14 March 2015

Eating Raw at Tanya's Cafe

My journey to try and get myself in peak condition continues. I'm going out a lot less compared to last year (hence the fewer posts), eating well, working out more (I've recently started spinning too...ugh) and generally being a good girl. Most of the time.

I've decided I want to try more health food/organic restaurants in London. If the food is clean and the menu sounds exciting, you may well find me grazing there over the next few months. Recommendations welcomed!

Tanya's Cafe is a raw food restaurant and cocktail bar you can find inside the Myhotel, Chelsea. It opened its doors in July 2014 and has been blogged to death by health food lovers ever since. Do you think that's going to stop me giving my two cents? Of course not! Better late than never.

Mary had just got back from holiday and was starting a detox so she was the perfect candidate to come with me and visit this first venue on my list.

The cafe has an easy-going atmosphere. Hanging plant pots line the stone walls. Each long wooden bench is topped with a pot of herbs and a little motivation message on a stick. "You Are Beautiful", one reads. How nice.

The calm ambience was a good thing for me as I'd accidentally arrived forty-five minutes earlier than our arranged time and I wanted to read my book. I ordered myself some BBQ spiced activated nuts & seeds (as you do) and relaxed.

As one might expect, all the food on the menu is raw (or heated below 46C), gluten free and organic. The brains behind the cafe, raw food expert and blogger Tanya Maher, has done a great job making both the day and evening menus sound really appealing. 

I decided to try a smoothie whilst I waited. My Nut Nog was definitely a winner. Tasting as much like a milkshake as a smoothie, it was made from hazelnut milk, banana, date paste, festive spices and turmeric root. Sweet, creamy and finished off by me within ten minutes!

Mary arrived just as I'd shifted the nuts from my side of the table to the other in an attempt to prevent myself polishing the whole lot off. She chose a My Alkaliser juice (kale, spinach, lemon, apple & cucumber), I had a fresh coconut water and we got to work at deciding what dinner would be. 

We decided upon two mains:

Dumplings - pumpkin dumplings, pine nut cream and crunchy winter salad


The Warrior Salad - marinated winter pesto-stuffed mushrooms, vegetables and kale.

To accompany them, we ordered three of the small plates: the cashew cheese & superfood crackers, a half avocado in seed mix and a bowl of coconut jerky.

It was the snacks that stole the show! I loved the crackers with the cheesy dipping sauce and the coconut jerky was yummy - Mary was a big fan too. The avocado in ground seeds was lovely (but when is avocado not awesome?). I was a tad disappointed by the rather bland pumpkin dumplings and the mushrooms were just ok. The accompanying crunchy salad was good though and we couldn't complain about the size of the portions.

And it filled us up nicely. I wasn't intending to have dessert, I really wasn't. But then I got shown the items in their cake cabinet by the waitress and things just went awry...

Luckily, they were all sugar free!

We shared a slice of the key lime pie and two cacao peanut butter cups.

The pie was delicious - naturally sweet and sharp in satisfying measures. It's amazing how you really start to taste the sweetness of fruit when you eat less processed sugar. The peanut butter cups were little mouthfuls of raw loveliness. If they hadn't been £3.50 a pop I probably would have stocked up!

In summary, the drinks, snacks and desserts at Tanya's Cafe were spot on. If I went again I'd probably choose a smoothie or a matcha latte with some crackers to nibble on rather than have a meal. It's all a little on the expensive side but I suppose that's what you get if you want to eat such fine, organic ingredients (in Chelsea!).

Alright, so I admit; I did decide to fork out another £7 for two more peanut butter cups to take away. A present for the hubby! That's just the kind of loving wife I am!



  1. Shame about those pumpkin dumplings as they look so good! At least the drinks and snacks were great, the smoothie looks divine. Wish this was my local cafe!

    1. Yeah they looked better than they tasted unfortunately but the rest made up for it! The drinks were lovely x

  2. I went there recently and I really enjoyed it. Considering I basically had a spiralised vegetable salad it was actually very full of flavour. It's a really cute place too...my one complaint was I thought it was very over-priced for vegetarian food but I guess that's the quality of the produce and the location.
    Lots of love,

    SilverSpoon London

    1. It was very expensive - I know we ordered a fair amount but I was quite shocked when I saw the bill! Cx

  3. This has made me so hungry!
    I really want to go to this cafe now.
    Leanne xx

    1. It's definitely worth the visit for a delicious healthy smoothie or a matcha latte! :)

  4. Typical - just as my office moves away from chelsea, an amazing cafe pops up! Your pics are super!

    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr

  5. I've heard so much about Tanya's Cafe. It is so nice to see food places actually support healthy, raw eating. Brilliant! Thanks for sharing.

    Aftab | Fresh And Fearless

  6. Hmm not sure about this one for me - all looks a bit, brown?! And pricey!! Though good if you're on a health kick, and nice to be able to still eat out

    Rosie xx

  7. I've been dying to try Tanya's, but it's going to have to wait until I get back to London! I read she's even opening a second one, so I'll have two to hit when I return.

    You should definitely check out Nama and Good Life Eatery, both very popular!

    Love that Tanya's does dinner, not something common with the healthy restaurants.

  8. Love this! It looks like such a nice place. I definitely know how you feel with the trying to be better health-wise and all that, and it's hard finding fun restaurants that can still satisfy those needs. xx

  9. Ooh I really want to visit here! The food looks amazing!


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  11. Looks so good - especially the smoothies!

    Lauren xx


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