8 January 2015

A Fun Start To 2015: Chiltern Firehouse & Beaver Lodge

I was excited about my return to the Chiltern Firehouse. I got the reservation surprisingly easily; just a quick phone call and I was booked in at 7.30pm. Having said that, I'd had an inkling that my chances would be slightly better than usual being as it was the first Friday after New Year.

We arrived bright and early so we could enjoy a drink at the bar. I suggested we order two of their herb infused Vermouth cocktails, bringing back fond memories of Barcelona

The restaurant was packed. Suddenly I was feeling blessed to have secured the reservation! Even better, we were given a fantastic spot at the bar surrounding the busy kitchen where we could sip our gorgeous Vermouth as we watched the young chefs buzzing around, prepping, basting and plating up. Always so fascinating to observe.

I've read some not-so-complimentary reviews of the Chiltern Firehouse recently but I was still feeling optimistic. After all, my experience had been so nice the last time I'd visited back in the summertime. 

And lucky for us, each dish we ordered was delightful!

The famous crab donuts - which are kind of a must - confirmed that they're deserving of all the crabby hype. Here's a close up of one of those little gems...

And what followed didn't disappoint either. We had a few plates to share - pigeon, Caesar salad (which we were given for free as they brought it by mistake!), scallops, sea bass and duck - each one bursting with flavour and beautifully presented. 

We asked our waiter for advice with our dessert decision. We knew we wanted The Carrot Chiltern - a deconstructed carrot cake - but what should accompany it? The creamy Milk & Honey was his answer, advising that the texture matching the carrot cake perfectly. 

We got the corresponding dessert wines too! Why not!

They were completely yummy, different tastes and textures with every scrummy mouthful. The carrot cake was my favourite of the two; the spicy crunchy crumb combined with soft sponge cake was heavenly and who'd have thought horseradish ice-cream would work so well? Not I!

Alas, we didn't see any celebrities! Having said that, we were probably too busy talking and messing around to notice if George Clooney had been sat behind us the entire time.

Satisfied after a gorgeous meal, we headed to Chelsea to give one of London's newest clubs a twirl. Beaver Lodge is the latest venture from Inception Group - the lovely people behind two of my very favourite venues, Mr Fogg's and Disco

The style is American cowboy saloon meets mountain game lodge. As we were lead by a very friendly staff member through the crowd to our table, we passed a large grizzly bear, a few stuffed beavers, a moose's head and several antlers. Not to mention some cowboys. 

We were given a great table in the corner looking out on the bar and the dancefloor. 

There was cowgirl line-dancing...

And some very appealing toilets!

Like Disco, Beaver Lodge have those dazzling lit up menus which always strangely thrill me...I can't help but open and close the thing over and over like an eight year old child. We reviewed what was on offer and decided we were only going to order one cocktail for the night. We are good girls after all. 

And this was it....The Mount Rushmore!

One cocktail. Four president's heads full of delightful fruity alcohol concoctions.

We loved it!

The music is a mix of Country & Western and Rock 'n' Roll early doors, later turning into house and hip hop. In other words, bloody great! Nightclubs don't appeal to me so much these days but I would always be tempted by a night at both Disco and Beaver Lodge. They help put the fun back into London clubbing.

Mary and I danced round our table until the early hours like we were back in Vegas!

Inception Group have done it again! 


  1. What fun!! I nearly did some World Cup pop ups at another inception venue last Summer - Cocobananas, but sadly it never worked out. Still haven't been to Chiltern Firehouse!!

    Rosie xx

    1. Ah I love your pop up ideas! I hope the afternoon tea one comes off :)

      Chiltern Firehouse is a very nice experience, I really like it there. If only it were easier to get a reservation!


  2. Seeing such mixed reviews for Chiltern Firehouse but you've made it sound so good!

    Christy x
    Dinner Stories

    1. I've had two good experiences there now! Perhaps I'm just lucky!

  3. l've been debating whether to give Chiltern Firehouse a go for a while but if you've enjoyed it twice, I might just go for it :) looks like a great evening xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua

  4. How much fun does the Beaver Lodge look! Perfect for a fun night out and I approve of your cocktail choice.

    Victoria x

  5. OK,that's my weekend sorted. I'll be making Ben book us a table at Beaver Lodge for Saturday probably. Looks like great fun! Can't believe you managed to get a reservation for Chiltern Firehouse so easily though!!

    Katie <3

    1. Brilliant! I hope you have a great night too! x

  6. You're so lucky getting that reservation, I really want to go! Also, how amazing does Beaver Lodge look? Bet that will turn up on Made In Chelsea before long, lol

  7. When I went Chiltern Firehouse it was for brunch and they weren't serving the crab doughnuts. I want to go back just to have them. Beaver Lodge looks like great fun, though the name is rather comical!
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

  8. Your posts always make me crave yummy food. The food looks delicious and this place looks like it has such a great atmosphere!

    Amanda / Amanda's Escape

  9. Hah that Mount Rushmore cocktail looks brilliant! How unique! Xxx

  10. i just love how much fun you both have together - it's so nice to see! and the food at chiltern looks delectable, those crab donuts especially! x


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