19 January 2015

My Big Fat Greek Luncheon

The regular readers amongst you may recall how last year Laura and I jetted off to Rhodes for a few days of sun, sea and stunningly beautiful views. We sunbathed, sipped on cocktails and ate very, very well. I've long been a big appreciator of Greek food, in particular their prolific use of cheese and filo pastry. Yummy!

With holiday memories in mind, I suggested to Laura that we pay a visit to new Kings Cross based restaurant and delicatessen, The Greek Larder. I was so excited to catch up with my best blogger buddy and enjoy some authentic Mediterranean grub.

The brunch menu is a delightful combination of traditional Greek dishes along with more modern creations. According to the website, their emphasis is on clean flavours and seasonal ingredients freshly prepared with simplicity. That sounded good to me.

It was recommended to us that we choose five or six dishes to share. 

But first thing was first - drinks! I ordered a Metaxa Rabbit; carrot juice combined with Greek spirit, Metaxa. Probably my first ever carrot-based cocktail and I can confirm that it certainly packed a punch! Laura went for a classic espresso martini. 

Pretend you didn't notice the lipstick on my teeth...

Ladies and gentlemen - our Greek feast!

We had spinach filo pie with fennel & tzatziki, lots of warm flat bread with taramasalata, octopus & fava (yellow split pea puree), Kefalotiri saganaki and venison, chestnut & quince pilaf. 

What beautiful dishes!

It was a delightful variety of tastes and textures; we made our selection well! We adored the saganaki (fried cheese) with charred red onion & candied chanterelles and I couldn't stop dipping the delicious fried flatbread into the creamy taramasalata. The venison dish was the only real let down (I thought it was a bit lacking in seasoning) but overall, it was a very enjoyable and authentic meal. You can tell both by sight and taste how fresh their ingredients are.

For dessert, we shared the baklava served with a scoop of beautiful Greek mountain tea ice cream and drizzled with honey. It tasted a bit like a mince pie! It was so nice I wished we'd ordered one each but after that huge lunch, it was probably just as well! I have a bikini to get into next week after all!

The atmosphere at The Greek Larder is very relaxed and informal. So much so that Laura and I easily spent three hours there, catching up on London, life and blogging. We were the last two left when the manager brought us over a couple of complimentary shots of Ouzo! 


I can confirm that we did leave the restaurant eventually but there was much more catching up for us to do yet. We found a nearby bar and spent the rest of our evening there; our Sunday lunch had turned into a taxi home at 10pm! What a wonderful one it was too.


  1. This all looks delicious! I love Greek food too Lx

  2. Wow, look at those empty glasses. Looks you had an amazing night. I love Greek food but have only ever had it cooked by my Greek godmother. Maybe time to venture out and give this place a try.

    1. Ha, yes we did have a few drinkies! :) x

  3. Ahh....I love Greek food, especially bread and dips! Looks like you and Laura had a fab time :)
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

    1. I love the dips too! So moreish though...I'm obsessed with taramasalata! x

  4. I spied a dish on the menu called "Greek yoghurt and kolyva" which is original, to say the least, as kolyva is traditionally offered after a funeral in Greece (true story!). They do state great though, so I'm intrigued to pay a visit to the Greek Larder next time I'm in London :)


    1. Oh really? How interesting! They really are challenging tradition then! Cx

  5. It looks like the perfect evening and I'm certainly intrigued by carrot based cocktails.

    Also loving your nail polish.

    Victoria x

  6. Yum - it looks fab. Love the deep fried cheese and that tarama looks like the perfect colour, I hate the grainy, bright pink stuff they sell in supermarkets!

    Rosie xx

  7. Next time ask them if they have a Greek wine(blanc) to accompany your dishes, if so ask them for Zitsa semi sparkling wine.
    If they don't have it available you can always ask me to send you one :)

  8. Haha love that you stayed out so late.. that always happens! What a lovely catch up! Can't wait to see your holiday pictures lovely :)

    Katie <3

  9. Have walked past this place so it was great to read your review - the carrot cocktail definitely looks intriguing!

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

  10. True to tradition the cocktails look yummy and the food looks nice. When done well I love Greek food I will have to try this place Lucy x


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