11 January 2015

Rugby Ball Cake

This week I made a rugby ball cake. It was for a 30th birthday party and my client asked for it to include a few choice photos of the birthday boy. Adding photographs to top cakes is a fantastic way of livening up the cake as well as making it more personal than icing a name on top.

The flavour of the cake was Chocolate Guinness filled with a cream cheese buttercream. I'd not actually made one before and I was really pleased with the result; the inclusion of the Guinness produced a beautifully moist sponge.

Achieving the initial shape of the cake is the crucial bit. Then there's the challenge of covering it in fondant without lumps and bumps followed by my favourite part...the decorating and detail!

This was my initial design sketch. 

And below is the finished product. 

I didn't follow the plan entirely as you can see; the blue and yellow sock was replaced with a photo frame in order for me to incorporate more of the pictures without it looking cramped.

I shaded the top of the rugby ball using edible black dust and the soil effect was made with crushed Oreos. The grass is coloured piped buttercream. 

My friend Mary was at the birthday party and sent me a photo of the cake half way through the evening....apparently it was a hit!


  1. Wow that looks great - Guinness in a cake certainly sounds interesting! ;-)

    1. Thank you!

      I know, I'd never made it before. I tried a bit of the cut-offs and it was pretty yummy! Basically a moist chocolate cake but with a twist


  2. wow the detail on that is fantastic! love chocolate Guinness cake!


  3. Wow, it looks amazing!! You are so talented.

    Anca @ ancaslifestyle | UK

  4. Caroline this is so beautiful! You really do have such talent! I so want to learn how to work with icing properly. Looks as though it tasted incredible too!

    Katie <3

  5. What a fantastic cake! Chocolate Guinness cakes are so tasty.

  6. Caroline, you truly are a talented baker. I'm speechless. I know where to come when I need a cake to be made!

    Fresh And Fearless

  7. Fantastic looking cake! You're really talented. Will definitely contact you when I need to order a birthday cake!


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