12 October 2014

Champagne At City Social

This is my two-hundred and seventy-second blog post. I would bookmark this particular entry as significant because it's the first one I've written where my photographs were not taken by one of my two beloved digital cameras. For the first time, ladies and gentlemen, I committed the ultimate blogger faux pas and forgot my camera! Boo me. I ended up calling upon my substandard iPhone camera to help me out. I therefore beg your forgiveness for the lower quality pictures you are about to witness...

Despite my camera predicament, I decided to go ahead and write this post because I would very highly recommend the place I visited. I had planned a glamorous evening of champagne and panoramic views at the City Social Bar. I felt it was just the night for a LBD, a #selfie and my beloved Louboutins.

It was the praise in Angie's post that inspired me to book my table. We didn't want to eat out, just enjoy some bubbles somewhere alluring and exciting. 

You'll find City Social on the twenty-fourth floor of Tower 42, near Liverpool Street. Inside it's very dimly lit (it continued getting dimmer as the night progressed!), vibrant and boasts some inevitably impressive views over London. I'd requested a table next to the window which the bar had kindly fulfilled. 

The champagne was poured so Mary and I settled in for our catch up. Dance music played in the background but not ridiculously loudly like so many other bars. I couldn't have hoped for a nicer atmosphere.

The service was faultless too. Our waiter was so friendly, always there to re-fill the drinks and recommending me his personal favourite rum to try with my Diet Coke! 

We had already eaten so didn't indulge in the albeit tempting menu but we did eyeball some of the other tables' choices as they arrived; the goat's cheese churros with truffle honey and "KFC" grilled chicken dishes both looked particularly mouth-watering! 

There's no doubt that I'll be back to visit again sometime soon. The place is fabulous! Only next time I'll have to give the food a try and - hopefully - remember my damn camera!


  1. I'm so glad that you liked it! The bar is so fab, it's annoying when a restaurant bar is not much more than a space at the front so its nice that they have a proper full size bar. The photos still look great, it's dark in there so it's difficult to get amazing photos anyway.
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

    1. I didn't actually get to have a nose in the restaurant. The bar itself is big! Great recommendation, thank you. Definitely my kind of place :)

  2. Your hair looks gorgeous!! & those heels are to die for – my favorite color!

    xo, B

    1. Thank you! Mine too! (along with coral...) x

  3. what a perfect view...not sure you could ever get bored of it!!


  4. what shoes!!! love - is it super pricy? www.thewanderlusthasgotme.blogspot.co.uk

  5. 272 blog posts .. that's impressive! You've made me wonder how many I've done ... ooooooh 201 (just checked!) - doesn't feel like I've done that many!

    Gutted you forgot your camera :( I haven't done that yet (you know now that I've said that I will forget my camera at some point next week!) ... lucky that camera phones actually take pretty decent photos nowadays, I think you've done really well here!

    I had a job interview in Tower 42 when I first moved to London and I did spend quite a lot of the interview bleating on about the amazing views from the top and how I wanted to visit the bar (they probably thought I had a drink problem!)

    Forgetting your camera sounds like a great excuse to go back if you ask me :D

    Chloe x

  6. This looks like one to add to my list being so close to the office!


  7. You both look utterly fabulous! You know I find sometimes that my trusty iPhone is actually a lot better in lower light for some reason. Using my SLR requires a very steady hand (something that's near impossible after a few...)

    I've been to the top of Tower 42 but must remember to try City Social! I'll add it to the long, long list ;)

    Katie <3

  8. Rubbish camera or not, the view looks amazing. I work around Liverpool Street a lot - definitely looking for an excuse for after work drinks at City Social soon!



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