23 September 2014

A Clucking Good Lunch At Forge

Forge was already fast becoming one of my favourite new London venues. With its impressive wine menu, quality cocktails, classy d├ęcor and crazy downstairs dance floor, it's one of those rare 'all-rounders' in which I've already spent two fantastic nights since it opened in the summer.

Now, following a lunch visit last week, I'm pleased to say I can add great food to that list too. Officially favorited!

The somewhat tarnished reputation of its predecessor, Abacus, is but a fading memory.

I was meeting up with two of my favourite people, Mary and Paul. We were celebrating Paul's last day at his job before moving to pastures new so a good meaty meal and champagne were in order!

Following many minutes of menu studying combined with chatter, it was the peanut butter, coconut lemongrass & green chilli chicken skewers, the chicken & Spanish chorizo skewers and a warm grilled mackerel salad with fennel, apple & toasted walnuts that we decided upon.

All so well cooked, full of flavour and much enjoyed by each of us. My mackerel with it's perfectly crisp skin was delicious. It's great when a menu has some healthier options for those of us trying to be a little more disciplined.

My fish had been a delight but it was the bird that was the winner!

Both Paul and I ordered the half fragrant spiced chicken - marinated in fennel seeds, cumin and coriander - fresh from the Forge spit. It is presented before you on a tray complete with a bottle of home-made barbecue sauce, chilli and coriander corn, apple and fennel slaw and, normally, thick cut chips which I'd swapped for wilted spinach and portabello mushrooms.

I loved it. It was the fragrant, marinated skin of the tender chicken that made it special. I could easily have eaten a whole one of those juicy chooks.

Mary chose the exceedingly saucy Coca-Cola glazed gammon. A tasty looking piece of pig if ever I saw one.

The time flew by as we enjoyed our food and our bubbles! 

Forge can be whatever you want it to be; a decent meal, a wine bar or a nightclub open 'til the early hours. On Friday they're hosting a Gatsby night complete with tap dancers and flapper girls - no doubt it will be a fun-filled, glamorous night! I'm sure you'll find us there, sipping champagne with Mr Gatsby himself. How could we resist?


  1. That really is some impressive looking food. I've just found out there's an insurance party there in a couple of weeks we're booking tickets too so hopefully I'll remember it unlike my most recent visit! Looks like I'm going to have to book a lunch date there too.

    Victoria x


    1. Haha, sounds like you had a fun night at Forge anyway! Defo give it a go for lunch, let me know what you think x

  2. This place is totally on my hit list, the chicken looks amazing and I have heard good things about there cocktails. Have fun on Friday if you hang out with Gatsby :)

  3. This is 100% on my places to visit when next in London. The food looks super tasty and appetising. It looks like such a clean and well established restaurant. You look gorgeous by the way, huge hair envy. You can never go wrong with a cocktail x

    1. That's so sweet, thank you! Definitely pay it a visit next time you're in town :)

  4. I can't help but imagine you dining with Paul Hollywood & Mary Berry! Haha
    The food sounds amazing - especially the cola gammon!

    Christy x
    another weekend without make-up

  5. That chicken is making my mouth water! It all looks delicious though :)

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  7. Those portions are huge! Looks like a lovely place, I hadn't heard of Forge before - will have to try it out!

    Katie <3


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