13 February 2015

Once In A Blue Moon

With Valentine's Day almost upon us, I thought it would be an apt time to share with you one of my most romantic experiences.

It was our final day at the Four Seasons and I had booked for Alex and I to have our last meal somewhere a little more distinct than in one of the hotel's restaurants. Tonight, we were going to dine under the stars, right on the beach. The evening prior, we had seen another couple enjoying their dinner under a canopy in the middle of the main beach. It had looked very nice, don't get me wrong (how could dining on a Thai beach not be?) but I thought it seemed a little uninspired and a bit too...visible. But it would still be nice!

It's safe to say that we weren't expecting anything as unforgettable as what were given.  

It was a perfectly calm evening. The full moon was glistening on the ocean. We arrived at the beach and were greeted by a sweet man who introduced himself as our personal butler. Because we were expecting to be lead over to the main hotel beach, we were surprised when we were taken by torchlight in the opposite direction down a long, sandy, tree-lined path. It felt as though we were in on a secret! I couldn't help but squeal with delight when I saw our dinner table. We had been taken to such a beautiful secluded cove surrounded by rocks and lantern adorned trees, right next to a isolated piece of beach.

As well as the gentle sound of the waves in the background, we were also graced with our own entertainment; a woman playing lovely, relaxing Thai music the traditional khim.

As I was about to take my seat, Alex presented me with a stunning bouquet of red roses. My heart jumped with happiness! It already felt like the night couldn't be more perfect.

The hotel's executive chef Alex Gares prepared the menu; all we had to do was choose whether we wanted Thai, Western or modern cuisine (we went Thai) and let them know of any dislikes or allergies you might have (no mushrooms or seafood for Alex!). 

We were given a couple of welcome glasses of bubbles to start things off. After that, each course we had was paired with a specially chosen wine from around the world. 

Both the food and drink were wonderful as well as plentiful. Our brilliant butler was at hand for our every whim. It was so amazing that I felt like I could have stayed forever! But we had an early flight to Tokyo to catch the next day; we eventually had to head back.

The evening concluded with the release of a khom loy sky lantern for good fortune. We both made a wish before letting go and watching the lantern float off towards the stars.

And that photo is the closest Alex will ever get to featuring on this blog! 

It was an immensely special evening it was for both Alex and I. The exquisite surroundings, delicious food and wonderful service all under the moonlight was quite simply perfect. I'd never felt more happy and in love.

Whether you're all loved up, on the lookout or happily single; I hope you have a fabulous Valentine's Day! 


  1. This looks just perfect! Happy Valentine's!xxx


  2. How beautiful and romantic. Happy Valentines!

  3. I can't believe you did this too!! I was such an amazing and romantic experience.
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

    1. It was so wonderful wasn't it? So special. We were so lucky with the weather too as it had been so blustery the two nights before. Loved it so much, I'd go back in a shot xx

  4. This looks so so beautiful! I'm immensely jealous. What a lovely touch from Alex with the roses. Such an appropriate post!

    Katie <3

    1. To be honest, I wasn't going to post about it because I didn't think I had very good pictures but as it was Valentine's and after a bit of a touch up, it seemed to work out ok! xx

  5. This sounds and looks absolutely stunning. Such a lovely and different experience.

  6. Those lanterns just make the whole thing so incredibly beautiful! The food looks lovely too!


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