7 September 2014

Pup Aid - A Dog Lover's Perfect Day Out

Pup Aid is Europe's biggest anti-puppy farming event. Held in leafy Primrose Hill, the aim of the day is to raise awareness of puppy farm breeding and the awful conditions many of the dogs and pups are kept in. The poorly pups born into the farms are sold en masse to pet shops, online or from free newspaper ads and very often become ill or die soon after reaching their new homes. By raising awareness and promoting rescue dog adoption the hope is that this nasty puppy farming has to end eventually.

I can't bare to think of dogs and puppies living such an awful existence. Knowing how intelligent, faithful and funny my fluffy Keeshond Jimmy Chew is makes it inconceivable to me how any person could cause suffering to such loving animals. Jimmy is an incredibly happy little dog and gets absolutely spoilt rotten - the way I see it, if I can just make one little dog's life wonderful then I guess that's something! One day I will have a house full of rescue dogs...but until then!

On Saturday afternoon, myself, Alex and an excited Jimmy Chew headed to Primrose Hill to support and join in with the fun at Pup Aid.

Marquees selling dog accessories, treats, portraits and promoting canine charities lined the park. For a dog lover like me it was hard not to be smiling from the minute we arrive to the minute we left! Everywhere you looked there were amazing dogs of all shapes and sizes being proudly escorted by their loving owners. 

We bumped into one beautiful dog who was part Keeshond!

Alex and I were excited about this having not seen any others of Jimmy's breed since we brought him home three years ago but Mr Chew wasn't interested at all. He was too busy flirting with this fluffy little lady

Always the charmer!

She wasn't the only Pomeranian we met.

One couple in particular took a real shine to them.

Hello Katie and Ben!

It was lovely to see fellow blogger Katie again and meet her boyfriend Ben for the first time. They're planning on giving their own little fluffball a home sometime soon so I'm looking forward to a few puppy cuddles when that day arrives!

As usual - and much to Jimmy's delight - he got lots of attention. Photographers approached him wherever he padded and so many people wanted a picture taken with him. It was like hanging out with a celebrity! Luckily, what with having a blogger as a mother, he's a pro in front of the camera. 

What a little star! 

Whilst Jimmy strained to get a VIP view of the Prettiest Bitch competition...

Alex and I registered him in the Most Handsome Dog category pitting him up against forty-nine other canines. He gave the judges - one of which was a bored looking Lucy from Made In Chelsea - his best doggy grin and we anxiously awaited the results from the jury!

Sadly, he didn't win. The title was stolen by a Great Dane puppy. A travesty I hear you cry! I know but to be fair, by the time the competition had come around we had all been rained on for two hours and his impressive fluff was looking somewhat damp. I'm convinced he'd have won hands down in sunnier conditions! Competitive Mum...me?!

We were so proud of him though; his behaviour at Pup Aid had been fantastic. He's such a goooood boy!

By around 12.30 the weather had got the better of us so we headed for home. On the way we made a quick stop at the tent of Snaffles Gourmet Dog Biscuits to pick Jimmy up something tasty. The friendly baker herself made us up a mixed doggy bag of treats; colourful cookies that looked so good that I was very tempted to try them! Damn this low carb diet!

We arrived home with one happy, tired and rather damp little dog. 

I had just enough time to snap a photo of him with his new favourite treats...

And then he was out like a light!

Love that dog.

Dogs Trust http://www.dogstrust.org.uk/
Blue Cross http://www.bluecross.org.uk/
RSPCA http://www.rspca.org.uk/home
Battersea http://www.battersea.org.uk/
All Dogs Matter http://alldogsmatter.co.uk/


  1. What?! No cocktails again :P

    What a fantastic event! I was in a pet shop quite recently and there was a teeny tiny kitten in a cage, a number of kids had the cage open and they were poking and prodding it. It made my heart break, I left the shop in tears (I don't know why I was silly enough to go in there in the first place really!) My family are a cat family and we've always got our cats from Rescue Shelters, there are so many animals who desperately want a good home .. if only more people realised!

    Jimmy looks like he had an awesome time, I hope he enjoyed his treats!

    Chloe x

    1. Chloe, I can imagine how upset you felt - I would be exactly the same. I remember being stupid enough to go into a pet shop in Thailand once and it scared me for life. I was seriously trying to figure out how I could rescue the bunnies and take them home with me! But there are so many good people out there too that just want the best for the animals. I'd love to get a rescue dog but I thiink we're going to do children first then see how it goes! One day for sure!

  2. Oh bless little Jimmy! He's such a cutie. I love that picture of Ben and I. We literally look like such a happy family with that puppy!

    It was a really fun day. Thanks so much for telling me about it. I got so many fluffy dog cuddles!

    Katie <3

  3. Jimmy is such a heartbreaker!
    And this looks like the most fantastic day for a brilliant cause.
    M x

  4. Oh my goodness! All of these pups are too cute. What a fun & great event for a good cause.

  5. What a wonderful event! I so wish I could play with all of those pups. Khaleesi wouldn't know what to do with herself, and we'd have a busy day having to meet and greet every single dog there!

  6. AWWWW!! My idea of heaven!! Gutted I couldn't make it - in fact there were several dog events on this weekend that I missed! Still working on convincing the boy to allow me to get one, he will break soon!!!

    Rosie xx

  7. What a worth cause! Jimmy Chew is gorgeous

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

  8. So many cute dogs I can't cope!!! This looked like such a fun day out! Not sure how well my own dog would have got on with all the other dogs tho, she can be a bit funny! x


  9. What an wonderful event. I would have loved to be there, as I feel very strongly about this topic, as I have a pedigree dog, from a great breeder and I volunteered for a local council kennels.
    Lovely pictures, Jimmy is such a sweetie.

    Anca @ ancaslifestyle | UK

  10. This actually just looks like heaven - although I'd do something silly like go straight home and look up my local pet charity to get a dog!

    This wouldn't be any good in a 1 bed flat and no garden!

    Em | Hmm maybe...

  11. Aw it's like a giant puppy party! Jimmy is so adorable, he definitely should have won! ;)

    Christy x
    another weekend without make-up

  12. Wow what an incredible event! I want them all :)

    XO Chloe
    A Latte Lipstick


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