4 January 2015

New Year's Eve At Duck & Waffle

We're already four days into 2015. How has it been for you so far?

Mine has been good, thank you for asking! I do get a little freaked out about how quickly the time flies (how has it been a whole year since Boisdale?!) but I guess it's a good sign that I've been thoroughly enjoying myself. 2014 certainly was a fantastic one!

It was Wednesday night and a new year beckoned. Alex and I were off to celebrate at the highest, and arguably one of the most delicious restaurants in the UK, Duck & Waffle.  Up and up we whizzed in that slightly disconcerting yet exhilarating glass lift, forty floors above the ground. 

We sipped our welcome cocktails in the bar as we took in the view before being taken through to the main restaurant for dinner.

Do you like my dress? It's by Needle & Thread and was a Christmas present from hubby. The boy definitely has taste! 

I loved the sound of the tasting menu. It appeared to be just the right amount of food to excite the senses, soak up the champagne yet not leave us full to the brim and unable to dance our way through to midnight. 

That said, I did eat a little too much of the freshly baked bread. It was just too tasty and we could not stop picking! The dish of croquettes and the bag of barbecue spiced pigs-ears were emptied at a rather speedy pace too.

After almost filling ourselves up with bread and ears, the sea trout gribiche with earl grey, tarragon compressed grapes and smoked sea salt was pleasingly light and full of refreshing flavours. 

But we still had two more courses to go. The smoked Longthorn rib-eye steak with roast onions, heritage radish mash and marmite hollandaise was incredible. The meat was so tender and that radish mash! A delight!

The big finale - and probably my favourite course - was the vanilla baked Alaska with mulled pears, apples and quince. The perfectly smooth meringue, delicious creamy ice-cream and crispy base came together to make one exceptional dessert. The mulled fruit added a real festive flavour too. 

Feeling a little more stuffed than we'd intended, Alex and I headed back out to the glitzy bar for the champagne reception. It was at this point that the guests arrived who hadn't booked the meal but wanted to attend the party. Lively salsa played as the staff wandered round filling up our glasses with Veuve Clicquot. Pretty canapes were offered....and declined by us two fatties in the corner. 

Whilst we were testing out our best salsa moves in the bar, most of the tables in the restaurant were being cleared away and a nine-piece swing band called Speakeasy were setting up their instruments and microphones. Just a few tables remained around the outside of the room, one of which was ours. We had our own bottle of Grey Goose, mixers and an unparalleled view over London town. It was perfect.

The band were great and almost everyone there was up and dancing.

Even more amazing canapes were brought out to us. Though I was still full from dinner, I did dabble. The bacon wrapped dates and beef sliders were particularly tasty. 

Oh, and then there was the whole plate of strawberry & rose macarons, champagne truffles and lemon meringue tarts they left on our table! I'll give it to Duck & Waffle; the night may not have been the cheapest option available but we were certainly not left to go hungry! 

At midnight we cheered, smooched and raised our glasses as we watched the dazzling fireworks both on the big screen and outside the panoramic windows. 

We rolled home - full to the brim of celebration drinks and amazing food - not long after 12am. It had been an unforgettable and delicious end to 2014. Alex and I had so much fun together. 

Here's to another fantastic year ahead!


  1. Well that looks like a pretty awesome New Years eve to me! That food looks amazing! i've never been to Duck & Waffle but I really want to go soon. Love the dress! Looks beautiful! Lx

  2. OMG I love your dress!! I wore a sparkly Needle and Thread number for New Year's too... there's something about NYE that makes you want to pull out the glitz. It's about a year and half ago since I last went to D & W (pre-blog) and I thought it was absolutely incredible...it's rare that you get a really good set menu for New Year too. What a wonderful way to bring in 2015!
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

    1. Thank you! I'm so behind with blogs, I'm going to check your NYE post now and eye up your dress :) I love Needle & Thread (especially when their stuff goes in the sale!). It was a wonderful evening for sure xx

  3. Looks so fancy & tasty! And that view is hard to beat :) Thanks for the recommendation if I ever find myself in London again!

    xo, K

    1. Definitely one to visit if you come back to London! x

  4. Love the photos! Looks like an amazing new years and you've made me desperately want to go to Duck and Waffle! Amazing :)

    Hazel xx


    1. Thank you! It is an amazing restaurant x

  5. That looks so amazing!! A much more festive new year than mine this year!
    I love all the photos and the details! I think I need to put more photos in my blog... hahahaha


    1. Just been mooching through your blog, really lovely! x

  6. This has been on my restaurant hit list ever since I moved - must try it soon!

  7. What a brilliant place to spend New Years... ohhh emmm geeee the food and the view. I tried so desperately to get in there on a return trip back to London but no luck. This helps fill my void :)

  8. What a fun looking night, and such yummy looking food :) Love the dress, but love the furry coat even more!

    Rosie xx

  9. This looks like an amazing NYE! I would love to do something like this next year. I seriously need to visit the Duck and Waffle when I next visit London - I'll add it to the list ;-)


  10. Happy New Year and you certainly welcomed it in style.

    Victoria x

  11. Happy New Year darling! Glad you had a lovely time, think you chose rather well on venues and it looks as though you and Alex had a gorgeous night! Love the dress!

    I could eat the pigs ears all day, they're so tasty!

    Katie <3

  12. hi! what tickets did you reserve for this experience?my husband and i are celebrating our one year anniversary in london this december. new years eve is our day! this sounds perfect, please advise :)

    1. Hi Kathleen! Thanks for your comment! I can't remember now. What are the options? It might jog my memory! Ours included a meal and a table afterwards. x

  13. Hi! My boyfriend and I are planning to go here this year. Do you mind me asking how much you paid per person? x


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