7 March 2015

Tokyo - Day 3

The sun was rising on our final day in Japan. Our amazing holiday was almost complete. It had been over two weeks of relaxation, exploration and fun. We looked out over some stunning views and ate so much incredible food along the way. On top of all that we met some of the friendliest people you could wish for.

We actually spent the first few hours of Day 3 at Tokyo Disneyland. However, despite being what we assumed was a run-of-the-mill Tuesday morning, it ended up being the busiest I had ever seen a Disneyland resort! And I've been to a few of them! The longest queue for a ride was around a three hour wait, the shortest an hour. Even the lines for popcorn and snacks were ridiculous! Needless to say, we didn't hang around too long.

Typically, we decided upon food instead!

Despite not being the biggest fan of sushi in the world (and Alex hating everything about it), I decided that I probably shouldn't go to Tokyo and not at least give it a try. We found our way to a little kaiten-zushi (conveyor belt sushi) bar recommended to me by fellow blogger Phoebe. It was called Oedo and you can find it in Ueno, close to the station.

We took a couple of stools around the speedy conveyor. The sushi was constantly being freshly prepared in front of us by the busy chefs and I grabbed a few that took my fancy. There was wasabi, ginger and soy to add to the food as well as free matcha green tea to help yourself to. This was actually quite fun!

 Although there's only so much sushi I can manage (the rice does tend to bloat me so), even I, the non-sushi expert, could tell the high quality of the food. It was actually very good! Not only that, it was also ridiculously cheap! Each plate was from around 130 yen which converts to about 70 pence!

Sushi boots filled, it was onwards for a wander around Harajuku and its rather crazy youth shopping mecca. Lots of pink, fluffy shoes, Hello Kitty; that kind of thing.

I spotted an old-fashioned looking cafe called Christie nearby and decided it looked like the ideal place to satisfy both my desire for Japanese tea and my life-long love of scones.

Alex and I enjoyed hot chocolate, tea, biscuits, scones & french toast, all demolished in little under ten minutes. 

And the good food doesn't stop there. This was our last day before heading back home to salads, protein shakes and gym workouts. We were going out in style!

Sernya is where we chose to have our final supper. Located high up in the Ginza Tiffany Building, this stunning restaurant serves up some of the best teppanyaki in town. Our own personal chef cooked us up a storm with top-grade kobe and Japanese beef as well as beautiful seafood and fresh vegetables. 
Just look at that meat! So delicious! The teppanyaki style of cooking really does draw out the natural flavours in both the meat and the vegetables. We were both so impressed with our meal. It comes highly recommended by me to anyone visiting Tokyo.

The lights and atmosphere of Shinjuku at night is really something. Even on a Tuesday evening the streets were bustling with people. 

We walked to an area called Golden Gai. This part of Shinjuku doesn't contain any tall skyscrapers or monuments. It's a tiny fragment of old Tokyo that miraculously survived the great earthquake of 1923 and later redevelopment. 

It consists of six tiny alleys lined with neon soaked bars. 

And when I say "bars", I mean the teeniest tiniest bars you have probably ever seen! Each building is only a few feet wide and built almost touching the one next door. Most of them would fit only five or six people sitting shoulder-to-shoulder along the bar. And the bar takes up about fifty percent of the space! It really was like nothing I'd seen before! 

But the night took us to a place that was even more neon and bemusing. A place called the Robot Restaurant.

I wouldn't actually say it's a restaurant. You can get an average little bento box if you want it but it's more about popcorn, canned beer and a very, very crazy show.
This 90-minute long show includes dancing, drums, a neon tank, a gigantic snake and bikini clad women staging mock battles with several giant robots. It's a little gob-smacking to say the least and a real sensory overload!

A perfectly bizarre Tokyo experience to conclude our holiday!



  1. Wow!! Tokyo looks amazing! It's so bright and busy, I would love to visit there. xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

    1. Bright and busy is a very good way to describe it! :) x

  2. such an interesting post - me and my boyfriend had planned on visiting Tokyo, and most of the places you've been especially the Robot Restaurant! Looks so random, glad you had a fun trip! xx


    1. Great! I look forward to reading all about your trip too! Such an interesting place with lots to see x

  3. I love this post! It looks so exciting and that food is divine. I so want to go now

  4. I think Tokyo would be a pretty crazy place to visit. It does indeed look exactly how I imagine it in your photos. The food looks incredible though. Especially that tuna steak!

    Katie <3

  5. Certainly a fitting end to an insane, amazing city!

  6. I had the exact same experience at Disneyland... My sister in law is Japanese and she bought us these "express pass" tickets which I had no idea about. We still waited around 1 hour even with those, but she knew how crazy the place would be (both times I've visited!!). It's a crazy, wonderful place though. Hope you enjoyed it :)


  7. It certainly looks like one crazy place to visit! Such an experience I'm sure.

    Victoria x

  8. That food looks incredible! For the record, I have just eaten but I couldn't easily eat all of that. I feel like I didn't have enough time to properly explore Tokyo so will need to give it a second chance!

    Ben | www.twentyfirstcenturygent.com

  9. That Robot Restaurant looks like a cracking place for your last night! Tokyo is one of the places I'm most desperate to visit so I've loved reading your posts about your trip x

  10. Haha that last bit looks crazy! At least you immersed yourself in it! :)



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