16 December 2014

Vegas In December - Part 2 of 2

The more eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed that this tale of my visit to Vegas has suddenly been amended from a three-parter to a mere two-parter. Sorry about that. Basically, it became apparent upon review that my photography talents somewhat tailed off as the holiday went on and I think putting together three decent posts would have been a bit of a stretch! But I did get a few goodies and enough to show you a little more of what we got up to in good old Sin City!

Bazaar Meat

Found inside the shiny, new SLS Hotel, Bazaar Meat is a culinary adventure brought to you by award-winning chef Jose Andres. Described as "a wild and wonderful celebration of the carnivorous in all its forms", the menu choice is massive so it's your call whether you decide to go raw and simple or a little more adventurous.

The cocktails are quality. This was Mary's choice - an amazing candyfloss concoction!

It was our second night in Vegas. We were feeling bold so decided upon one of the Bazaar Meat tasting menus. Note that this is the smaller tasting menu of the three on offer; just the mere thirteen dishes!

As if that wasn't enough, we decided to add on the cotton candy foie gras. It just sounded too crazy not to try!

It got even better from then on too...

Admittedly not one for the vegetarians amongst you but if you are a big lover of all things meat, this is a dinner spot you must try. It's also a great opportunity to have a mooch round the brand new SLS Hotel.

Mon Ami Gabi

Mon Ami Gabi is an old favourite of mine. Alex and I visited Mon Ami Gabi for a special dinner the night we got engaged back in summer 2009 and since then, I've been back again and again. Their food is of a very high standard but it's their mouth-watering breakfasts that really do it for me. 

Mary and I were a little obsessed with their amazing quiche. We actually visited twice to indulged both at breakfast and lunch time. When is there actually a bad time for quiche anyway?

Rose. Rabbit. Lie.

Rose. Rabbit. Lie.  is the place in Vegas for a winning combination of drinks, delicious food, glamour and music. Located at The Cosmopolitan hotel, it blurs the lines between restaurant, bar, club and live entertainment. There are singers, magicians, acrobats, comedians and tap dancers performing as you dine. 

The food is perfect for sharing. We ordered a few of their colourful plates to graze on as we sipped our drinks and enjoyed the show. 

For dessert we had the not-so-usual combination of grasshopper cocktails and caviar truffles on ice. Why on earth not!

Later on in the evening, guess who ended up being called onto the floor to prance around in front of everyone with a big feather fan?  

Go Mary! 

I wanted to post the video I took but I'm having a few issues with my video editing (i.e. I'm rubbish at it).

It was such a fun dining experience which comes highly recommended from us!

Fizz Champagne Lounge & Matt Goss Live

We weren't really sure what shows to see this time round.  We'd seen our favourite, Absinthe, a couple of times already. Most of the Cirque de Soleil shows had already been covered. Britney had already been witnessed in all her glitzy glory. So what to see?

I decided upon the Mac King matinee (which I mentioned in my previous post) and thanks to a recommendation from my fellow blogger buddy Victoria of Florence & Mary, Matt Goss.

Sadly I'm old enough to remember Matt Goss when he was in 80's boyband Bros. When Will I Be Famous, Drop The Boy and I Owe You Nothing still feature on my iPod - fact. But the days of leather jackets and ripped jeans are behind him; Matt has been selling out The Gossy Room in Caesar's Palace for the past five years. He croons, he entertains and he's rather easy on the eye too. 

Pre-show, we enjoyed a bottle of bubbles over at Elton John and David Furnish's lavish Fizz Champagne Bar. The walls are adorned with pictures from Elton's personal collection (apparently) and oversize sparkling crystal chandeliers cascade from the ceiling. Definitely our kind of place!

We arrived at The Gossy Lounge already in high spirits post-bubbles (despite it being our last night) only to be bumped up to the best table in the house by the people on the door! Result! In fact, we ended up watching the show sat next to his stepdad and an English couple who I suspected had paid quite a lot of money to be on that table. We kept our heads down!

It was a really entertaining show. His voice is great and I knew most of the songs well enough to sing along the whole way through...much to his stepdad's delight, I'm sure! 

Hanging Around & Being Silly

This is basically what we spent a lot of our nights doing - people watching, playing roulette, sipping cocktails and generally entertaining each other. We met so many hilarious and interesting people and I don't know where all the hours went! Time just goes too fast when you're having so much fun.

So here's to Las Vegas. A place that is - as I think Barry Manilow once wrote - one of a kind.

Until next time!  


  1. I want to go back to Vegas just to go to Rose. Rabbit. Lie, I wanted to go but our concierge put us off it, I'll definitely go next time! I also need to add Bazaar Meat to my Baazar collection!!
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

    1. Rose Rabbit Lie used to be a proper variety show like Absinthe but not as good - it got closed down and changed into a restaurant with entertainment. So much better now. The concierge probably advised you against it during the change-over when it didn't really know what it was. It's great now and loved the food too! x

  2. Ah I was hoping for the 3 posts, love your travel blogs! You guys look like you had such an amazing time, so jealous. You look amazing. That food at Bazaar Meat looks insane!

  3. amazing! That white dress is stunning! And all food looks great :) Matt Goss is rather lovely isn't he?!

    R xx

  4. God I bloody love Vegas! So glad you enjoyed Matt Goss and look at you getting the best seat in the house.

    I agree with you the best thing about Vegas is just wandering around looking and talking to people. I could honestly just sit in the Caesars casino bar all day and people watch (with a steady stream of cocktails of course).

    Victoria x

  5. Wow, this all looks so starry and glamorous! That tasting menu you had looks incredible. Not sure about the candyfloss foie gras though - what did it actually taste like? I can imagine a little strange! Go you two for being bumped up a table! I bet it made everything so much better!!

    Katie <3

    1. If I'm totally honest, the candyfloss foie gras tasted like...really nice foie gras in candy floss! Bit weird really but fascinating all the same. The steak tartar in the brioche buns were the best bit, yum yum. xx

  6. This is making me so excited for my next visit and given me some more ideas of new places to try - The all sound and look fab. I just love Vegas :-)


  7. Reading this post makes me want to go back to Vegas I am saving this post as lots of what is above I haven't tried. The serving of food in a shoe is a superb idea. The cocktails look wonderful Lucy x

  8. I often find that the more fun you have, the less inclined you are to pause and pull out your camera. And my skills with phone photography are close to none :P Anyways, the last time I want to Vegas was when I was in elementary school. My parents took my brothers and I to watch various shows and play in kids arcades (those claw machines sucked up our money hahah). Back in those days mac & cheese were my delicacy of choice. After seeing your pictures, I realize what a shame that I didn't eat those delicious-looking foods! For now I'll take comfort in the fact that I wasn't of age to delight in the...er.... most delicious of drinks :P Vegas, I'll be back, and this time legal! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. Actually I just realized that the legal age in the States is higher than, well, everywhere else. Still gotta wait a few more years...


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