9 October 2014

Date Night In Church

Last Thursday was date night. It was an evening Alex and I had been looking forward to for some time, not only because we got to spend some precious time together during Alex's busy NFL season but also because we had tickets to see one of our favourite singers live; Jessie Ware.

There aren't many recording artists I love these days but Jessie's last album, Devotion, was played to death in our household. Her silky-smooth voice is so packed with emotion and her song-writing is amazing. If you think you don't know any of her songs, the chances are you'll recognise this one.

Because the gig was in a church in the middle of Hackney and not close to anywhere decent to eat at all, we decided to have dinner at our favourite local restaurant St James in Crouch End.  I really love this place. I've been numerous times and it's never disappointed me. It's open and airy in summer, cosy in the winter. The mouth-watering menu is seasonal, varied and always changing. Not only that, it can be a bit of a celebrity haunt too!

For starters, Alex ordered the Cajun spiced chicken satay with ginger, lime and peppercorn and I went for the crispy endive salad with Roquefort cheese, walnut, pear and herb & pomegranate dressing. Oh, and topped with some garlic tiger prawns, just for the hell of it!

My salad could have done with a bit more of the creamy blue cheese (when is there ever enough cheese?) but it was otherwise delicious as usual. 

We shared the Chateaubriand, medium rare. A juicy, wondrous slab of beef cut into slices and accompanied by dressed rocket, home-made fries, tomato and button mushrooms. I ordered some extra veggies too. A carb-shunners feast! Well, if you reject the fries...

Then it was onwards from St James to St John's. Unsurprisingly, I'd never been to see a music gig in a place of worship before but apparently St John's of Hackney hold such events regularly!

Alex and I took a pew on the balcony overlooking the stage. 

The show was excellent and Jessie's vocals were as gorgeous as ever. We decided to move downstairs after half an hour as the acoustics in this echoey hall weren't great up high but once downstairs, all was well and we were even able to have a romantic little dance.

I would definitely log that one as a successful date  


  1. All I want to say is...your boots!!!! Love!!
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

    1. Thank you! I'm so in love with them! ❤

  2. That beef looks melt in the mouth delicious! Love your boots :)

    Rosie xx

  3. This all looks amazing! I've never been to a gig in a church but I imagine the atmosphere would be amazing! I saw Jessie Ware a few weeks ago at the iTunes festival and her vocals were flawless - and she's just so cool as well! Glad you had a fab time x

  4. Sounds like a great night out! That meal looks fabulous. Definitely on my list of places to try!

  5. I love Jessie Ware, I saw her in Bristol last year and she was a total babe!

    FoodNerd x


  6. Sounds like a fabulous date night! Love your outfit too. I don't know how I feel about going to events/drinking in a church. Feels a bit strange, but I guess if it's bringing joy, it's serving the purpose it was built for?!

    Katie <3

  7. Such a fun date night, you all did it big! Awesome boots!

    XO Chloe
    A Latte Lipstick

  8. These pictures look so great. That food looks so devine, its making me hungry.
    xx, Jodi

  9. Absolutely love the outfit and as for the date night, pretty awesome. xx


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