5 November 2014

The German Bier Festival

A pint of beer isn't something I drink very often. If I do, it's usually at a festival of some description; Glastonbury, Latitude, Burger Fest or the fun-filled day of lederhosen, sausages and folk bands that is the German Bier Festival! My brother Andrew, sis-in-law Sarah and I went along last year and it ended up such a fantastic day that we couldn't resist going back for more. 

* yes I am holding wine rather than beer in the header picture. There are only so many pints I can take! (about three)

The day - which kicks off at 3pm and ends around 11pm - inevitably involves a decent amount of German beer...

...much music and silliness throughout the day....

....and an array of mouth-watering food! This year there was a whole new room dedicated to everything from sizzling Frankfurters to Mexican cuisine. There were also pretzels! I hate pretzels. 

That juicy looking pulled pork burger above was from the Bodeans BBQ Smokehouse van. Delicious it was too; they definitely know their meat. 

As the day went on, the festival got busier, the beers pumped faster and the crowd got jollier. It's such a laid back, enjoyable atmosphere! Then at 7.30pm the crowds congregated outside for the annual Ally Pally fireworks display; often stated as one of the best in London.

Set to thumping music and packed to the brim with spectators every year, it was a very impressive spectacle once again.

After the final bang, we headed back inside to be entertained by Oasis tribute band Noasis. Ah, it took me back to the Brit Pop days of 1995! The whole festival was as buzzing as it had been the year before and the three of us sang and danced until the day came to a close. 

Then it was a short walk back to mine for a nightcap!

Same again next year?


  1. Love the Racoons shirt; where did you get it? I loved that cartoon.

    1. Head over to http://www.truffleshuffle.co.uk/store/ - loads of amazing gems on there!

  2. Looks like a fun night! The food looks great. I have to admit, I generally prefer wine to beer too though!

    Miranda xx http://mirandasnotebook.com/

  3. This looks like such a fun day out! I don't like drinking too much beer either but I'd definitely go along to this for the fun of it! I love your t shirt too

  4. This looks like such a fun night, loving your outfit.


  5. Party Animal! This looks like a lot of fun, I literally can't drink beer at all. Even after one my belly pops out!

    Katie <3


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