30 January 2015

One Night In Hong Kong

I need to get out of the Thai midday sun. My fair skin needs a break. I thought I'd use the time wisely and settle in to share with you my fleeting visit to Hong Kong.

Alex and I flew in mid-afternoon on Wednesday. When we booked the holiday we decided it would be nice to have one whole night there so we could get a brief sense of the city. Following lots of helpful recommendations from my Twitter pals, we stayed in the perfectly adequate Langham Hotel (I wasn't bowled over) then walked the short distance to Victoria Harbour for the evening.

Victoria Harbour is the city's centre of trade and is known as one of the world's most thrilling urban landscapes. Lit up at night it certainly is an impressive sight to see.

The restaurant we were visiting was inside the InterContinental; a glamorous hotel I sort of wished we'd stayed in ourselves! The view of the harbour from inside the Lobby Lounge was spectacular. 

We were dining at a two Michelin star restaurant called Yan Toh Heen. It's recognised as one of the world's finest Chinese restaurants specialising in Cantonese cuisine. If we were only going to be in Hong Kong for one night, I wanted to spend our time somewhere rather special!

We already knew that we had the Peking Duck to look forward to. For this signature dish you had to give the restaurant twenty-four hours notice. I couldn't resist; it's my oriental guilty pleasure!

In preparation for our duck feast, we were presented with what was probably the biggest selection of condiments and sauces I have ever seen in my entire life

Not that I'm complaining. I love a sauce! 

Peking Duck has a long history and revered position amongst Chinese dishes. The traditional preparation leaves the skin crispy and the meat succulent and savoury. 

(I'm sorry, duck fans).

The delicious crispy skin was removed from the duck and served at our table with some very thin pancakes and the shed-load of sauces.

It was absolutely stunning, very much worth the pangs of guilt I never fail to get whenever I eat duck (especially one that is still duck-shaped!). 

For our next course, Alex had the crispy diced pork belly with mandarin zest. I chose the amazing wok-fried Wagyu beef and duck liver with a spicy sauce. Oh that ever-so soft and rich duck liver! Heaven! The dishes were accompanied by egg fried rice made with the tender meat of our Peking duck.

Now I didn't know much about Chinese desserts. I tend to be so full up by this stage of a Chinese meal that any plans for pudding are duly scrapped. On this occasion, we made room. Well, we are on holiday! 

I had the delightful chilled mango pudding, Alex ordered the four mini baked egg tartlettes (of which I ate three) and we were also kindly given a selection of yummy little pastries served on a round stand; compliments of the chef. I ate most of those too. 

Needless to say, my diet is already out the proverbial window. But what the heck! 

We had a fantastic experience at Yan Toh Heen with stunning food and attentive service. We concluded our night in Hong Kong with another romantic walk along the harbour before heading back to the hotel to get some much needed sleep. We had a 5am start the next day in order to catch our flight to Koh Samui.

But more about that later...


  1. WOW the duck looks incredible! As does your skirt but in a totally different way ;)

    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr

    1. Thank you! They're culottes and soooo comfy! I saw J-Lo wearing them and fell in love :) x

  2. It looks like a fabulous whirlwind trip!


  3. Peking duck is definitely my favourite Chinese dish, and that one looks insanely good! Looks like a great first night of your holiday (very jealous!)!

    Etta x


  4. WOW it looks amazing. Thank the lord I'm off to the local chinese tomorrow evening with friends so I can satisfy my duck cravings you've induced.

    Victoria x

    1. I hope I'm not going to be responsible for mass duck slaughter! x

  5. Your pictures are amazing! I can't believe on your one night in Hong Kong, your went to the same restaurant as I did! We obviously both have great taste!
    Lots of love,

    SilverSpoon London

  6. Completely love your trousers!! That duck looks so SO good. When you're back you'll have to go to Chai Wu - the duck skin there was probably the best I've ever had.

    C x
    Lux Life

    1. Oooh not heard of Chai Wu! Will have to look into it, I adore Chinese food x

  7. Wowsers! I do love duck - yum :) That view too, amazing!
    Love the trousers/skirt (trirt? skrousers?!) looks great!

    October Eleven

  8. That duck.. mmmmm!!!! I would have eaten the whole thing, but totally agree it all looks rather gut-busting. Can't wait to see what you got up to in Koh Samui!

    Love the Culottes too - pray tell where they're from?!!

    Katie <3

    1. Here you go! http://www.asos.com/solace/solace-london-culotte-trousers-in-metallic/prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=4820813&clr=Silver&SearchQuery=solace&pgesize=30&pge=1&totalstyles=30&gridsize=3&gridrow=1&gridcolumn=3 x

  9. Ahhh Caroline!! This is so exciting (I'm impressed with your speedy blogging too!)
    Love the silky culottes- I bet they are perfect for the heat!
    Great photos as always, that duck has me drooling all over the shop...
    Emily xx
    Auburn Antics

  10. Wow! That's a big duck! You look so beautiful! I love that black top! Pictures are amazing! Hope you are having fun! :)

  11. Now that is quite the view and how huge is that duck actually all the dishes look wonderful. You are making me very hungry Lucy x

  12. That skyline and view...... what a fabulous place to eat a duck like that. Holy yum!!!!


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