28 September 2014

A Fishy Business

In my previous post I told you a bit about the personal challenge I've set myself. I'm getting tough in the gym, eating right and generally being a good girl. I've no idea where the will-power is coming from to be honest! But every good girl deserves a treat day and Friday was such a day; a glass or two of bubbles were in order.

Mary and I headed to The Wright Brothers Oyster House located in the bustling foodie square that is Kingly Court, Soho. You can either sit in the bright, open bar area at the front of the restaurant or head to the more relaxed dining room towards the back. 

Within minutes of arriving, we were happily sipping on our glasses of Prosecco Vapparetto. Champagne, Prosecco and Cava; the perfect accompaniment to our impending seafood and I was in my element! 

I don't often go out for a shellfish dinner. I can't remember the last time I had a winkle.  It was time to reintroduce some shelled seafood into my life and what better way to do it than with The Wright Brothers' House Platter. Shell-on Atlantic prawns, whelks, winkles, mussels and those all important oysters were beautifully presented to our table.

It was a messy business, I won't lie, but everything tasted as fresh as could be and it was hard to fault. Some of those pesky winkles were rather difficult to extract from their shell but that was half the fun of it. The prawns were deliciously juicy. As far as oysters and I are concerned, the jury's still out. I don't quite get them. Do you chew? Do you not chew? If you don't chew then what's the point? Opinions on this are welcomed in the comments section below!

Then along came the Fish Of The Day. It was Brill fish; grilled to perfection and served up simply with herbs, butter and olive oil. 

We also had the crab meat which was served in its shell with olive oil and lemon.

It was certainly a delightful meal and not an inch of fishy flesh was left on that Brill by the time we'd finished with it! 

We concluded with a little blue cheese...

...then were off into the night to continue the fun.

No prizes for guessing where we went. Yes, it was back to our new favourite haunt, Forge!

As far as treat nights go, this had been a definite goodie.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! 


  1. Ah this has been on my list to try. Got a feeling my boyfriend will love it judging by those pictures!

    1. If he's a seafood fan then definitely! Cx

  2. you know that champagne is one of the least fattening alcohols you can refresh yourself with? It's therefore always my go to ;)

    I could never chew an oyster .... my stomach flips at the thought of doing that. I go through phases of seafood, but I always love to enjoy a piece of grilled fresh fish with veg and hand cut chips - that is something which in Scotland we are fortunate to have !! xx

    1. Yes indeed! Champagne, vodka & rum are really the only drinks I have when I go out now. All low carb :)

      So can you taste the oyster if you don't chew on it? I still don't quite get it! Ha!


  3. I love oysters - though only tried my first one about 5 years ago. I do chew! My fella had a horrid reaction though when we had them in Brighton and hasn't been able to eat them since. My favourite thing to do is get a couple straight from the fishmonger at the local farmers market and have them for breakfast at the market :)

    Rosie xx

  4. This looks like my perfect restaurant, I adore fish and seafood tho i've never had an oyster so I can't give you any advice there! You look so glam as usual

  5. omg this looks beautiful! And the food... oh my! I love seafood <3 xx

  6. Errr, Hello Boobs!!! You look fab.

    I need someone to go to all these Fishy places with. I hate it that Ben can't eat it anymore! Kingly Court is one of my favourite places to eat!

    Katie <3

  7. I love Wright Brothers! You're right, their produce is extremely fresh and it's super fun trying to extract the juicy morsels from their shells :) Your crab looks completely stunning - such a seafood fan! xx

    Tamsin / A Certain Adventure

  8. Wow what a spread! I love the photo of you holding up the fish bones haha

  9. Beautiful dress and shoes. I am not a great fan of fish but your starter sharing platter looks amazing and with bubbles even better.
    The mains look wonderful I would be at home with those Lucy x


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