11 December 2014

Vegas In December - Part 1 of 2

It was easily the best one yet. I'll be honest, I'd feared that the months of anticipation and excitement combined with four previous visits (yes, this was our fifth together!) along with the colder winter weather might have resulted in a bit of disappointment. I'm not quite sure how that could ever have happened as it never has before but I suppose it's just the worrier in me.

I needn't have spent a second wasting my time with concerns. It was amazing from start to finish. I'm something of an organiser by nature so we went out there with a myriad of reservations and plans. Our previous experience of Sin City probably helps in that respect; we had covered all the touristy stuff so we could just concentrate on amazing restaurants, great shows and general fun.

The bubbles started flowing early on; from the airport lounge at Gatwick to the limousine at the other side. I didn't do all this fitness malarkey to hold back when I'm on holiday!

Two very excited girls were back in Vegas!

I've stayed at a few Vegas hotels over the years but this time we decided to return to the place our heart is; Aria. So many great memories, stunning decor, amazing service and delicious in-room dining. Mary and I can't get enough of their chicken strips and it's something of a tradition to order them as soon as we've arrived in the room!

We'd both spent much time planning our outfits for each of our four nights. Night one: I was in the pink. Thank you, House of CB!

One thing we've learnt from our many visits to Vegas is not to eat too much in the evening if you're planning to party. So many times we've eaten 'til we felt tired and ready to pop. This time, our plan was to do sharer dishes and our first port of call was Yellowtail Japanese restaurant in the Bellagio.

We enjoyed the best edamame beans we've ever tasted, crispy soft shell crab, amazing broiled Atlantic black cod and the Kobe beef flat iron.

Beautiful food and just the right amount to line the stomach but leave us raring to go for Hyde.

Mary and I don't really 'do' nightclubs any more. We'd much rather hit the casino floor and a few of the many stylish bars that surround it. But we were willing to make an exception for Hyde - the club with the spectacle that is the Bellagio Fountain as its backdrop. I'd haggled us a decently priced table through one of the hosts and to our delight, we were given the best in the house! Raised up and away from the crowded dance floor and right next to the window.

The music was fab and we danced around our table for hours before heading back to the Aria. 

Time to play some roulette!

Despite what I wrote on my Instagram page, I didn't win. Mary did though.

I think we got to bed around 6.30am which ended up being about standard for the remaining nights. Perhaps now you understand why I'm only just getting round to writing this blog post!

I have four words associated with each Vegas morning: Hair Of The & Dog.

As you may know, Mary and I love a Bloody Mary and we were on the hunt for the best in Vegas. I'd seen a picture on Instagram of a rather crazy looking interpretation which led us to visit Guy Fieri's Kitchen & Bar at The Linq hotel. Apparently he's a big name US TV chef though I will always remember him as the creator of one of the best hangover breakfast experiences ever.

There are a few choices to make when you order your Bloody Mary. Which vodka do you prefer? How spicy would you like it? Which five garnishes do you want? (choose from cucumbers, pepper, jalapeno, pineapple, pickle, orange, olives, carrots, celery, lemon, lime and pickled veggies). Which protein? (choose from bacon, pepperoni, sausage or shrimp).

Finally, do you want a back beer with it? That is a random can of beer on the side.

Why the hell not? We'll have a Miller Lite! 

The food was nothing short of wonderous. I chose the Breakfast Sausage, Eggs & Bacon; two eggs cooked any style (scrambled for me) served with two slices of apple wood smoked bacon, two chicken apple sausages, house made home fries tossed with peppers and onions and a warm sage biscuit.

It was amazing. That scone/biscuit thing was incredible! The eggs were perfectly cooked and those sausages...wow.

Mary had Guy's Big Bite Burrito; soft scrambled eggs, chorizo and breakfast potatoes wrapped in a cheese quesadilla with fresh pico de gallo, black beans, guacamole and crispy fried tortilla chips and salsa.

The red shot was a fruity little palate cleanser. Why not indeed?

If you're off to Vegas, I couldn't recommend a visit to Guy Fieri's enough. The food is brilliant and the atmosphere is fantastic too, especially at lunchtime! We know this because we returned two days later...couldn't resist! I had the Bacon Mac n Cheese burger.

I don't think words are needed.

Before I sign off for Vegas In December Part 1, I must recommend a great little matinee show that's perfect for those winter months when sunbathing isn't an option. Mac King over at Harrah's is a comedy magician and has been regarded as one of the top five shows in Vegas for the past ten years. He's so funny and his magic brilliant!  Mary and I still have no idea how he ate that live guinea pig...

We met the man after too. What a gent. 

Part 2 of Vegas In December....coming soon!


  1. Looks like an awesome time, can't wait to read the other posts! p.s. you look amazing! All that hard work is paying off! x

  2. Amazing! I had similar trepidation when mum and I returned because we'd had such fun the previous year but Vegas never disappoints. And as you say the more you return the more resturants you have to try and as long as you plan your reservations you can have a fab time.

    I'd love to go at Christmas, all the decorations look fantastic! I've sent my mum your post to read!

    Victoria x

    1. You're right! Pretty sure Vegas can never be bad! I hope your Mum enjoys it :) x

  3. It looks like SO much fun! And those bloody marys look insane. Can't wait to read about the rest of your adventures :)

    Rosie xx

  4. Vegas is one of my favourite places and I love reading what other people do - I haven't done any of the things you mentioned so I will add them on my list of places to visit when I go next year - Can't wait for parts 2 and 3! :-)


  5. Ahh it looks amazing!!! Next time you're in town you should go and see Mike Hammer, he's another amazing comedy magician down at the Four Queens, and is so hilarious I was doubled up in PAIN from laughing so hard whilst tears rolled down my cheeks!

    C x
    Lux Life Blog

  6. You look incredible in the pink dress, all the hard work has definitely pay off. I'm so glad you like Yellow Tail too, the food is incredible.
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

  7. That pink dress is gorgeous on you! You look amazing, Caroline!

    Guy Fieri was one of my husband's favorite chefs to watch on the Food Network in the US. That place would be so up his alley!

  8. Can't believe this is your fifth time in Vegas and I'm yet to go!! You make it looks so much fun!!
    I've heard of Guy Fieri before, all that food is insane!! Don't think it can get more American than mac n' cheese burgers!!
    Also, you look smokin hot lady!!! That dress and the crop top looks ah-mazing!

    {Teffy's Perks} X

  9. Has Mary been on your health kick too? You both literally look incredible! That stomach!! Also, I'm not a fan of Bloody Mary's but dayumm they look good!

    Katie <3

    1. Yes Mary has been hitting the spinning classes! She looks great doesn't she! Thank you so much hun. We had such a great time x

  10. You both look like you had an amazing time. I too had the same concerns going back to Vegas thinking will
    I be bored have I done it all etc etc. But I absolutely loved the whole ten days. The bar looking out over the fountains was
    one of our funniest night. The food looks yummy Lucy x

  11. Looks like an amazing time! Love that pink dress :)

    XO Chloe
    A Latte Lipstick

  12. Great post! I'll be bookmarking and reading again before my trip to Vegas in May!


  13. Great post! Yellow tail is def going on my list! Love the pink bandeux dress x



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