular, Carre D'Artistes, where I could easily have spent a fortune. There were so many original pictures appealing to all tastes.

I did end up treating myself and buying one piece by a French artist called Carole Jeulin. I could just visualise it on my wall at home. There's also something exciting about knowing you have the only copy of that picture in the world.


So that was my somewhat round-about about way of summing up our fantastic trip to Barcelona! What a city! I will post the second part in a few days which will be all about the amazing restaurants and cafes we discovered. And, boy, did we have some incredible food.


  1. It looks like you ladies had a fantastic time.


  2. LOVE that you did the post around the word. Genius. Looks like so much fun. Your hotel literally looks incredible. That pool and those views! Will definitely remember that one for the travel map!

    I know what you mean about the art work by the way. So incredible to have that one and only!

    Katie <3

  3. Wow what an incredible trip! You girls look fab! Looking forward to seeing part dos!

    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr

  4. Fantastic post! Looks like the two of you had a lovely time! I've yet to experience Barcelona but I would love to go at some point! Looks like foodies paradise!

    Peach Pow XO

  5. I really love the way you structured the post, so clever, I always find it hard to write about a place when I've got so much to say and so many pictures!! You look like you had such a fabulous time, I've never been to Barcelona, I've wanted to go for ages! Thank you for giving me a few ideas of places to visit! Looking forward to part 2!
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

  6. I really need to book my flights to Barcelona now! Looks so amazing as do both of you

  7. Love Barcelona!! I once went 4 times in one year!
    One of my good friends is from there, so I'd always go and stay with her. Love the vibe and the festivities that occur there in August! So much fun!

    {Teffy's Perks} X

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